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We all know 樋口 橘 , the reticent creator of the much-loved or Alice Academy anime and . I've collected here her works with the help predominantly of online retailers Nippon Export and 7&Y.

Like my other , this is arranged by title.

Gakuen Alice

学園アリス 1

Gakuen Alice 1
Original title: 学園アリス
ISBN 4-592-17245-0
Published: 2003.02 (Hakusensha)

学園アリス 2

Gakuen Alice 2
Original title: 学園アリス
ISBN 4-592-17246-9
Published: 2003.07 (Hakusensha)

学園アリス 3

Gakuen Alice 3
Original title: 学園アリス
ISBN 4-592-17247-7
Published: 2003.11 (Hakusensha)

学園アリス 4

Gakuen Alice 4
Original title: 学園アリス
ISBN 4-592-18091-7
Published: 2004.03 (Hakusensha)

学園アリス 5

Gakuen Alice 5
Original title: 学園アリス
ISBN 4-592-18092-5
Published: 2004.07 (Hakusensha)

学園アリス 6

Gakuen Alice 6
Original title: 学園アリス
ISBN 4-592-18093-3
Published: 2004.11 (Hakusensha)

学園アリス   7

Gakuen Alice 7
Original title: 学園アリス
ISBN 4-592-18094-1
Published: 2005.03 (Hakusensha)

学園アリス 7.5 公式ファンブック

Gakuen Alice 7.5
Original title:
学園アリス 7.5 公式ファンブック
ISBN 4-592-18887-X
Published: 2005.03 (Hakusensha)

学園アリス 8

Gakuen Alice 8
Original title: 学園アリス
ISBN 4-592-18095-X
Published: 2005.08 (Hakusensha)

学園アリス 9

Gakuen Alice 9
Original title: 学園アリス
ISBN 4-592-18096-8
Published: 2005.12 (Hakusensha)

学園アリス 10

Gakuen Alice 10
Original title: 学園アリス
ISBN 4-592-18097-6
Published: 2006.04 (Hakusensha)

学園アリス 11

Gakuen Alice 11
Original title: 学園アリス
ISBN 4-592-18098-4
Published: 2006.09 (Hakusensha)

学園アリス 12

Gakuen Alice 12
Original title: 学園アリス
ISBN 4-592-18099-2
Published: 2006.12 (Hakusensha)

M to N no shouzou

MとNの肖像 1

M to N no shouzou 1
Original title: MとNの肖像
ISBN 4-592-17774-6
Published: 2000.10 (Hakusensha)

MとNの肖像 2

M to N no shouzou 2
Original title: MとNの肖像
ISBN 4-592-17273-6
Published: 2001.02 (Hakusensha)

MとNの肖像 3

M to N no shouzou 3
Original title: MとNの肖像
ISBN 4-592-17185-3
Published: 2001.09 (Hakusensha)

MとNの肖像 4

M to N no shouzou 4
Original title: MとNの肖像
ISBN 4-592-17620-0
Published: 2001.09 (Hakusensha)

MとNの肖像 5

M to N no shouzou 5
Original title: MとNの肖像
ISBN 4-592-17285-X
Published: 2002.05 (Hakusensha)

MとNの肖像 6

M to N no shouzou 6 (6)
Original title: MとNの肖像
ISBN 4-592-17286-8
Published: 2002.08 (Hakusensha)


I also plan a similar post for the official Indonesian release of the . Four tankoubon were published by Elex Media in 2006 and further one-chapter installments are continuing in the HanaLala magazine.

As for my promised anime-manga comparison for volumes three and four—these will have to wait. Anyway, the differences which stood out—like Natsume's reaction to Mikan's genie costume during the school festival—have already been woven into my shipper guide; you can consult that in the interim.

~nik who appreciates muchness your patience with her outstanding Alice Academy posts

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