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huamulan03 as Souma AkitoJust as not all fan girls are created equal, not all blogs are recognizable for following the one episode plus screencaps entry formula. At least, mine isn't. Probably because except in very rare cases, I don't do individual episode summaries, especially of the new anime out; I leave that to the more qualified people who understand Nihongo better than all of us who have to rely on (the kindness of) subs.

now called sunny side up

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This blog used to be titled imagination's travels but for reasons I set out here, I renamed it. Of the ten choices I shortlisted, people voted for sunny side up.

Beyond a way of cooking eggs, sunny side up is also the opening theme to the 愛してるぜベイベ★★ Aishiteruze Baby anime. Lyrics were composed by Hitoto Yo who also performs the song. What's this got to do with me? While I'm not that big a fan of tamago, nor am I quite that obsessive over AishiBaby (I thank it for the animanga connection is all ahm sayin'), sunny side up sums up my self-confessed preference for viewing life. So I'm happy that this option won the blog renaming poll.

k, enough with the overshare. Now back to what this blog contains.

What I do here for the most part are (often mini, sometimes consolidated) of anime and (subbed, as stated earlier), manga and manhwa (translated EN | ID), seiyuu performances in the anime I'm watching, music, and other stuff connected with animanga. I call them "reviews," but they're not, really. Because of personal bias, they tend to discuss the characters more than plot and have this not-so strangely predictable tendency to meander into shipment/OTP discussion territory (I like couples—they usually lock in my emotional investment in a title.)

Rui and Tsukushi dream scene from anime episode 6

and here's a not-so random shipment I dote on ^^ (If you correctly guess who they are and leave me a comment, I'll send you a virtual Pocky.)

And fangirl that I am, you'll find quite a lot of babble with the I've joined; I'm not content with simply putting up codes to show my wub.

I also do regular . Lots of 'em, including backlists for manga-ka I adore. I shuttle between this and (hey, at least I'm passing) Listology and my other blog to pander to my animanga litany predilection. As exemplified below:

personal firsts—

  • anime Voltes V
  • manga Candy Candy
  • seiyuu Koyasu Takehito
  • shipment Hanazawa Rui x Makino Tsukushi (Hana Yori Dango)
  • dorama Meteor Garden II
  • J-dorama Gokusen
  • YAOI Only the Ring Finger Knows (Sono yubi dake ga shitteiru)
  • BL drama Okane ga Nai
  • manhwa Neck and Neck
  • K-dorama Goong AKA Princess Hours

I also report and , especially for the Southeast Asian part of the world, that interest me. Because my anime fix mainly comes from Animax and the company holding the license for manhwa and manga in Indonesia is , these companies tend to crop up quite a bit in my blog entries. But like all things that have to do with time, schedules I set down are subject to change without prior notice (I've been tripped up quite a lot by this bit of life certainty).

I also ramble. A bit much, actually. But then, like Maria in Roswell, I think I've earned the right to babble, so deal. But don't worry—unless I'm feeling totally random, the musings and gushings tend to stay within the animanga topic.

Whatever I'm writing about, one thing remains certain: nothing is writ in stone. Whatever I've written will prolly get edited/revised at some point (or points) in time, sometimes to correct snafus and at other times, for no other reason than "I like to tweak."

And for all that some unrelated personal stuff and rants creep in sometimes, this is first and foremost, my anime blog. So welcome.

Here are some of my favorite blog posts:

Just note though that the disclaimer with which I opened this entry is not always valid; I actually conformed and did an individual ep summary already ^^.

your blog author,
花木兰 huamulan03 AKA Niki in a revised retroactive blog intro

PS If you've been to this page before and are wondering, I've moved the layout history and banners to another page.

PPS. Spamming is pathetic. Don't even bother leaving spam comments. They're sure to get deleted.

end note(s)

not all fan girls are created equal comes from the first volume of the Korean manhwa Chocolat, written by Shin Ji-Sang & GEO (© 2005 Shin Ji-Sang · GEO · ICE Kunion). Fangirl heroine Kum-Ji observed this sad truth.


Aryaguna said...

Hey Niki,
Aku mau kirim jadwal LEVEL COMICS untuk tahun 2009 kalo kamu berminat. Bisa dikirim ke mana?
Saya dari LC beserta staff kalo mau dibuat artikel atau diwawancara boleh2 aja lho...

huamulan03 said...

@ Aryaguna-san,
Kyaa! Ureshii wa! So honored ^^ *bows*

Mau, mau dikirimin jadwal Level 2009!
Email saya: nici(dot)chan(at)gmail(dot)com ^^
Wawancaranya bisa dengan email gak?

Neway, thanks for offering and dropping by!

PS Kalo boleh tahu, kok bisa nemu blog saya? ehehehe..

Aryaguna said...

Bisa dong...
Hebat 'kan?
Oke sekarang aku kirim tapi jadwalnya sih masih tentatif ya bisa berubah-ubah, cuma ya lumayan bisa jadi review atau pembahasan atau apa?
Give you an edge dibanding yang lain...
Great job on the blog. Informasinya lebih lengkap daripada Elex

7chen said...

What a blog! :D very thoroughly composed.. I'm impressed big-time!
Keep doing the good job Niki!

huamulan03 said...

Wah! Arigatou gozaimuchness for the compliment! \^o^/
Can you tell I can't get thru the door now -- that's how big teh head is??
Hugs! ^^

Jenni Laut said...

Very very complete.... and nice kalo bahasa indonesia nya " Gak capek? banyak gini ( O o 0 )

kakaka... but this is a compliment.

Since to day I will be your nice follower

My e mail jennilaut@hotmail.com
Nice to meet you


huamulan03 said...

@Jenni Laut-san,
Thanks very much for following ^^
I would very much like to blog also in Indonesian, but my written Bahasa Indonesia is not something I would care to foist off on my readers (I'm not Indonesian, you see...)
Still, tired or not, I will continue to blog, especially Gramed's manga releases (Ganbarimasu!)

Again, arigatou gozaimuchness! *bows*

~niki who actually forget her blog anniversary *sweatdrop*

Cyan said...

i thought i say hi here also hehe

nice blogs with heavy words ^^; i dont blog..
well i got blog inside the emo forum.. dunno if that consider a blog hihi

everytime i look for info about a manga released in Indo, one of those sites fell through is yours hehe..

Nice to meet you again.. i thought i've been here sometime in the past hahaha..

well come to the forum, like to see u there ;)

huamulan03 said...

@Cyan-san,Nice to see you here, too ^_^ I'm glad you found my blog by searching for Elex/Level/m&c! manga.

Yeah, I think I remember your user name from before and hope to see you at the EMO forum, too! ^^

kocu said...

Hi, for some strange reason I often can't open elexmedia website to check for their weekly schedule :-( I'm glad to have found your website :-) thanx!!

huamulan03 said...

You're welcome ^_^

andrea said...

hello niki, such a great job you've done here! ^^ thanks also for your write ups and info -- oh, and i totally understand about your not writing your blog in indonesian. it is a rather difficult language to be writing casual things in lol XD

keep writing!

huamulan03 said...


Kyaaa~! A total celeb has visited my blog! Thanks for your kind words and encouragement. Am definitely looking forward to reading the first volume of The Fifth Columnist ^^

andrea said...

@niki-chan: oh NOO! *blush* definitely not a celeb here, i actually felt rather flattered anyone was kind enough to write about yours truly, so thank YOU! truth be told, i admire your dedication (and resourcefulness!) for anything manga... might you be a professional manga editor in disguise?!! ^__^

huamulan03 said...


Now I am blushing! I would love to be a professional manga editor in disguise, but sadly--or fortunately--I'm still just one more fangirl.

As for the write-up, you and your manga totally deserved it.

Cyan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cyan said...

and yet again i bump into your blog during my monthly listing comics i need to collect..
life is hard when living outside the country huhu..
can't go to bookstore and see with my own eyes -_-
and worst, can't read it right away huhu..

but your blog makes it easier to see the synopsis for new title and the art looks like :D
Thans a lot! c u again, have a good life till then :)

oh btw i rarely go to EMO forum nowadays, just to check jadwal terbit ehehe..

huamulan03 said...

So does that mean you're outside Indonesia? And that someone gets you the manga from here?

Nehoo, thanks for all the well wishes and back atch ^_^

Take care and *hugz*

Cyan said...

Hi again Niki :D

Yes i'm workin in KL rite now. Yah my friend helps me with the purchasing and i'll collect when i'm back.
Time to do my wanted list again.. going back to jkt for new years holiday next week.. time to buy all the comics from nov-dec, Gramed 30% Disc XD
My luggage will be comics only.. so if you find a missing luggage full of comics, that's mine! :D

Cyan said...

Oh yeah, Happy festive holiday to youu..! ;)

Thanks for your blog :D

huamulan03 said...

Thanks for the holiday wishes, for wubbing this blog ^_^ and most importantly, for letting me know about your sitch. I'll be on the lookout for a suitcase full of manga.
Take care and hope you have a lovely holiday here in Jakarta!

Cyan said...

Yo Niki!
time to write my list again.. yosh! yoroshiku..
(_ _)

Cyan said...

Ok I'm done.. wew 3 hours! @_@
O yeah, happy valentine! spread the love tardiness once again! hahaha.. *too sleepy, loosing senses*

huamulan03 said...

I guess it's that time again, huh? And three hours? O.o Wonder how many suitcases full of manga you'll be bringing back this time ^^

Happy Love Day to you too and take care! *hugz*

raven said...

eh, so this is where Cyan wrote his list from XD
Beware, Niki-san. He could bite...

Cyan said...

waaaa..!! I actually see someone i know in here hahahah.. wew guess i've been found.. hiks gotta move somplace else.. o well moving on.. *packing up scrapbook* XDD

Niki, *whisper* maybe i'll come back in two months.. maybe raven forgets me oredi hehe

huamulan03 said...

Really? So far, cyan-san's been very good...

*whispers to @cyan-san* Have fun with the manga you just bought/are buying...

Cyan said...

Seedo..Seedo..Seedo..! ^^
See u soon..! ^^

huamulan03 said...

k, I won't forget Seedo ^^ How many manga are in your list now?

baka-girl said...

Wow! Cyan-san, Raven-san & Andrea-san already commented here long time ago and I just find this page today?? Shame on me >.>
Agree with everyone else up there that was saying you have such a dedication for anime & manga! *bows*
And your super long review *again, it's a compliment, not a complain :p* never fails to impress me ^^

huamulan03 said...

No worries, Wi-chan. This page is nearly six years old after all. And sankyuu~~, especially for saying "Yes" to becoming a Telor Ceplok contributor ^^ *huggles you*

sesshoumaru2st said...

i wanted to exchange links with you,if you are interested follow me and post a comment on my upcoming blog.Thank you peace

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huamulan03 said...

Let me know when your blog's live and I'll check it out ^^

huamulan03 said...

Glek. Telor Ceplok's anniversary is in 14 days O.o

baka-girl said...

Want to do something special for the anniversary? :D

huamulan03 said...

Can I take a holiday from Telor Ceplok? LOL. I dunno, what do you, Lina-chan and Kia think?

baka-girl said...

It seems that Lina-chan and Kia-chan didn't see this. You can have your holiday then :p

huamulan03 said...

And here's the post, dated 2005.04.11, that started it all: http://huamulan03.blogspot.com/2005/04/sky-101-found-titaanzink.html ^^

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