A River in Egypt (Review of KISS, Zekkou, KISS ~Bokura no baai~ volume 10)

And so it ends.

Of course there's that denial thing that it's over going (which was only to be expected)...

My journey with from series or I Hate You But I Love You, which started two years ago (2005) finally reached its last stop: the River Nile.

(There are spoilers and there are spoilers, consider yourself warned.)

I Hate You But I Love You vol. 10

I'm terribly ambivalent about the conclusion. Of course there's that denial thing that it's over going (which was only to be expected) but more importantly, I was left with the feeling of being short-changed. The resolution of and story, I felt, was forced.

Is it just me? Is it because I've gotten so used to there being two sets of stories that only one in volume 10 struck me as the height of running out of steam (or whatever fuel, fossil or alternative, fits)? I don't think so; my favorite of the series—the prequel— had the same number of chapters but my wub for that volume far exceeds any individual succeeding installment in the Bokura no baai sequel.

On pondering, I think it was a matter of proportion. To fully explore the ramifications of the last volume and provide an ending that won't make the reader feel totally heart-broken to be bidding good-bye to and , we needed more.

To put my hankering for an extended treatment into perspective, let's review volume nine. In spite of the generous nookie contained therein, the more significant development involved Yuuya telling Mao that they won't be "doing it" until he gets into the same university as her.

This situation was resolved in the final volume, all right, in a way that still rang true to the character of Yuuya but sans the finesse I've grown to expect from when it comes to exploring emotions. It was rushed is all I can say, much like how I imagine J.K. Rowling felt when writing the last Harry Potter book.

Additionally, maybe this volume suffered from comparison-itis because the same trope (studying to get into the same school as the object of affection) was done by Harada Taeko-sensei in Kare-Made Love KM (a Shueisha title) and was the plot device upon which the entire ten-volume series hung.

Whatever the reason, whatever drove Fujiwara-sensei to wrap this series up so hastily, I don't want to speculate on but whatever it was, it makes KISS, Zekkou, KISS not worthy of the Endings that didn't totally suck award.

Don't get me wrong; I would still recommend Fujiwara-sensei's KISS, Zekkou, KISS series. I would still read her next shoujo offering () if/when it comes out in Indonesia. And I haven't stopped wanting an anime.

It's just... consider KISS volume 10 flagged. The KISS-related About Fuse (finally found out that his first name is Hideaki) story that opens volume 10 and the standalone omake at the end Sekejap Mata (In the blink of an eye) did not, could not compensate for the truncated ending.

the rating

On the 5-point US (untied shoelaces) scale, this one clocks in at (a wavering) three, even though the remains at five.

~nik who still feels it was a pity that even the ending of was better than that of KISS, Zekkou, KISS

KISS, Zekkou, KISS ~Bokura no baai~ is © Fujiwara Yoshiko. First published by in 2004. I Hate You But I Love You Indonesian copyright by PT Elex Media Komputindo. No infringement intended.


maglor said...

In my opinion, the quality of series slowly degraded as the series got lengthier. Still, some of these could be rectified by good editing and inclusion of one or two new additional clips, if this series gets animated, and I really wish it would get animated.

Shira said...

ahhh i agree with you that the ending was way too fast ): i think the series shouldn't have ended at graduation.. or fujiwara-sensei should have given us an epilogue of sorts so we could have a glimpse into their lives post-graduation. the fuse-sano was a bit open-ended, though i feel that they could have made a good couple ^-^ don't you think sano sort of resembles mao? everything was kind of open-ended and unresolved... it was just that kind of "we will always be together!" ending but which doesn't really leave us satisfied. oh and i really wanted to see what'd happen to okano and the curly-haired girl (i forgot her name)

sorry i'm kind of rambly but... i'm really disappointed with the ending as well ):

huamulan03 said...

Whatever you sed ^^ I agree with your speculations on the other couples, especially Okano x Ami (I think that was her name). And yeah, I did think that... Sano, was it? I also forgot her name resembled Mao. This very similarity is why I'm still not sure whether I want Fuse with her: not fair on her and reflects a little shallowness on Fuse's part, I feel (I actually DO like Fuse; just not for Mao ^^). That's just my initial reaction though. Were Fujiwara-sensei to continue Fuse's story, I think s/he can prolly make Sano a heroine chara distinct from Mao, especially if indeed she is supposed to be Fuse's red-thread soulmate ^^

If I'm not mistaken, there IS a KZK one-shot in Fujiwara-sensei's 37 do Kiss anthology, but since this one-volume tankō was released November 2003 (while KZK Bokura no baai was still in serialization), it couldn't have been the post-graduation epilogue you were looking for. That much I can say, even if I haven't read it (the one-shot and the anthology).

In any case, Fujiwara-sensei gave us the whole KZK Bokura no baai series after the original one-volume KZK, so I live in hope that somewhere down the line, she will go back to Mao and Yuuya. Even if only to give Fuse the series he deserves... After all, Shinjo Mayu-sensei keeps doing the same thing--bringing back characters. Like, how many other of her series have featured Sakuya and Aine from Kaikan Phrase? And I think Miyawaki Yukino-sensei did the same thing for Kyou of Brilliant Magic. Gave him another partner, I mean.

Eeps. Rambled overmuch, too... Neway, thanks for dropping by and commenting! We can be a support group. ^^

That's always the problem when a series is stretched I feel and perhaps in this sitch, maybe an anime would be able to better portray the drama of KZK.

Should we start a petition then for an anime adaptation? ^^

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