May 2007 anime and manga

Sorry for the tardy post — hopefully it screeches short of ITLITB (It's too late and it's too bad).

...there are more one-shots and series debuting this month than series ending (commercialism aside, I consider that a good thing).

The sequel to the circa 2005 has been agenda'ed for a 25 May 2007 release. Titled Genesis of Aquarion - Wings of Betrayal, the OAV takes place after the transpirations at series end and reportedly exposes an older Apollo and Sylvia.

(I only vaguely remember how Aquarion ended, but I recall this much: Didn't. Like. It. (Magnanimous understatement.) And now there's this second chance. Given my devotion—albeit half-sidetracked—to the show and all things , is it any wonder I'm saddling the follow-up with Vector-buzzing worlds worth of expectation? Mini-longing for a nearer to closure? That's the least I want—to ameliorate Aquarion augmenting the post sucky anime endings stress disorder. My hope, my Shakespearean eating the air on promise of supply thing.

YesAsia.com: Genesis of Aquarion - Wings of Betrayal (Normal Edition) (Japan Version) DVD

And I trust that if/when I get to watch the OAV, the DVD won't go the way of the twinkle in the sky.)

The Genesis of Aquarion - Wings of Betrayal OAV Japan version DVD is available on pre-order from Yesasia.

More on less hypertensive and its cousins, this time on cable/satellite, Animax East Asia screens the US dubbed edition of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children this May. Cloud Strife will be showing his face on Animax Philippines on the 26th at 8.30PM; the rest of the Southeast Asian grid gets to see him on 2 June 2007 at 9PM, Singapore local time. Another Animax offering that airs in the Philippines first is TYPE-MOON/Fate Project's Fate/Stay Night (started 2 May and every Wednesday thereafter at 7PM).

Meanwhile, Onimusha Dawn of Dreams - The Story, based on Capcom's bestselling PS2 game will air on Animax SEA the same day Advent Children shows in Manila, but at 9PM/8PM (WIB). Also slated for regular broadcast is the series Dear Boys, which premieres on 17 May 2007 at 7PM/6PM on Animax SEA and weekdays 8PM starting 30 May 2007 on Animax Philippines.

On the and side, there are more one-shots and series debuting this month than series ending (commercialism aside, I consider that a good thing). These start-ups are:

The following series are taking their bows:

Here are the rest of the anime, manga and manhwa releases by date.

Note: When I rechecked the so-called list of ICE Kunion releases for this month with Amazon, I found that all four of them—Angel Diary 7, Croquis Pop 2, Cynical Orange 5, and Freak 4—had street dates of 25 July 2007 (I must've been looking under the wrong rock). So no ICE Kunion manhwa here; any ICE releases will just have to wait for their own post.


05.01 | volume 4
by Mukai Natsumi (TOKYOPOP)
ISBN 1-59816-350-7

While on their journey, Cooro and the others pass through large and lively Maggie Vil. The soft-spoken town leader, Maggie convinces Cooro and company to go watch the world-famous coliseum games. Senri and Husky join the games after getting caught up in all the action. It seems too much action could be a bad thing. --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 4
by Oh!Great (Del Rey)
ISBN 978-0-345-49281-4

Amazon.com: Air Gear volume 4

Without a doubt, Ikki is the most fearsome skater around. Too bad he's lost the super high-tech skates that helped him succeed. Worse yet, Ikki's a far better skater than he is a student. He's failing in class and must clean up his act fast in order to compete in the next Parts War—a dangerous and thrilling face-off between rival skate gangs. --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 4
by Ragawa Marimo (VIZ)
ISBN 1-4215-1007-3

Takuya and Minoru attend a summer festival with their friends, pursue a fairy-tale quest that brings up treasured memories of their mother, and befriend a lonely old man with a kind heart. With a little help from their dad, the two boys are learning the meaning of family, even if their family is a little different from their friends'. --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 8: Cerberus Strikes
by Yabuki Kentaro (VIZ)
ISBN 1-4215-1037-5

With her fate lying in Sephiria's manipulative hands, Rinslet becomes a pawn in the Cerberus commando team's search for Creed and their ongoing attempt to destroy the Apostles of the Star. Meanwhile, a stranger sends Train, Sven and Eve on a mission to find a missing person they may already know all too well. --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 3
by Nihei Tsutomu (TOKYOPOP)
ISBN 1-59532-841-6

Killy and Dhomochevsky don't trust each other, but they have a more pressing concern: retrieving Cibo's capsule of human genetic information. The capsule has been stolen by the Silicon Creatures, who will use it to attempt a provisional connection to the Netsphere. Can our unlikely allies stop them in time, or is it already too late? --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 13
by Itabashi Masahiro & Tamakoshi Hiroyuki (TOKYOPOP)
ISBN 1-59532-111-X

All girls want to know if boys kiss and tell. If so, does it really matter who they tell. When does a vacation turn into a secret love affair? What happens in Hawaii stays in Hawaii! Where does a modern girl find love outside of romance novels—an arcade, on a street corner or right in front of you? --from the synopsis

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Amazon.com: Chronicles of the Cursed Sword volume 18

05.01 | volume 18
by Yeo Beop-Ryong & Park Hui-Jin (TOKYOPOP)
ISBN 1-59816-205-5

Jaryoon holds a hostage that may be able to stop all the bloodshed. Rey, Shouren, Yuae and Mingling take this climactic battle to the Great Azure Pavilion. Rey must awake the powers within to survive the onslaught. --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 5
by Endo Minari (TOKYOPOP)
ISBN 1-59816-096-6

The adventures of Alzeid, Rahzel and Baroqueheat continue to get stranger and stranger as they find themselves in the middle of an albino forest, a place where there's more than sunlight and water on the plant's menu. --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 5: Announcement
by Hoshino Katsura (VIZ)
ISBN 1-4215-1053-7

The battle against Arystar Krory and Eliade continues. With Allen's eye once again healed and operational, the truth begins to be revealed. Allen's companion Lavi realizes that Arystar may not actually be a vampire but something else entirely. --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 11: Kindred Spirit
by Ohba Tsugumi & Obata Takeshi (VIZ)
ISBN 1-4215-1178-9

Amazon.com: Death Note volume 11

Light's latest machinations are putting a strain on even his formidable intellect as Near flies to Japan to beard Kira in his den. Near is sure that Light is Kira, but his sense of honor as L's heir will allow no doubts. He doesn't want to just stop the Kira murders, he wants to expose Light as the Death Note killer. Light thinks he's up to the challenge, but will the pressures of his fiancée, his new flame, and his acolyte prove to be fatal distractions? --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 16
by Seo Hong-Seock (TOKYOPOP)
ISBN 1-59532-652-9

Choo-Ryung has Sa-Mi in his clutches and Goon-Chun is her last chance at salvation. Meanwhile, Seur-Chong and the rest of the gang are tied-up with Chong-Kwan-Jang's most dangerous bodyguard. The Philosopher Stone may be the hunters' only weapon to defeat the horrible Choo-Ryung. --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 2
by Fujima Takuya (Del Rey)
ISBN 978-0-345-49266-1

Young catboy Cyan has found himself on one side of a huge territorial catfight against the beautiful Siam and her endless supply of gorgeous generals. Luckily, Cyan's not alone: He's allied with a cool cat gang called the Free Collars, and together they'll face terrifying car chases, bikini-filled beach brawls, and automated death in an unmanned sushi factory. But then a battle breaks out within the gang itself when tough rocker-girl Char tries to force Scottie out of the group. Now Cyan finds his loyalties being tested. Will he choose Scottie—the girl he loves—or his friends and comrades-in-arms? --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 18
by Aoki Yuya & Ayamine Rando (TOKYOPOP)
ISBN 1-59182-980-1

The battle for the cards finally reaches its climax as Ban faces Lucifer in the toughest fight he's yet seen in his life. Could a kiss result in a happy ending for all? --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 5
by Yuki Kaori (VIZ)
ISBN 1-4215-1015-4

Cain crosses a high official of the secret society of DELILAH when he attempts to stop a massacre of socialites at the lushly restored Crimone Gardens. And later, an old nursery rhyme plays out to eerie perfection during a fateful carriage ride in the sinister "Solomon Grundy's Sunday." --from the synopsis

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Amazon.com: Good Luck volume 2

05.01 | volume 2
by Kang E-Jin (TOKYOPOP)
ISBN 1-59816-762-6

Shi-Hyun's new "friend," Hee-Soo, is secretly plotting revenge against her in the name of family. And Shi-Hyun is walking right into her trap. --from the synopsis

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NEW 05.01 | volume 1
by Tricia Riley Hale, Jim Jimenez (TOKYOPOP)
ISBN 1-59816-713-8

Pre-law student Samantha Beagley's life has always followed a certain path: the one she planned. However, on her 18th birthday, the arrival of a very special present brings with it a whole galaxy full of weird, wild people, places and things! Suddenly, this control-freak finds herself on the run from the intergalactic feds on a desperately hilarious quest to find a stolen treasure—and prevent the Earth's destruction! --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 8
by Ikezawa Satomi (Del Rey)
ISBN 978-0-345-48145-0

Ponta the Labrador retriever is no ordinary dog. With the magic Guru Guru bone, she can turn into a human girl at will. In her human form, she has fallen in love with Mirai Ikawa—and the couple has developed an unconventional but powerful relationship. But what would happen if Mirai transformed instead? As a puppy, Ponta learned the true meaning of friendship and love. Might Mirai also benefit from living life as a dog? --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 14: The Secret of Greed Island
by Togashi Yoshihiro (VIZ)
ISBN 1-4215-1070-7

The multi-trillionaire Battera hires Gon and Killua to play the Greed Island video game for him, just as the two had hoped. But when they enter the game and head to a nearby town, they stumble onto one of the game's dark secrets. Greed Island isn't just a game—it has real-life consequences that can spell life or death for the players involved. --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 9
ISBN 1-59532-302-3

Amazon.com: Hyper Police volume 9

After all the trouble of mistaken-identities, Natsuki's ready to join her comrades on the force once again. But it seems like everything is trying to keep her from getting there! First there's the "promotion" to a deserted island with nothing but a pile of dry catfood. Then, her Lightning Bugs Fuujin and Raijin are on the fritz, making toast out of the company office...and the respect from her coworkers. Natsuki's finally think she's got her lucky break when she discovers she's got a strange new power hidden within her...but with great powers comes great trouble! --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.01 | volume 13: Living Alone
by Katsura Masakazu (Author), Hoashi Yumi (Editor) (VIZ)
ISBN 1-4215-1075-8

After graduating high school, Ichitaka and Iori begin a new stage of life. Iori's career gets increasingly busy when she lands a role on a television drama. Meanwhile, Ichitaka takes a big step of his own—moving out of his parents' house and into his own apartment. With the luxury of freedom comes a new surprise—next door to him lives the pretty young Aso. Now while Iori struggles with the pressures of training, performing and success, Ichitaka must struggle with a new temptation. Will Iori and Ichitaka grow further apart, as they both fear, or will love keep them together? --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 26: Wicked Games
by Shigeno Shuichi (TOKYOPOP)
ISBN 1-59532-003-2

Tak's lack of confidence is tested even further when a mysterious Impreza overtakes him on the road. Meanwhile, the fire between Iggy and Kazumi seems to grow stronger with every date…but when a suitor from her past arrives on the scene, will Iggy find himself out in the cold? --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 3
by Akino Matsuri (TOKYOPOP)
ISBN 1-59816-501-1

Amazon.com: Kamen Tantei volume 3

To Haruka's dismay, the gang must track down a 'cat burglar'. In the process, however, they encounter a real, human burglar and crack an unresolved case connected with a "cursed" wisteria tree. On top of that, they have to write a mystery novel and act in a school play... --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 7 of 7
by Koge-Donbo (TOKYOPOP)
ISBN 1-59816-883-5

With Karin's tender loving care, Kazune finally recovers. But then Kirio develops a dastardly plan to kidnap Yuuki, and the gang must rush to save the day! At the Karasuma residence, Karin stumbles upon a mysterious ring...and the secrets of the past begin to unfurl. --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 5
by Watanabe Taeko (VIZ)
ISBN 1-4215-1018-9

Sei seeks out Saito Hajime to help her master a difficult sword technique, and Saito is confused by his amorous feelings for Sei, not knowing that she is a girl in disguise. As if things weren't complicated enough, it seems a truly male Sei look-alike has taken a fancy to Saito—and plans on seducing him! --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 15: The Graveyard Isle
by Satoh Fumiya & Kanari Yozaburo (TOKYOPOP)
ISBN 1-59532-699-5

Many Japanese soldiers committed hara-kiri while island hopping during World War II. However, it seems someone—or something—still lives, and is out to kill Kindaichi and his friends. --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 2
by Ando Natsumi & Kobayashi Miyuki (Del Rey)
ISBN 978-0-345-49659-1

Amazon.com: Kitchen Princess volume 2

Najika has a special gift. She's a marvelous cook whose food awakens people's fondest memories and feelings of affection. Now she's attending the prestigious Seika Academy, where she hopes to find her "prince," the boy who saved her when she was a little girl. One big problem: It seems that nobody wants her at the college—except two cute brothers, Sora and Daichi, who befriend her right away. But the super-popular teen model Akane will do anything to drive Najika out of the school, even if it means staging a cooking contest with an award-winning chef as Najika's opponent. --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 14: Hokage vs. Hokage!!
by Kishimoto Masashi (VIZ)
ISBN 1-4215-1088-X

Their village is under attack, and Naruto, Sakura and Shikamaru can't stay behind to defend it. They have a top priority mission to track down Sasuke and the Sand genin. But with nine bloodthirsty ninja on their heels, the hunters have quickly become the hunted! --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 9
by Ninomiya Tomoko (Del Rey)
ISBN 978-0-345-49397-2

Nodame's grueling lessons with her teacher have paid off: At last she agrees to play in a piano competition. Too bad there's not enough time for Nodame to learn all the required pieces....Meanwhile, Shinichi has mysteriously overcome his fear of flying and finally decided to go to Europe to further his musical studies. Out of the blue, he asks Nodame to join him—but she turns him down. Determined Shinichi travels to Nodame's hometown. Will the challenge prove too great, once he finds out about Nodame's strange past—and her wacky family? --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

NEW 05.01 | volume 1
by Iwaaki Hitoshi (Del Rey)
ISBN 978-0-345-49624-9

Amazon.com: Parasyte volume 1

They are everywhere. They are parasites, alien creatures who must invade—and take control of—a human host to survive. And once they have infected their victims, they can assume any deadly form they choose: monsters with giant teeth, winged demons, creatures with blades for hands. But most have chosen to conceal their lethal purpose behind ordinary human faces. So no one knows their secret—except an ordinary high school student. Shin is battling for control of his own body against an alien parasite, but can he find a way to warn humanity of the horrors to come? --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 2
by Lee Ki-Hoon & Cho Seung-Yup (TOKYOPOP)
ISBN 1-59816-771-5

K joins the anti-corporation group, Athena. While training under the tutelage of Matilda Chang, K learns at an accelerated pace, but will it be fast enough to defend Athena? --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 9
by Son Hee-Joon (TOKYOPOP)
ISBN 1-59816-855-X

Noel summons her protector Halbird to assist in attacking Order Rank. While Noel plots revenge for her mother's death, Halbird romances Notra since she is destined to be his lover. It seems Sang has her eyes on Notra, too. Will Noel be able to stop the Order Rank from capturing Notra? --from the synopsis

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05.01 | Mermaid Melody volume 5
by Hanamori Pink & Yokote Michiko (Del Rey)
ISBN 978-0-345-49200-5

Lucia Nanami and her fellow mermaid princesses have saved the seven seas from Gackto, the madman who tried to rule the oceans with an iron fist. During the battle, Lucia discovered that Kaito, her true love, is actually a prince—and he now knows that Lucia is the mermaid who saved him years ago. But Kaito has vanished during a surfing competition, and Lucia's dreams are haunted by an ominous angel-like menace. Is there a connection between this new villain and the surprise birth of an Orange mermaid? --from the synopsis

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NEW 05.01 | volume 1
by Mitsunaga Yasunori (Del Rey)
ISBN 978-0-345-49664-5

Amazon.com: Princess Resurrection volume 1

Werewolves, demons, monsters, vampires. All these ferocious creatures are afraid of the same thing: the beautiful Princess Hime, an awesome warrior who fights off the forces off evil with a chainsaw and a smile. Not only does she look great in a tiara, she has magical powers that allow her to raise the dead. She's a girl on a mission, and with the help of her undead servant and a supercute robot, there's no creature of darkness she can't take down! --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 19: Tezuka's Departure
by Konomi Takeshi (VIZ)
ISBN 1-4215-1095-2

Captain Kunimitsu is out! Now, without him, Seishun's up against a team coached by a four-time Japan Open winner. It's time for serious pressure, on and off the court! --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 20
ISBN 1-4278-0138-X

Rett and the crew make a final, desperate attempt to aid Deswhitat in defeating the unpredictable Mr. Grey. But with their one-time mentor Draistail turning traitor, how can they possibly hope to succeed? --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 4 of 4: The Last Chapter
by Kurata Hideyuki and Ayanaga Ran (VIZ)
ISBN 1-4215-0863-X

Amazon.com: R.O.D: Read Or Dream volume 4

For love of books or love of money (to buy books), the Paper Sisters will take on any job. But as bodyguards for Hisami, a child-prodigy author, they may have bitten off more than they can chew. When a mysterious love letter gets in the way of Hisami's struggle to write her new novel, Michelle, Maggie and Anita will have to call upon all their paper powers—and the bonds of their sisterhood. Also, the sisters' origins are revealed for the first time...and a certain fellow Paper Master makes a special appearance! --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 12: The Wrath of Angels
by Takei Hiroyuki (VIZ)
ISBN 1-4215-1100-2

Yoh and his merry band of Shaman King contenders have made it to Mesa Verdede, the most likely location of the hidden Patch village. But before they can make their way to the pit stop for this leg of the competition, they must face one of Hao's most dangerous allies—Boris Dracula! --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 4
by Ukawa Hiroki (TOKYOPOP)
ISBN 1-59816-346-9

Ayatachi and Kukuri plan to take Yuzu from the shrine once and for all. Tadahiro seems to be the only one to notice Kukuri's politeness is not truly sincere. He must convince Yuzu to be careful around Kukuri, but it is hard to convince someone when they don't even believe in you. Tadahiro must protect Yuzu at all costs, even if it means losing his life. --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 6
by Nakamura Yoshiki (VIZ)
ISBN 1-4215-1023-5

Ren's manager Yashiro comes down with a nasty cold in the middle of an important shoot, and dares Kyoko to take over his job! Of course Kyoko accepts, but she's in way over her head with a pack of new responsibilities and the scorn of everyone who thinks she's doing a bad job. But the more time Ren spends with Kyoko the more he sees her kind and gentle side. Will all her hassles be worth his change of heart? --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.01 | volume 3
by Erika Kari (TOKYOPOP)
ISBN 1-59816-882-7

Guilt-Na hasn't been feeling good lately. It seems the only person that may be able to help her is Kyouichi. After many failed attempts to restore Guilt-Na to normal, Mariya Hugo offers to work her magic. However, Mariya's magic comes at a price. Is Guilt-Na willing to pay for it? --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.01 | volume 2
by Hino Matsuri (VIZ)
ISBN 1-4215-1130-4

Amazon.com: Vampire Knight volume 2

Outside the safe boundary of the academy, Yuki is attacked by a vampire. Injured and unable to defend herself, two Night Class students come to her aid and kill the vampire. When Yuki asks them why they killed their own kind, they tell her to come to the Moon Dormitory at midnight to learn the answer. --from the synopsis

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05.01 | volume 16
by Higuchi Daisuke (VIZ)
ISBN 1-4215-1107-X

Shô barely manages to make it onto the special select team as backup alternate player. When the team plays against Rakuyô Junior High in their very first game, they learn the hard way that skill alone isn't enough—they need to abandon their egos and come together as a unified group. But will any player be able to emerge as a leader and bring the team together? --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.01 | volume 12: The Big Showdown!
by Togashi Yoshihiro (VIZ)
ISBN 1-4215-1118-5

When Kuwabara learns the truth about Genkai's demise, he takes the news hard, wondering why Yusuke waited so long to tell him. Then the elder Toguro reappears and taunts the team about Genkai's death! It's not a good idea to tease those experiencing great sorrow—a lesson the elder Toguro quickly learns, but not from the one you'd expect to teach him. --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon


NEW 05.02 | volume 1
by Yamashita Tomomi (CMX)
ISBN 978-1401211813

Amazon.com: Apothecarius Argentum volume 1

As a boy, Argentum was a poison tester for a royal family. Later, he developed an immunity to toxic substances and became a master chemist with the ability to cure any illness. Returning after a long absence, he is assigned to be Princess Primula's bodyguard. But any potential relationship will have its limits, as Argentum's very touch has itself become poisonous. --from the synopsis

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NEW 05.02 |
Animax Philippines premiere | 7PM

Shirou Emiya is a high school kid, eager to learn magic so he can champion justice, even though it's pretty obvious he hasn't the talent for it. However, when Shirou accidentally stumbles upon a battle between two Servants, he is quickly drawn into their conflict for the Holy Grail. Paired with the female Servant, Saber, Shirou must take his place as the seventh and last sorcerer in a deadly war that will decide who will claim the fabled chalice. --from the synopsis

05.02 | volume 5
by Fujieda Toru (CMX)
ISBN 978-1401213053

Kanoko's feelings conflict with the messages she has received from the past. After resisting Tsubame's overtures for so long and becoming convinced that he is not her destined lover, her feelings for him have nevertheless begun to deepen. Should she follow her heart or try to fulfill her destiny? --from the synopsis

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NEW 05.08 | volume 1: The Vosarak Code
by Dan Jolley (TOKYOPOP)
ISBN 1-4278-0122-3

Alexandra Benno has a unique gift: she can instantly summon parallel-dimension versions of herself. But these duplicates are always super-idealized: smart, fast, tough, and often the most beautiful girls in their world—while Alex herself is a clumsy teen with the figure of a twelve-year-old boy! And to make matters worse, the government recruits her for top-secret espionage work—but Alex's idealized version always gets the action and, consequently, receives all the credit! Will Alex ever be able to step out from her own shadow? --from the synopsis

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05.08 | volume 23
by Tamura Yumi (VIZ)
ISBN 1-4215-0980-6

Amazon.com: Basara volume 23

War will determine who wins control of Japan—but the bonds of love and loyalty will decide the nation's future. As the battle reaches its climax, will Shuri pursue his destiny as king or trust Sarasa's dream of democracy? When placed on the throne of Kyoto, will Asagi turn on Sarasa? And when Sarasa is forced to choose between her love for Shuri and her loyalty to her comrades, can she make the right decision? --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.08 | volume 2
by Kai Tohru, Kagesaki Yuna (TOKYOPOP)
ISBN 1-59816-923-8

Despite a strange attraction between Kenta and Karin, they remain only friends. One day, Kenta offers his umbrella to China, a young novice sister. Karin convinces herself it's no big deal. Still, she finds the entire scene surprisingly upsetting, and nothing her friend Maki does can console her. --from the synopsis

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05.08 | volume 23
by Anzai Nobuyuki (VIZ)
ISBN 1-4215-0894-X

Amazon.com: Flame of Recca volume 23

As Recca prepares for battle with Resshin, the rest of his team goes solo: Kaoru is back to school, and Domon takes a real job at the family flower shop. A surprise gift moves Fuko even closer to her final challenge, and Neon embarks on a quest for Jissho's lost sword. But behind the calm, danger looms. Koran is making alliances with more of Recca's enemies, and when Recca finally faces Resshin, a secret identity will be revealed that will change everything forever! --from the synopsis

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NEW 05.08 | volume 1
by Fumi Yoshinaga (BLU | Mature)
ISBN 978-1-4278-0052-7

Hired as a servant by an Aristocrat family, Claude works hard to care for the family that took him in. But when the master of the house and his wife eventually pass away, Claude must keep spoiled son Antoine in line and teach him to be a proper gentleman. As the two become closer, a forbidden love develops between them. --from the synopsis

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NEW 05.08 | volume 1
by Anike Hage (TOKYOPOP)
ISBN 1-59816-992-0

Anya, the new girl at Lucrece High, just isn't fitting in. Her dream is to join one of the school's elite sports teams, but when she tries out, she's instantly rejected! Anya doesn't get mad, though—she gets even. When she meets other "misfits" who've been similarly written off, they form their own soccer team, complete with cool, edgy uniforms. They may not be the most experienced, but they've got something no other team has: style. --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.08 | volume 3
by Hata Kenjirou (VIZ)
ISBN 1-4215-0853-2

Amazon.com: Hayate the Combat Butler volume 3

As if dealing with his mistress Nagi's outlandish demands weren't taxing enough, poor (yet perennially) hardworking Hayate has to suffer the ignominy of being challenged to a duel by Nagi's fiancé Wataru Tachibana. With his saber at the ready, Hayate is prepared to defend himself...but is there any logical reason why he's even fighting a duel in the first place? Shouldn't the simple act of keeping the Sanzenin household spic-and-span be enough? --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.08 | volume 5
by Kouga Yun (TOKYOPOP)
ISBN 1-59816-225-X

Ritsuka skips school so he can rest up and stay up late talking to Seven through Wisdom Resurection. Ritsu-sensei and Nagisa-sensei join the conversation as observers, and Soubi and the Zeros boys watch from Ritsuka's side, as a shocking truth is revealed about Seimei. --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.08 | volume 3
by Ueda Miwa (TOKYOPOP)
ISBN 1-4278-0012-X

Sae hasn't been very lucky in love so far, but is Shinji the one?! Will he look beyond Sae's flaws and accept her for who she is ? Or has Sae fallen for the wrong guy once again? In order to become closer to him, Sae promises to pay Shinji back for the damage to his car. But to do that, Sae must work part-time jobs non-stop and even trick Saru into helping her out. Will Sae get the happy ending she's been dreaming of or will she fall on her face once again? --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.08 | volume 2
by Tanaka Meca (TOKYOPOP)
ISBN 1-59816-776-6

Amazon.com: Pearl Pink volume 2

Tamako is back living with the Inui family, and she has finally managed to confess her true feelings to Kanji Inui, her crush of ten long years. Kanji himself, however, seems mostly unaffected. As the seasons change, Kanji's feelings toward Tamako stay the same. Will he quench her thirst for his love? --from the synopsis

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05.08 | volume 16
by Minagawa Ryoji and Nanatsuki Koichi (VIZ)
ISBN 1-4215-0916-4

The Arms kids have entered Carillon Tower, headquarters of Egrigori, the organization that aspires to engineer the future of mankind with a race of cyborgs. But as the kids try to destroy the organization's facilities, they run up against the Next—an advanced series of cyborg soldiers stronger than anything Ryo and his friends have ever faced before! --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.08 | volume 2
by Jason Henderson, Tony Salvaggio, Shane Granger (TOKYOPOP)
ISBN 1-59816-270-5

Elite Psy-Comm Mark Leit is now a fugitive on the run. He has turned his back on the life that once provided him with fame and privilege. He has left behind the corp-state he served, as well as his partner and friend, David Jerold. Electromedia Corp. wants this embarrassing incident controlled, but David just wants his friend back...whether he is dead or alive. --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

NEW 05.08 | volume 1
by Anthony Andora, Lincy Chan (TOKYOPOP)
ISBN 1-4278-0088-X

As America's newest and most popular sport, Rhysmyth features one-on-one dance battles atop a hi-tech glass court grid. When the music hits, you and your opponent dance across a digital minefield for the glory of being the fastest, most accurate and stylish Rhysmyther. In steps, high school student Elena looking for a little something extra to beef up her college apps—without any success. Things can't get any worse when the same clumsiness that gets her permanently banned from the gymnastics team sends her face-first down a flight of stairs into an opportunity of a lifetime. --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.08 | volume 22
by Ayamine Kamijyo (TOKYOPOP)
ISBN 1-59532-462-3

Amazon.com: Samurai Deeper Kyo volume 22

Hotaru's fight against his half-brother Shinrei continues! In a blind rage, Kyoshiro gives complete control of his body to Kyo and a deadly fight with Shinrei begins. Hotaru must choose between protecting his brother or joining Kyo in killing him. But before the battle is finished, the last of the Four Emperors, Akari, makes a grand entrance. --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.08 | volume 3 of 3: Return to a Strange World
by Morioka Hiroyuki (TOKYOPOP)
ISBN 1-59816-577-1

Barely escaping the United Mankind, Lafiel and Jinto crash-land on Planet Clasbul, which is already under enemy occupation. With no means to rejoin the Imperial fleet, they must find a way to survive until rescued. However, the Abh princess—who seems so indomitable in space—is nothing more than a clueless girl when confronted with life on a land world. Now the tables have turned, and Jinto must use his experience to protect her. --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

NEW 05.08 | Shinigami no Ballad volume 1
by Hasegawa Keisuke (ChuangYi)
ISBN 981-269-548-6

ChuangYi - Shinigami no Ballad 1

A couple who hide deep mental scars. A boy tormented by the death of his dead sister. A girl who pines for her first love. Herein lie the bittersweet tales of Momo the Shinigami—God of Death—and those who choose to accept the challenge of living…to find hope in a world of despair; happiness amidst the whirlwind of sorrow. --from the synopsis

05.08 | volume 6
by Takashige Hiroshi & Minagawa Ryoji (ChuangYi)
ISBN 981-269-548-6

Adolf Hitler — Worshipped as a hero, loathed as a tyrant. Struck terror into the hearts of enemies. Committed suicide near the end of the Second World War. But now, the Neo-Nazis intend to resurrect Der Führer with the legendary Holy Grail, and make the flag of the Third Reich fly proudly once more. Tea Flatte has been assigned to protect the Holy Grail, but can she alone prevent the horrors of World War II from revisiting mankind...? --from the synopsis

05.08 | volume 4
by Watanabe Yoshitomo (ChuangYi)
ISBN 981-269-589-3

After the episode at the forest of Porphyrula, Kiara receives a new clue from her master on his wareabouts. Apparently, she is to find a "bird," and who better to ask about birds than the bird-people themselves? --from the synopsis

05.08 | volume 5
by Yoshida Sunao & Kujou Kiyo (ChuangYi)
ISBN 981-269-047-6

ChuangYi - Trinity Blood 5

After Esther witnesses Abel's transformation from mild-mannered priest to the bloodthirsty Crusnik, she begins to distance herself from him. On the other hand, Ion boldly requests Petros' help to stop the "Iblis" from decimating Carthage. As the childhood friends Radu and Ion come to blows in a determined face-off, Esther struggles with herself to accept the unacceptable, and to finally stand back up to do what has to be done. --from the synopsis

05.08 | volume 5
by Hashiguchi Takashi (VIZ)
ISBN 1-4215-0922-9

The drama escalates in the third round of the Pantasia Rookie Tournament when Kazuma's masked and muscle-bound opponent blows the judges away with his animal-themed bread in the shape of a magnificent dragon. Will Kazuma's contribution, a cute green turtle, be delicious enough to throw the judges into a deadlock? --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon


05.09 | Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! DVD Vol.2
Japan Version | Normal Edition

05.09 | Inukami Vol.8
Japan Version | Normal Edition

05.09 | volume 11
by Takahashi Miyuki (CMX)
ISBN 978-1401208622

Amazon.com: Musashi #9 volume 11

Agent Nine has just discovered that the love of her life, Shingo, is dead. To deal with the pain, Musashi buries herself so deeply in her work that Agent 19 fears she's no longer fit to be working for Ultimate Blue. Can the Omega kids help, or will their involvement merely attract the attention of the terrorists who are still looking for them? --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.09 | Negima!? 3
Japan Version | Normal Edition

05.09 | Otome ha Boku ni Koishiteru DVD01
Japan Version | Normal Edition

05.09 | volume 3
by Tsuda Mikiyo (DMP)
ISBN 9781569770852

Tohru's younger sister Sayaka, who discovered that she and Tohru are not actually siblings, arrives once again, only to leave her brother in Shihoudani's "loving" care. Tohru's uncle calls shortly thereafter to insist that Tohru move back home. Does this mean the end for the princess trio?! --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon


05.10 | Saiunkoku Monogatari Vol.10
Japan Version | Normal Edition


05.15 | volume 17: Time for Trouble
by Aoyama Gosho (VIZ)
ISBN 1-4215-0882-6

Amazon.com: Case Closed volume 17

A mysterious letter brings Conan and his friends to a mansion full of beautiful clocks that aren't quite behaving themselves. As Conan attempts to figure out what's wrong with the timepieces and who wrote the letter, he uncovers a tale of treasure, thieves and a family tree with very twisted branches. --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.15 | volume 13
by Arakawa Hiromu (VIZ)
ISBN 1-4215-1158-4

In the midst of heated battle, Ed and Prince Lin of Xing are swallowed whole by the homunculus Gluttony. Will they survive the depths of Gluttony's gullet like Jonah inside the whale, or has Al lost his brother for good? --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.15 | volume 9
by Yellow Tanabe (VIZ)
ISBN 1-4215-0829-X

The three kekkaishi-in-arms—Tokine, Yoshimori, and Gen—are not getting along! So much so that Gen's sensei, Atora, challenges them to a task requiring real teamwork! Meanwhile, when the Kokuboro princess falls ill, the ayakashi pursue her cure in increasingly nefarious ways. --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.15 | volume 13
by Anzai Nobuyuki (VIZ)
ISBN 1-4215-1154-1

Amazon.com: MÄR  volume 13

Let the final battle of the War Games commence! As the members of Team Mär go into battle, each must defeat the chess opponent that stands before them in addition to overcoming their own personal demons. --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.15 | volume 25
by Inoue Takehiko (VIZ | Mature)
ISBN 1-4215-0975-X

At last, the long-awaited rematch between Musashi and the leader of the mighty Yoshioka School is at hand. Literally head and shoulders above Musashi, Yoshioka Denshichiro granted Musashi a reprieve of one year for a rematch. Now the time is up, and the climax to Musashi's epic clash with the Yoshioka is about to come to a bloody finale—or will it? --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon


05.16 | volume 17
by Miura Kentaro (DMP | 18+)
ISBN 9781593077426

Renegade devil-slayer Guts, the Black Swordsman, may be the bane of the demonic realm, but the citizenry of Midland, the kingdom he formerly served, aren't exactly members of his fan club, either. When the holier-than-thou Knights of the Holy Iron Chain capture Guts and decide to whip (literally) some repentance into him, Guts develops a few ideas of his own...like taking the Iron Chain's leader hostage and showing her that when Hell comes calling, the only thing worth praying for is a sword! --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.16 | volume 10
by Takanashi Mitsuba (CMX)
ISBN 978-1401210243

Amazon.com: The Devil Does Exist volume 10

Takeru's busy with his new part-time job, while Kayano studies for her college exams. But it's hard for her to focus when Takeru's about to decide on his mother's offer to accompany her on a trip to Italy. Will the young couple be able to handle such a long separation? And does Takeru have any reason to be concerned about a boy Kayano just met? --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.16 | Venus Versus Virus DVD 1
Japan Version | Normal Edition


NEW 05.17 |
Animax SEA premiere | 7PM

Kazuhiko Aikawa was the star captain of the Tendouji High School basketball team and poster boy for Japanese high school basketball. That is, until he decided to transfer to Mizuho High School. While Mizuho's women's basketball team is six-time defending national champions, their men's team has recently hit rock bottom.

Not only is the team down to five members, it has been suspended from practice and competition after a player assaulted the coach (who promptly left). Stuck with a ragtag bunch of rejects who have problems of their own, Aikawa will has his work cut out just getting them to play basketball as a team, let alone transform them from no hopers into title contenders at the Inter-High competition! --from the synopsis


YesAsia.com: Tosho Daimos (DVD) (Boxset) (First Press Limited Edition) (Japan Version)

05.21 | Tosho Daimos DVD Boxset
Japan Version | First Press Limited Edition


05.22 | Naruto OVA - The Lost Story (DVD)
Bilingual English and Japanese, English subtitles (VIZ)
ISBN 1-4215-1577-6

Naruto and the others arrive at the Village Hidden in the Waterfall on an escort mission for Shibuki, the young leader of the village. Things seem peaceful until Kakashi leaves on urgent business and the village is attacked by Suien, a former Hidden Waterfall jonin, and his band of rogue ninja, who are after the village treasure, Hero's Water. Now Naruto must join forces with cowardly Shibuki and show him what it means to be a hero! --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.22 | volume 6
by Kim Tae-Hyung (TOKYOPOP)
ISBN 1-59532-542-5

Amazon.com: Planet Blood volume 6

Hector and Kalchas are dueling it out. During their fight, the Gaiyan Rebel Force's hideout comes under attack. Sinan, co, and Enrico must escape without being tailed by the rebels. There seems to be a traitor lurking in their midst. Will it be too late for our heroes to escape an early death? --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon


05.23 | Death Note DVD Vol.6
Japan Version

Death Note Volume 6 contains episodes 16 through 18, titled Decision, Execution, and Comrade. --from the product description

05.23 | volume 4
by Kita Naoe (CMX)
ISBN 978-1401211240

Everyone thought that Rose, the clone of the late Emperor Idea, was destined to rule the empire. Then another clone named Idem appeared and now holds the upper hand. He occupies the royal palace and has taken Ririka—the palace guard loved by both Idea and Rose—as prisoner. Rose has already infiltrated the palace once; now he has to get back in for the second time in two days. --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.23 | Ghost Hunt DVD File.4/File.5
Japan Version

05.23 | Himawari !! DVD Vol.4
Japan Version

NEW 05.23 |
by Yamada Sakurako (DMP | 18+)
ISBN 9781569708323

Amazon.com: La Vie en Rose

A romance novelist's newest publication finds his work at the top of the best seller charts. But when asked about his inspiration, he finds it difficult to explain that the story is about his best friend! --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.23 | volume 5
by Fred Gallagher (CMX)
ISBN 978-1401211271

Largo is way off his game, and even the efforts of the class president and a brave hamster may not be enough to get him going again. Piro is worried about his friend, but his biggest concern is the safety of a certain voice actress who finds herself the center of attention of a massive fanboy horde. --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.23 | NANA Vol.11 DVD
Japan Version

NEW 05.23 |
by Hashida Yukari (DMP | 18+)
ISBN 9781569708330

With a mouth almost as bad as his looks, Joh is the worst of the worst. Now, he has committed the biggest crime of the year—he's kidnapped Yuushi, the son of a politician—and now he's on the run from the law! To make matters worse, it looks like the captor is falling for his hostage. --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.23 | volume 8
by Narushima Yuri (CMX)
ISBN 978-1401210281

Carno and Ibuki are on the run. Expecting to be killed, they're surprised to learn that they're actually considered hot property by supernatural "talent scouts" desperate to harness the pair's powers for their own organizations. One of these scouts turns out to be none other than Lord High Priest Levi himself—on the run from the Holy Knights. Will enemies become allies? --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon


05.25 | Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto DVD05
Japan Version

05.25 | Card Captor Sakura The Movie Collection
Japan Version | First Press Limited Edition

05.25 | Clover
Japan Version

YesAsia.com: Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion 5 (Japan Version) DVD

05.25 | Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion DVD 5
Japan Version

05.25 | Full Metal Panic! DVD Box 1
Japan Version | First Press Limited Edition

05.25 | Full Metal Panic! DVD Box 2
Japan Version | First Press Limited Edition

05.25 | Genesis of Aquarion - Wings of Betrayal DVD
Japan Version | Normal Edition

After the devastation caused by the Great Catastrophe, winged humanoids called Shadow Angels awakened from their 12,000 years of slumber, preying on humans for their life force. The only weapon able to stand up to the Shadow Angels is the Aquarion, which is formed by joining three Vector fighter planes. The Vectors are piloted by young people with special powers, who make up the research and defense unit Deava. One of the Vector pilots is the brash and brave Apollo who is rumored to be the reincarnate of Apollonius, the legendary Angel who betrayed his own kind to defend the human race...

Originally aired in 2005, popular sci-fi mecha series Genesis of Aquarion is getting a long-awaited OVA release. Wings of Betrayal is set after the events of the series, featuring protagonists Apollo and Sylvia at older ages and unveiling revelations about the myth of Apollonius and Celiane. The original cast of the series returns for the OVA, along with some new characters and the long-absent Fudou Gen, the leader of the unit that first developed the Vectors. --from the product description

05.25 | Giniro no Olynssis DVD Vol.5
Japan Version | First Press Limited Edition

05.25 | Happiness DVD06
Japan Version

YesAsia.com: Ice 1 (Normal Edition) (Japan Version) DVD

05.25 | Ice DVD 1
Japan Version | Normal Edition

05.25 | Kujibiki Unbalance DVD Vol.6
Japan Version

05.25 | Les Miserables Shojo Cossette DVD 1
Japan Version

05.25 | My Otome Zwei Special Package 3 DVD
Japan Version | First Press Limited Edition

05.25 | Patlabor DVD Memorial Box
Japan Version | First Press Limited Edition

05.25 | Soukou no Strain DVD04
Japan Version

05.25 | The Third - Aoi Hitomi no Shojo - Emporium Episode 11 DVD
Japan Version | Normal Edition


NEW 05.26 |
US Dubbed Version
Animax Philippines premiere | 8.30PM

Two years have passed since Meteor's devastating attack on the planet, and the once-proud industrial city of Midgar now lies in ruin. Meanwhile, the survivors are slowly picking up their lives again in a new city, Edge, built on the outskirts of Midgar. But even then, a mysterious disease known as Geostigma is killing the remaining inhabitants on the planet. Inflicted with the lethal disease, Cloud Strife—the hero from the last war—has retired into seclusion. However, when three villainous brothers threaten to bring back the One Winged Angel, Cloud is forced out of his isolation to stop them before they doom the planet. --from the synopsis

NEW 05.26 |
Animax SEA premiere | 9PM

Animax East Asia: Onimusha Dawn of Dreams - The Story

Decades of war have ripped Japan apart, but peace, it seems, is finally at hand. The once fractious country is now unified under the banner of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, while the evil Genma that once terrorised the land are nowhere to be seen.

But when an ominous Omen Star suddenly appears over the skies of Japan, the land is rocked by a series of natural disasters. Worse yet, word arrives that the Genma have returned—and Hideyoshi may have something to do with them.

As Hideyoshi prepares for a ritual that will throw the world into darkness, a new Onimusha, Yuuki Hideyasu, must travel to the country's capital to put an end to his schemes before it's too late. --from the synopsis


05.29 | volume 5
by Segawa Masaki and Yamada Futaro (Del Rey | 18+)
ISBN 978-0-345-49047-6

With only three ninja remaining on each side, the battle between the Iga and the Kouga clans is nearing its bloody end. Believing he has slain Yakushiji Tenzen, shape-shifter Saemon Kisaragi morphs into Tenzen's body and infiltrates Iga territory. But what Saemon doesn't know is that Tenzen is an immortal ninja, and that he has his own plan to dispose of Saemon and the Kouga clan. Meanwhile, Oboro, leader of the Iga clan, has sworn that she will die rather than fight against her lover, Gennosuke. Every death brings these two star-crossed lovers closer to confronting each other on the battlefield at last! --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.29 | , Vol. 4 (DVD): The Substitute
Episodes 13 thru 16
Bilingual English and Japanese, English subtitles (VIZ)
ISBN 1-4215-1436-2

With hordes of soul-eating Hollows descending on the human world, Soul Reaper Ichigo and his rival Uryu have their hands more than full! A Hollow that can control humans attacks the school, and in the struggle to save her friends, Ichigo's classmate Orihime discovers her own unique spirtual powers. --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.29 | volume 5
by Soryo Fuyumi (Del Rey)
ISBN 978-0-345-49192-3

Amazon.com: ES (Eternal Sabbath) volume 5

Neuroscientist Mine Kujyou has devoted her life to the pursuit of knowledge. When she met Shuro, a genetically engineered superhuman with extraordinary psychic powers, she thought she'd found the ultimate experimental subject. But then the handsome and enigmatic Shuro makes a shocking confession, and Mine finds herself deeply divided. Is her fascination with Shuro purely intellectual, or is she experiencing more than just a passion for research? --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.29 | volume 3
by Tamakoshi Hiroyuki (Del Rey | 18+)
ISBN 978-0-345-49321-7

Summer is finally here, and it's Akira Hatsushiba's favorite time of year: the season when girls wear less and less. Akira is spending another day checking out the chicks downtown when he runs right smack into his true love, Yurika Sakuraba. Sounds like a perfect chance to get to know Yurika better—the problem is, she's not alone. Nope, Yurika's with some surly guy Akira's never seen before. Is he Yurika's new boyfriend? Akira-kun will need to do a little detective work, the kind only a female can do. This sounds like a job for Akira-chan! A-choo! --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.29 | , Vol. 8 (DVD): The Awful Opponent
Game 29 to 32
Bilingual English and Japanese, English subtitles (VIZ)
ISBN 1-4215-1435-4

Hikaru is ready to qualify for the Pro Exam and take the next step to becoming a Go master. But can he handle the pressure of top competition and overcome his own inexperience? He's not the only one sweating—Ogata Sensei has his sights set on the coveted title of Hon'inbo, but the current title-holder, wily Kuwabara Sensei, won't give it up without a fight! --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.29 | volume 2
by Kikuta Michiyo (Del Rey)
ISBN 978-0-345-49666-9

Nina doesn't have just one dream boy&8212;she has two: Zero and Ichî. Both are supercute wizards, who make her heart beat a little bit faster. But which boy is Nina actually falling for? --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

NEW 05.29 | volume 1
by Morinaga Ai (Del Rey)
ISBN 978-0-345-49904-2

Amazon.com: My Heavenly Hockey Club volume 1

Hana Suzuki loves only two things in life: eating and sleeping. So when handsome classmate Izumi Oda asks Hana—his major crush—to join the school hockey club, persuading her proves to be a difficult task. True, the Grand Hockey Club is full of boys—and all the boys are super-cute—but given a choice, Hana prefers a sizzling steak to a hot date. Then Izumi mentions the field trips to fancy resorts. Now Hana can't wait for the first away game, with its promise of delicious food and luxurious linens. Of course there's also the getting up early, working hard, and playing well with others. How will Hana survive? --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.29 | Naruto Uncut, Vol. 3 (DVD Box Set)
Bilingual English and Japanese, English subtitles (VIZ)
ISBN 1-4215-1434-6

As the Chunin Exam continues, Naruto, Sakuke and Sakura face their deadliest challenge yet. Deep in the Forest of Death, they must battle their rival ninja to collect the scrolls of Heaven and Eath. It's no easy task, but is there an even darker force at work? Something evil is afoot, and it's after Sasuke! --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.29 | Naruto, Vol. 12 (DVD): Byankugan Battle
Episodes 45 to 48
North American edited TV version; Close Captioned (VIZ)
ISBN 1-4215-1437-0

Following his battle with Naruto, Kiba offers some advice to Hinata—give up! But with Naruto watching, Hinata is not about to step down, even when she must go up against her cousin Neji, who bears a deep resentment against her branch of the Hyuga clan. His aggressive tactics almost take her down, but Naruto's inspiring example just might give her the courage she needs to keep fighting! --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.29 | volume 14
by Akamatsu Ken (Del Rey)
ISBN 978-0-345-49614-0

Amazon.com: Negima!: Magister Negi Magi volume 14

Negi Springfield has finally met his father–or at least a hologram of him. Now Negi is more determined than ever to follow in his father's footsteps. But there is no time for self-reflection: After his mind-blowing performance at the Budōkai Martial Arts Tournament, Negi is at the center of a media storm. On the run from marauding reporters, Negi disguises himself with the help of a potion that turns him into a gorgeous bishounen. But using magic puts Negi at risk. His sneaky pupil Chisame may finally discover his secret–that Negi is really a powerful wizard! --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.29 | volume 4
by Seo Kouji (Del Rey | 18+)
ISBN 978-0-345-49049-0

After joining the track team to impress the gorgeous Suzuka, Yamato falls flat on his face. So now that his plan has backfired, Yamato's avoiding track practice like the plague. After skipping three days in a row, an out-of-shape Yamato finds himself at the first big track meet of the year. Worse, when a hotshot runner picks on Suzuka, Yamato challenges the creep to a race in front of a huge crowd. Only later does our clueless hero learn that his opponent is none other than the top high-school sprinter in the nation. What has Yamato gotten himself into this time? --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.29 | volume 9
by CLAMP (Del Rey)
ISBN 978-0-345-49639-3

Without realizing it, Kimihiro Watanuki has purchased a dream. According to his boss Yuuko Ishikawa, the mysterious time-space witch, people usually buy good dreams—but Kimihiro's dream is a man-eating nightmare. Even worse, it has come true! Then Kimihiro meets a wistful girl who, like him, can see the spirit world. Together they try to prevent a harmless ghost from being exorcised from its beloved resting place, an ancient cherry tree. The girl's mother wants her to have nothing to do with Kimihiro, but the spirits say otherwise. --from the book description

Buy it from Amazon


NEW 05.30 |
by Tenzen Momoko (DMP)
ISBN 9781569708354

Amazon.com: The Paradise on the Hill

Kijima teaches at an all girl's school. While all his friends think his job is pretty "sweet," dealing with the daily confessions of his adoring students is actually rather annoying. Luckily the new P.E teacher, Ono, has taken the brunt of the girl's attention away. The poor guy gets attacked by the scheming debutants on a daily basis! When Ono approaches Kijima for advice on how to deal with the bold advances and confessions from his students, Kijima finds himself intrigued by the shy, timid teacher. --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

05.30 | volume 10
by Ariyoshi Kyoko (CMX)
ISBN 978-1401208707

Round 2 of the World Ballet Competition is about to begin. Masumi is still shaken by the news regarding Kusakabe, the dancer she loved; but she must put her pain behind her and dance the performance of a lifetime. Aoi, her loyal and dedicated dance partner, will certainly be there to support her, but what role might the mysterious Leonhardt Von Christ come to play in Masumi's life? --from the synopsis

Buy it from Amazon

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