*tremble, tremble, wiggle, wiggle* (Valentine manga Kimi shika Iranai by Yoshizumi Wataru)

In anticipation of the coming Valentine's Day, the m&c! imprint of (in cooperation with Shueisha), is slated to release a slew of unabashedly titles from brand name , and Lily-san previewed these RABU day offerings in volume 95 of the Animonster magazine.

They include:

The write-up below translates (and tweaks) the synopsis that appeared in the February 2007 issue of the magazine. I haven't read/bought any of these but I'm intrigued enough that once the flood that has inundated forty percent of Jakarta subsides, ahm hittin' to the nearest Gramedia to buy.

With You Only by Yoshizumi Wataru

First serialized in Ribon in 1996, Kimi shika Iranai (titled With You Only for the Indonesian market) was published by at the heels of success with Marmalade Boy. manga scan from AnimonsterAnd based on Lily-san's synopsis and scans from the original Japanese version, the Marmalade Boy influence makes itself thoroughly felt in this succeeding two-volume shoujo manga—in the chara designs (Ginta desu yo ne?) and the soapy plot.

The story stars Atsumu Totoki who falls for the new transfer student Akane Kurihara. It's the first time Atsumu gets into doki-doki mode and he tries to get close to Akane. This is made easier by the fact that they take the same train to school and Akane doesn't seem to reject his advances.

The soap starts as Akane's imouto Moe warns Atsumu from further getting close to her older sister, without giving him a good reason. The plot bubbles frothier when—just as Atsumu decides to declare his love for Akane—a certain Kyou Kitsukawa enters the picture.

Kyou, it turns out, is Akane's husband; Akane left him after discovering he had an affair. And because she's still in love with him, Akane tells Atsumu that she can't open her heart to another guy. Atsumu holds on to his unrequited love and a sorta friendship develops between the two.

But more, bigger suds are in the offing, what with the appearance of Kyou's younger brother Hiroto who threatens Akane that unless she agrees to become his girlfriend, he will reveal her big secret.

The soap bubbles then threaten to engulf the story when Kyou finds himself involved in what I assume to be a malpractice suit (remember, I haven't read this manga yet)With You Only 1 front cover from Animonsterat the hospital where he works. Akane decides to return to her husband, even agreeing to move to another city with him. Atsumu consumed by jealousy utters hurtful words to Akane because of her decision.

Quo vadis? Who will Akane eventually end up with in this love triangle? That is the question.

Sugar Pot by Takasuka Yue

~nik who sez arigatou gozaimuchness to Lily-san and (especially editor Joe Lesmana-san who provided "blanket" permission to use Animonster articles as long as I don't make any profit from doing so) for providing the info and images that comprise this blog post

Kimi shika Iranai is © Yoshizumi Wataru/Shueisha. With You Only Indonesian translation © Gramedia. Source Quick Read articles in Indonesian © Lily and Animonster.

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tremble, tremble, wiggle, wiggle is a Sunako-chan line from anime episode 3 ^^

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