It's sunny side up! (with a digression ^^)

Before I get into the actual reason for this post, I feel I should touch on the spate of blog entries inspired by corydorf-san's Let’s Talk Numbers, Shall We? (This is Important Stuff People) which I followed from Cute Proxy's Anime Rants' The nymph's, er my reply to the episodic brouhaha—about the need for variety in anime blogging, beyond episode summaries.

Please forgive the inarticulate ramblings that will follow (that's me; let's leave it at that).

I personally feel unqualified to add my two yen worth, given I've yet to do an episode summary. Because as I posted over at the Anime Nano thread, Why do you blog, my original impetus was to fangirl (thus, the proliferation of babble on this blog, with the odd insight that surprises even me. Or so I delude myself ^^;).

I can only offer my point of view of as a reader of episode summaries. I'm grateful to all the people who blog episode summaries for the much needed information they supply (that's how I discovered anime blogs to begin with; I was looking for information about a certain series—testifying to the supply and demand observation made at anime | otaku's An introspection, a reply and maybe a challenge: why do most anime bloggers write episode summaries and anime reviews?). So I thank all of you who blog anime episodes for the invaluable public service you provide. I also realise that writing ep summaries that will be read and enjoyed is quite difficult. So props, especially to those with a unique voice (Cinnamon Ass, ysp: duh! and Ex-Fansubber ひとり言 come immediately to mind). It's that unique voice that makes me read the anime blogs I do now (and not all of them are episode summary-heavy).

People will blog what they want to blog (this has been sed, too, by others, more coherently than me), so I'm just gonna provide the usual link to the post that started it all (corydorf-san's plus those I've referenced here) and let whoever stumbles upon my blog follow the robust discussion on their own, if they aren't already.

Now on to the initial point of this post ^^

Yup, break out the fireworks, sunny side up won my blog renaming poll.

Here are the results as at 2006.11.14:

  • disarm destiny - 1 vote
  • from teh ashes - 1 vote
  • q.e.d. - 3 votes
  • sunny side up - 4 votes
  • what becomes of snow? - 2 votes

I'd like to thank everyone who voted. {bows} Arigatou gozaimuchness. Pocky for all of ya! (choose your flavor ^^)

Pocky - Chocolate Pocky - Men's Chocolate (Dark Chocolate)Pocky - G Pocky - Tubutubu Ichigo (Crushed Strawberry)
Pocky - Mousse WhitePocky - Mousse Chocolate Pocky - Mousse Green TeaPocky - Mousse Strawberry

Thanks to Pocky Sticks, the official anime snack for the images.

And for his comment, a special Pocky for Tallon here (I think even Mizuho will like this ^^).

Thanks again!

~nik who shelved listing down the listings she will have to change, in favor of following the variety in anime blogging discussion

PS Titaanzink, expect a frog in your locker. *cheesy grin*


Adun said...

Although majority of bloggers do anime episode summaries, it doesn't mean you have to follow suit. The purpose of a blog is to represent your thoughts and opinions on specific topics that interest you. I myself do blog anime episodes, but I may change my style once the current season is over. Not because of the points that Cory and Michael have pointed out, but mainly because I probably feel I can do better than what I do now.

Also congrats on picking the new name for your blog. Though give it time before people realise that you have changed. Some people still don't know I changed.

huamulan03 said...

Thanks for the 'grats ^^ I actually knew when your blog changed its name to Moe Moe Rabu (I recognized your icon). Though I prolly should tell you that on your blog :profuse sweatdrops:

Neway, I think I am blogging about what interests me right now. So who knows? Maybe I'll do an ep summary in the future because the impulse moved me.

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