Non-shoujo manga: Full Metal Alchemist 10, Wild Adapter 1 out 13 February 2007

(I had to say "non-shoujo" because I don't think Wild Adapter is supposed to be shounen.)

The tenth volume of one of the English versions of (by Singapore's Chuang Yi) is scheduled for a 13 February 2007 street date. It's a bit behind VIZ Media's publication schedule, what with volume 11 having been released in January 2007 and volume 10 last November 2006.

I got this Hagaren info from Chuang Yi's newest release page.

Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 10

Fullmetal Alchemist 10

Arakawa Hiromu | ISBN: 981-269-638-5 (Chuang Yi)

Roy Mustang's plan to flush his best friend's killers out into the open goes better than he expects, pitting him and his entourage against the ones behind the conspiracy — the Homonculi! Shrewd, cunning luck and unexpected help (albeit from questionable sources) aid his fight... but will these be enough to withstand near-invincible opponents that simply refuse to die?

Meanwhile, premiering on the same day—

Wild Adapter Volume 1

Minekura Kazuya | ISBN: 981-269-618-0 (Chuang Yi)

Wild Adapter 1

Yokohama, 1995. Leader of the Izumo Group's youth gang, Makoto Kutoba is fearless, carefree, and an enigma to all. Easily content with a good game of Mahjong or the occasional kill than bother himself with human affairs, his disinterest in life changes when he stumbles upon the mysterious 'W.A' drug - the 'Wild Adapter' - which induces bizarre side effects and even death to those who would use it. Caught in the fray, Kutoba's life entwines with that of an equally enigmatic youth - Tokito Minoru - a drifter without a memory, but who may just hold the answers to the mystery of Wild Adapter...

According to ANN, TOKYOPOP will release the first volume of on the same day as the version.

~nik who actually tries to read some and who keeps looking at Hagaren in her TBR list

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