February 2007 anime and manga

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Xin nian kuai le! And an early Happy Valentine's day, too ^^

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu - February 2007

First we got Black Jack: Four Miracles of Life, then Black Jack. Now as we unwrap February, we get treated to Black Cat.

It makes me wonder—is Black Blood Brothers only a matter of time?? (Actually, yes, but that's jumping the gun and no, it's not on Animax.)

This month of choclits and fireworks, Animax brings us the GONZO-produced Black Cat adapted from the by Yabuki Kentarou-sensei. The series premieres February 22, 6PM (Jakarta local time), replacing The Law of Ueki.

Other beginnings—titles debuting this month, as well as one-shots and specials include:

Gravitation EX by Murakami Maki (TOKYOPOP)
Heaven!! by Seino Shizuru (TOKYOPOP)
Hot Gimmick S (Novel) by Nishizaki Megumi, based on the hit by Aihara Miki (VIZ)
Mamotte! Lollipop by Kikuta Michiyo (Del Rey)
Moon and Sandals (Tsuki to sandaru) by Yoshinaga Fumi (DMP)
My Dead Girlfriend by Eric Wight (TOKYOPOP)
Pixie Pop: Gokkun Pucho by Toyama Ema (TOKYOPOP)
Wagamama Kitchen by Monchi Kaori (DMP)
You're so cool by Lee YoungHee (ICE Kunion)

Meanwhile, series concluding this month—

Jazz by Takamure Tamotsu & Maeda Sakae (DMP)
Sensual Phrase by Shinjo Mayu (VIZ)
Train_Man: Densha Otoko by Nakano Hitori and Hara Hidenori (VIZ)

YesAsia.com: Black Blood Brothers Vol.3 (Japan Version) DVD

Please note that as at this publication, BLUManga did not report any manga releases for February; they weren't deliberately left out.

And while there are only so many times one can be resurrected, the third Japan version DVD of , scheduled for a 7 February release, demands this response (*dies* a third time ^^).

A loud Kyaaa! is also required for the Japan version of Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge DVD 1, due for release the same day.

Now for the rest of the

February 2007 anime and manga


volume 3 by Kawachi Izumi (DMP)

Haruhiko's imagination runs wild when his science teacher comes over for some one-on-one tutoring. Can Haruhiko keep his mind out of the gutter long enough to study? (more…)


volume 3 by (VIZ)

Another woman has kissed Night, reinitializing his system to accept her as his new girlfriend. (more…)

volume 6 by Maki Yoko (VIZ)

Yuzuyu has a new classmate, Aya, whose older sister takes care of her just like Kippei takes care of Yuzuyu. Unfortunately, Aya and Yuzu overhear Aya's sister complain to Kippei about having to take care of a small child. (more…)

volume 17: Rosa Rubicundior, Lilio Candidior
by Kubo Tite (VIZ)

The rebellion within the Soul Society grows as doubts spread about the death sentence of ex-Soul Reaper Rukia Kuchiki. (more…)

Buso Renkin 4 volume 4 by Watsuki Nobuhiro (VIZ)

Kazuki inadvertently reveals his identity as an Alchemist Warrior to the Hayasaka twins, members of the L.X.E. (League of Extraordinary Elects), when he activates his Buso Renkin in front of them. (more…)

volume 3: Kafka by Yuki Kaori (VIZ)

Cain meets two people destined to impact the future of the family—one might be a vampire, and the other is much closer to Cain than he could imagine. (more…)

volume 6: The Endless Gravestones
by Yagi Norihiro (VIZ)

Clare and her fellow Claymores are nearing the end of their strength in their battle against the Awakened Being—a male ex-Claymore who can no longer control his Yoma powers. (more…)

volume 4: Carnival by Hoshino Katsura (VIZ)

Allen starts to question the Black Ministry about the "Clan of Noah" and the reason he became an Exorcist. With his left eye injured and incapable of detecting akuma, he has come to understand the constant fear of not knowing whether the person he is talking to is truly human! (more…)

volume 12: Devil Bat Ghost
by Inagaki Riichiro & Murata Yuusuke (VIZ)

We're back at the Deimon-Amino game as Sena faces his nemesis Munakata in a memorable showdown. (more…)

volume 4 by Yuki Kaori (VIZ)

Missing boys and a strange little girl who shouldn't exist usher us into the fourth volume of Godchild. (more…)

volume 4 by Watanabe Taeko (VIZ)

Ordered by Katamori-sama to assassinate Captain Serizawa, Captain Hijikata holds a secret meeting with the other leaders in the Mibu-Roshi to plan the murder of their charismatic comrade. (more…)

volume 19
by Kurumada Masami (VIZ)

When shrouded figures invade Sanctuary, Seiya races to stop them. He's shocked to recognize the invaders as friends and comrades who fell in battle. (more…)

Nana 5

volume 5 by Yazawa Ai (VIZ)

Nana K. is going home—for an awesome Trapnest concert! She drags Nana O. along, convinced that somehow Ren will sense his ex-flame in the audience. But life is never that easy, and Nana O. isn't sure if she even wants Ren back. (more…)

volume 3 by Ueda Rinko (VIZ)

Lord Hanzo readily agrees to Ieyasu's offer to take Usagi away to work as an herbalist—almost as quickly as he agreed with Ieyasu that Usagi doesn't have what it takes to become a ninja! (more…)


Black Blood Brothers Vol.3 DVD (Japan Version)
Bokura ga Ita 5 DVD (Japan Version)

volume 3 by Tanaka Meca (CMX Manga)

Yuzuko is allowed a brief meeting with the boyfriend she had when she was alive. But if she tries to rekindle this relationship, she's finished with GSG. (more…)

One Piece 8th Season Water Seven Hen piece.2 DVD (JP Version)
Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru 2 Limited Edition DVD (JP Version)

volume 2 by Tsuda Mikiyo (DMP)

With the support of the school's princesses, Kouno, Shihoudani, and Mikoto, the school's athletic teams will move on in their district competitions. If they keep winning like this, the princesses will have to cheer in front of the entire country. That means going outside in their gothic Lolita outfits! (more…)

volume 9 by Ariyoshi Kyoko (CMX Manga)

After getting off to a shaky start at the World Ballet Competition, Masumi salvages a potentially disastrous error, earns the respect of the audience and the judges and manages to advance to round 2. (more…)

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge 1 DVD (Japan Version)

YesAsia.com: Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge 1 (Japan Version) DVD YesAsia.com: Okane ga nai Vol.1 (Japan Version) DVD


Okane ga nai Vol.1 DVD (Japan Version)
Saiunkoku Monogatari Vol.7 DVD (Japan Version)


volume 18: Heaven's Gate by Yuki Kaori (VIZ)

As the pieces fall into place, High Angel Rosiel's master plan becomes clear. With Lucifer under his control, he intends to enter Atziluth, the highest plane of Heaven, through the Gate of the Grand Cross and take control of the Tablet of Heaven, an object that can grant all wishes. (more…)

volume 18 by Yoshida Akimi (VIZ)

Donning the uniform of a doctor, Ash visits the hospital where Eiji is being treated. Ash is alarmed by Eiji's condition, and in a shocking turn of events, makes an alliance with a man from his past. (more…)

volume 22 by Tamura Yumi (VIZ)

As war breaks out in Kyoto, Taro races to warn Sarasa about Project Pomegranate, a secret plan launched by Hagiwara. But a traitor has betrayed Taro to the Yaro-Gumi, Kyoto's feared elite police force. (more…)

Boys Over Flowers 22

volume 22 by Kamio Yoko (VIZ)

Tsukushi has left her on-and-off boyfriend Tsukasa, his mansion, her school, and Tokyo altogether! Down and out, she heads for the seaside village where her family has gone to live and work. (more…)

volume 22 by Anzai Nobuyuki (VIZ)

When Yanagi disappears, Recca sets out to save her before her soul is sucked dry by power-hungry Koran Mori. (more…)

volume 2
by Momokawa Haruhiko, Ogiwara Noriko (TOKYOPOP)

Narrowly escaping the destruction of her home, Firiel escapes to the Count's castle, where she begs Adale and Eusis to help her find Rune. (more…)

volume 1 by Murakami Maki (TOKYOPOP)

In order to heal the wounds in his heart, Eiri Yuki and his vocalist lover, Shuichi, travel to New York to visit the grave of Yuki's first love and tormentor, Yuki Kitagawa. (more…)

Gravitation EX 1 Hayate the Combat Butler 2 Heaven!! 1

volume 2 by Hata Kenjiro (VIZ)

Hayate's new career as a live-in butler for the mega-moneyed Sanzenin family is in full swing, but this job requires more than just mental fortitude and brute strength—he needs to be entertaining too. Whether it's standing up to fire-spewing robots or protecting his mistress's millions from her tycoon grandfather, Hayate must remain calm, composed, and hilarious at all times. (more…)

volume 1 by Seino Shizuru (TOKYOPOP)

Rinne is a girl who not only can see ghosts, she can exorcise them—with a paper fan! When she's saved from becoming a ghost by the school punk, he ends up in a coma. Fortunately, that doesn't stop their unique relationship from forging: Rinne and her rescuer's now-disembodied spirit must defend his prone body from being possessed by a muddled collection of local ghosts. (more…)

volume 6 by Koge-Donbo (TOKYOPOP)

Michiru joins the team...and not a moment too soon! An acquaintance of his from England is about to drop in, along with a mysterious notebook that contains important information. Will Kazune be able to use this new data to save Himeka? (more…)

volume 4 by Shiki Satoshi (TOKYOPOP)

Shikone, one of the Beasts, has been sent by Otoroshi to attack Tokyo Bay. Back again, Otoroshi has been resurrected by the Kegai no Tami, but his powers have not fully returned. (more…)

volume 4 by Fukuchi Tsubasa (VIZ)

When Ueki's celestial sponsor Mr. K breaks the rules of the game and interferes in a battle, he is banished to the underworld. But Mr. K's selfless act inspires Ueki to go for the win. (more…)

Loveless 4

volume 4 by Kouga Yun (TOKYOPOP)

Soubi unexpectedly meets a new Zero team, Koya and Yamato, who then battles him, and leaves him badly wounded. A concerned Ritsuka asks Natsuo and Yoji to teach him about the relationship between a Fighter Unit and the Sacrifice. (more…)

volume 1 by Eric Wight (TOKYOPOP)

Finney Bleak lives in a world of horror—literally. His family are ghosts, his classmates are monsters, and Finney is the most normal kid in school. But within the halls of Mephisto Prep, normal is the new weird and Finney dangles from the lowest rung of the social evolutionary ladder. Then along comes Jenny. (more…)

volume 1 by Toyama Ema (TOKYOPOP)

Mayu, the daughter of a cafe owner, is down-in-the-dumps unlucky in love…until she meets "Pucho," the magical fairy of beverages. (more…)

volume 3 by Fujita Maki (TOKYOPOP)

The all-school chase after Kazura ends and the truth behind why the student council president Shizuku Magahara orchestrated this madness finally comes out. (more…)

volume 18 of 18 by Shinjo Mayu (VIZ | Mature)

Sensual Phrase 18 of 18

Lucifer returns triumphant to Japan after a chart-topping trip to America, but now Sakuya has to face what might be the toughest audience of his life—Aine's family. Rocking out onstage to a capacity crowd is one thing; convincing the buttoned-down parents of your blushing bride that your intentions are true is another. (more…)

volume 3 of 3 by Nakano Hitori, Hara Hidenori (VIZ)

A fateful day approaches when Train_man decides to confess his love to the girl of his dreams! With the help of his online forum, he's reinvented himself and built up his confidence, but could a girl like her really be interested in a guy like him? (more…)

volume 11 by Ogawa Yayoi (TOKYOPOP)

volume 2
by Takimoto Tatsuhiko, Oiwo Kendi (TOKYOPOP)

Surrounded by turmoil and tragedy, Satou and Misaki are getting closer and closer. Satou's mother pays him a visit and meets his "girlfriend." (more…)


volume 10 by Takahashi Miyuki (CMX Manga)

The Red Fortress mission continues and Musashi #9 steps up the action to rescue young Michiru from her ruthless kidnappers. (more…)

NANA Vol.7.8 Special Edition DVD (Japan Version)

volume 12 by Oh! great (CMX Manga | Teen plus)

Masataka must do battle with Madoka, the final "F" fighter. Madoka is prepared to strip down to the bare essentials—in every sense—to be victorious. (more…)


volume 16: Brothers by Nakajo Hisaya (VIZ)

Sano's little brother Shin returns! Shin has become a rising star of the high jump, and he's determined to prove himself by beating his older brother. (more…)

by Nishizaki Megumi, based on the original manga by Aihara Miki (VIZ)

Inspired by Miki Aihara's ultra-popular shôjo manga series Hot Gimmick, Hot Gimmick S manages a host of outlandish twists and turns that even the original manga couldn't do! Plus, a bonus chapter from Hot Gimmick that's all about Hatsumi and Shinogu. Whether you're a longtime fan of Miki Aihara's super-popular manga or are new to Hatsumi's world, you won't want to pass up this brand new, and slightly different, Hot Gimmick story. (more…)

volume 8 by Yellow Tanabe (VIZ)

With the help of their new kekkaishi-in-arms Gen, Yoshimori and Tokine battle the Dark Watchtower, a mysterious cabal of hideous ayakashi demons, to defend Yoshimori's ancestral lands. (more…)

Vagabond 24 volume 24 by Inoue Takehiko (VIZ | Mature)

On the eve of his duel with the leader of the great Yoshioka School, Musashi takes a step back to reflect upon his past in order to acquire a higher level of understanding and awareness. (more…)


Death Note 3 Animation DVD (Japan Version)

volume 9 by Takanashi Mitsuba (CMX Manga)

Kayano's mom busts the kids on their overnight trip, forcing their relationship into the open. (more…)

volume 9 by Fujii Mihona (CMX Manga)

Ran's father and teacher unite to trick her into taking the police entrance exam! (more…)

volume 4 of 4 by Takamure Tamotsu, Maeda Sakae (DMP | 18+)

Narusawa chose to break off their relationship for Naoki's sake. But Naoki falls into a state of depression that alarms this father. Despite being adamant against his son's relationship with his doctor, he prepares a room for Narusawa right next to Naoki's. (more…)

YesAsia.com: Kekkaishi 1 (Japan Version) DVD

Kanon Vol.2 DVD (Japan Version)
Kekkaishi 1 DVD (Japan Version)
NANA Vol.8 DVD (Japan Version)
Ouran High School Host Club Vol.8 DVD (Japan Version)
Tokimeki Memorial Only Love DVD Vol.2 First Press Limited Edition (Japan Version)
Utawarerumono 7 DVD (Japan Version)


EP01-02 (Animax)

EP01 孤独な猫 Kodoku na neko (The solitary cat)
EP02 戸惑う猫 Tomadou neko (The hesitant cat)


volume 4
by Lee HaNa, Park KangHo (ICE Kunion)

At last, Chiwoo dances his first SuhYuMoo, and is reborn as real Magnani! To rescue Wol-Baek - who is being held prisoner by the Emperor's army, Chiwoo, Ma-No and Ju-Shi head off on their last journey. The group is determined to elude the long painful destiny between Chiwoo and Yi-Yun!

volume 2 by Woo SooJung, Kara (ICE Kunion)

Legend 2

With the help of Eun-Gyo and No-Ah, the "princess" Nak-Rang escapes her captors. But just when they think they're out of the woods, the high priest Ho-Dong stops them at the edge of the dried up Mother Lake. There, a battle ensues... and a miracle happens.

volume 4
by Jeon Jin-Seok, Han Seung-Hee (ICE Kunion)

Sehara meets Sultan Shazaman and discovers that his brother's distrust of women not only comes from Fatima's betrayal but also his mother's traumatic death. And while Sehara is away, Shahryar continues to play his dangerous game with another girl. Will Sehara's next night story be enough to stop the sultan's wicked ways?

You're so cool volume 1 by Lee YoungHee (ICE Kunion)

Everyone dreams about Seung-Ha, the perfect prince, the shining star of the school. Chasing after the perfect prince is definitely not easy. For Nan-Wo, Seung-Ha was just a dream far, far away. However, sometimes dreams exist to come true! But when Nan-Wo's dream comes true, it comes at an expensive price. Who knew the perfect prince was actually a big jerk?!


volume 4: The Kouga Ninja Scrolls
by Segawa Masaki and Yamada Futaro (Del Rey | 18+)

Love Roma 5

volume 4
by Soryo Fuyumi (Del Rey)

volume 5 by Toyoda Minoru (Del Rey)

volume 1
by Kikuta Michiyo (Del Rey)

volume 13 by Akamatsu Ken (Del Rey)

volume 3 by Seo Kouji (Del Rey | 18+)


volume 3 by Kita Naoe (CMX Manga)

The New Emperor Idem story continues! (more…)

The Man Who Doesn't Take Off His Clothes volume 2
by Konohara Narise (DMP)

After landing a job at a major cosmetics company through a connection of his, Kaitani has finally gotten the chance to experience real work. But while his eagerness for the new product is admirable, he's utterly discouraged by Fujiwara, his rotten boss from hell! (more…)

volume 1 by Yoshinaga Fumi (DMP | 18+)

As a newly appointed high school instructor, Ida has yet to gain confidence in his teaching. His lack of assurance is made worse when Ida feels someone's eyes on him during class—a fierce-looking student, Koichi Kobayashi's. (more…)

by Monchi Kaori (DMP | 18+)

Handsome Kumaki holds a terrible secret. This serious salary man appears to be quite the ladies man, but in fact, Kumaki constantly finds himself head-over-heels in love with straight men. His secret crush of the moment is Naoto, a young artist he meets on his rounds as an office repairman. (more…)

volume 7
by Narushima Yuri (CMX Manga | Mature)

Carno and Ibuki must put their true potential powers to the test when they match wits and skills with the ancient Order of Templar Knights. (more…)

releases (Indonesia)

Subject to change without prior notice.

  • Beauty Pop 2
  • BiBi 4
  • Black Cat 9
  • Claymore 3
  • Eyeshield 4
  • 10
  • 9
  • Great Cases of Yorozuya 5
  • (Bokura ga ita) 9
  • The Law of Ueki 10
  • Meine Liebe 2 (though I've yet to see volume 1)
  • Miss Prince (one-shot)
  • 15
  • One Piece 41
  • Prince of Tea 17
  • 20
  • Really?! 4
  • Secret Princess 3 (volume 2 wa?)
  • Sugar Pot 1
  • Super Princess (one-shot)
  • Tactics 5
  • With You Only (Kimi shika Iranai) 1 and 2
  • Yu Yu Hakusho 4

~nik who plans to be back with additional info on With You Only (Kimi shika Iranai) by Yoshizumi Wataru, Sugar Pot by Takasuka Yue, Super Princess by Fujii Mihona, and Miss Prince by Kurahashi Erika—with the help of Animonster Volume 95

PS Speaking of Animonster, specifically its giveaway 2007 calendar: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu February pin-up. Nuff sed ^^

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