Serendipity is *NOT* what I'd call it... (A different Imadoki! by way of stichomancy)

Stichomancy (n.)
Divination by lines, or passages of books, taken at hazard.

While anticipating the final two episodes of Alice Academy to complete my shippers' guide, I wracked my brain for something to blog about. And remembered this one blog: The Galactic Question Center, which poses questions and invites readers to answer them in the comments section.

I only took up the invite once: for the Stichomancy entry that urges readers to approach the book nearest you and open it up to a random page. Point to the first sentence you see. What does it say?

As you can see, the proposition was certainly intriguing — intriguing enough to garner a respectable number of responses. The replies were as diverse and as complex as the multitude that comprises the blog audience. My own contribution (which tickled me pink to no end) was: No gun, but I can handle myself.

Thus "armed" with this inspiration, I decided to conduct a similar experiment, but one with an animanga twist: grab a manga series I've read, open each volume to a random page, write down the first dialog bit that catches my eye, and see if taken all together they make up a coherent plot.

(Walks up to bookshelf, covers eyes, reaches out with hand, and grabs...)

And the random dialog I scribbled down are (numbers denote volumes):

  2. Never. I will never leave you...
  3. My baby...
  4. I can't take this... My friends... The one I love... This is worse than the time I was being bullied... I can't take it anymore...
  5. I... I won't see you again...


Imadoki! Volume 1 front cover

As you can see, serendipity is *NOT* what I'd call it ^^; But me and hubby had a good laugh. And on the upside, the experiment evolved into a warning to never take things out of context ^^ Because if you haven't read Imadoki! and only went by those five lines, you'da thunk story was a tragic five-alarm Kleenex gusher (fret not, it's an HEA, although you might want to keep the tissue box near during certain points of the narrative). And if you've read it, you might have LMAO'd like I did.

Miaka and the Suzaku Seishi image from Suzaku Seishi.com

Since we're already in Watase Yuu territory, Animax Asia is currently promoting the Curious Play (AKA Fushigi Yuugi) OAV, slated for an 11 June airing (8PM JKT/BKK local time, 9PM SIN). The thing is they're calling it the "OVA II Eikoden." Huh? Far as I know, Eikoden is the third OAV (it's just personal preference for me to use OAV -- Original Animated Video over OVA -- Original Video Animation; it's not a typo). So do they mean the first-and-second or the third OAV? Guess we won't know until a more informative promo plug gets shown (or watch the thing). But my guess is it IS Eikoden as only four episodes are scheduled to air versus the three and six episodes that make up the first and second OAV (which were marketed in the States as a DVD box set, which could account for why Animax dubs Eikoden "OAV II"). But it still begs the question: why skip the earlier OAVs?


Fullmetal Alchemist wall thumbnail I noted this already in its original entry but let me just reiterate: the four Fullmetal Alchemist walls I said were available from Animax Asia have been taken off the site. They've been replaced by a short synopsis of FMA. Here's a wall thumb for posterity » OOPS. As at 2006.05.30, the walls were still intact. Sowwy..

end notes

No gun, but I can handle myself comes from page 107 of the first Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter book, Guilty Pleasures, written by Laurell K. Hamilton (the ACE Books paperback edition).

Imadoki! AKA Nowadays! in English is a five volume, non-magical girl manga by the goddess Watase Yuu (of Curious Play fame). The story follows the exploits of the ingenuous , a Hokkaido native who lands a place in Tokyo's elite Meio School, where she meets rich boy . A droolicious bishounen who can give an icicle lessons in maintaining zero degree temperature, Kouki finds himself drawn to the tenacious Tanpopo despite himself...and his clingy fiancée.

The random dialog came from the Gramedia m&c! official Indonesian release of Imadoki! Here are the Indonesian originals that I translated, along with who uttered them:

  1. KUGYOU KOUKI!!! (Tanpopo calling to Kouki while the latter is delivering a speech in front of the Meio School students, Imadoki! Volume 1 p.35)
  2. Tak mungkin... Aku tak akan pernah meninggalkanmu... (Kouki reassuring his neurotic fiancée Erika that he will always be by her side, Imadoki! Volume 2 p.101)
  3. Bayiku... (Tanpopo's Ko-Gal friend Uchimura when she feared she was having a miscarriage, Imadoki! Volume 3 p.82)
  4. Percuma... Ini terlalu berat.. Teman-temanku... Orang yang kucintai... Jauh lebih berat dibanding waktu aku ditindas dulu... Tak bisa kugenggam lagi... (Tanpopo after being forced by Erika to resign from the gardening club and thus, give up on Kouki, Imadoki! Volume 4, p.52)
  5. Aku... Aku tak akan menemuimu lagi... (Erika promising Kouki she would never come in between Tanpopo and Kouki again, Imadoki! Volume 5, p.71)

invaluable resources

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