More Gramedia manga (18 April 2007 release): Alice Academy 5, I Hate You But I Love You 10

Following up the 17 April with the series is supposed to truck in to stores and news stands 18 April 2007. They are all releases; I still have to check on the m&c! sked.

Per norm, I'm focusing on the , especially those I'm following. For the complete list of graphic novels available, check this thread.

学園アリス 5

Alice Academy vol. 5
After mothballing the volumes after the release of the fourth last August, Elex Media reinstates 樋口 橘 in tankoubon format this April. The story picks up after meets her oniisan in chapter 22 (chapter 23 already appeared in 6/2006, Tobita Yuu cover). If you want to know who will grace the cover of the fifth volume, it's prolly going to be Narumi-sensei AKA Fruity sensei (as Momotato-san calls him). Here he is in the original 学園アリス Gakuen Alice 5. (Other Japanese release covers can be found in Higuchi-sensei's backlist.)

If you're up to speed on the manga (Story 29 in Hanalala 12/2007), you might prefer get this instead.

キス、絶交、キス-ボクらの場合- 10

I Hate You But I Love You vol. 10 of 10
Can I squee? Kyaaa! ^^ The conclusion to titled for the Indonesian market is also due for an 18 April release (expect the review in the coming week(s)). Reading this shôjo series has been a splendiferous journey and I'm a li'l dejected that it's ending *sniff* To mitigate the loss, I wanted to place a request to Gramedia to publish Fujiwara-sensei's AKA (which I believe is still being serialized in Shogakukan's monthly Cheese! magazine) or the standalone 37 do kiss but for some strange reason, the EMO forum is not letting me register, grrr. Anyhoo, I'll be haunting the nearest Gramedia branch for this last installment, koinu eyes at the ready ^^

Chuang Yi English manga upcoming

~nik who reiterates that you can check for the rest of the Gramedia availables here.

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