The ABCs of Manga: Shoujo Manga-ka version

I actually planned to list favorite seiyuu, like other anime bloggers did more than a month ago at Anime Nano. But since I can't make a Top 10 seiyuu list without swiveting, I thought I'd attempt one for manga-ka instead.

Except I couldn't narrow that down to 10 either and ended up with another shoujo-centric, alphabet-type list.

huamulan03's ABCs of Manga » Shoujo Manga-ka version

A is for Anisaki Yuna
Anisaki Yuna-sensei writes regular school-life-based romances, but also arts more mature stories. On at least one occasion, she has dabbled in shoujo ai/girl x girl love (Baku Ai AKA Bound Love which originally appeared in Shogakukan's Sho-Comi).

Anisaki-sensei's works officially published in Indonesia include:

LUV vol.2 front cover (ID)

I don't think Gramedia m&c! will be publishing Anisaki-sensei's Cheese! stories, among them, Boku no Tenohira de Odore (Dancing on My Palm); Dekiai Paradox (Blind Love Paradox); and Megaren mega ren megane koi (Mega x ren ~ a pair of glasses x love ~). The latter obviously stars a(nother) megane kyara.

Still on myopia is kewl (you prolly know by now why I heart Anisaki Yuna-sensei), Emily-san wrote a review of Anisaki-sensei's TsunDere! (don't let the title faze you ^^)—which features a coffee shop staffed by cute waiter boys who all wear glasses. Emily-san goes on to recommend:

If you like boys with glasses, this is the manga for you! ^_^

Please, Gramedia, get this, at least, for a Level Comics release?

B is for Baek HyeKyung
Not much info available, but is prolly best known as the creator of the manhwa Blooming. Doesn't ring a bell? How about Bring it on!, licensed for North America by ICE Kunion? There are five Bring It On! volumes in total.

Another soonjung title in Baek HyeKyung's backlist: Chiro Star Project (7 volumes, current). It is licensed by Udon Entertainment and retitled Superstar Project Chiro. The first English volume is due out 15 October 2007.

Neither of these manhwa titles is available in Indonesia.
Edit: m&c! licensed Chiro

C is for CLAMP
Like who doesn't know this Japanese manga-ka group? CLAMP's works, whether completed or in progress, ranging from shoujo to seinen, are best-sellers, often finding their way into anime adaptations. CLAMP also designs characters for anime first titles (Code Geass ~Hangyaku no Lelouch~ anyone?) Currently, the group consists of this Power Four: Ohkawa Ageha, Mokona, Nekoi Tsubaki and Igarashi Satsuki, but they originally began as a 12-member doujinshi circle.

CLAMP's backlist is nearly as long as the stereotypical arm but I will note down a random few:

  • Angelic Layer: Five-volume manga published in Indonesia by Gramedia m&c!. The English Angelic Layer was published and marketed in North America by TOKYOPOP.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: 12-volume manga published in Indonesia by Elex Media in 2000 (Elex really should re-release this title, if only for me to complete my set... ^^) The English Cardcaptor Sakura was licensed by TOKYOPOP.
  • Chobits: Eight-volume seinen manga series also released by TOKYOPOP although I forget who publishes the official version in Indonesia.
  • Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE: At 19 volumes strong (latest released 15 June 2007 but volumes 20 through 23 are already skedded until March 2008), this shounen series has had two seasons-worth of anime (Chronicle of the Wings season 2 is currently showing on Animax Asia) and a three-part OAV planned for release in 2007 and 2008. The series is serialized in Indonesian in Shonen Magz; the English Tsubasa manga is licensed for North American distribution by Del Rey (latest out volume 14; volume 15 by end October of this year). Chuang Yi Singapore publishes TSUBASA Reservoir Chronicle in English and simplified Chinese
  • Suki Dakara Suki: Three-volume shoujo manga published in Indonesia by Elex Media titled Coz I Love You. TOKYOPOP also published the English version of Suki.
  • Wish: Four-volume shoujo manga released in Indonesian by Elex Media. English Wish by TOKYOPOP.
  • X/1999: An apocalyptic series spanning 18.5 volumes and currently on hiatus, X/1999 is published in Indonesia (ten volumes and ongoing) by Level Comics. English X/1999 released by VIZ Media and Chuang Yi (Singapore).

D is for Doumoto Nao
Doumoto Nao-sensei is a Shogakukan Cheese! author, so you know what to expect—the racier side of shoujo or, as they say simply over at Baka-Updates Manga, smut ^^)

  • Rakuen Danshi ~beast harem~ (1 volume, complete)
  • Romantic Beauty (one-shot, complete)

E is for EMURA
From the chara designs alone, you can immediately spot EMURA-sensei as a Hakusensha manga-ka. Her most well-known works:

  • Gokuraku Doumei: Four-volume shoujo manga published in Indonesia by m&c! as Paradise Union. Not yet licensed in North America.
  • Michibata no Tenshi: Another four-volume shoujo manga. Serialized in the Indonesian HanaLaLa mangazine as Roadside Angel. Not yet licensed for English distribution.
  • W-Juliet: 14-volume shoujo manga, with sequel W Juliet II (two volumes out). Published in Indonesian by m&c!. English W Juliet by VIZ Media (volume 14 released January 2007)

F is for Fujiwara Yoshiko
Whoever knows me knows how much wub I have for Fujiwara Yoshiko-sensei. This manga-ka debunks the misconception (mine) that authors serialized in Cheese! specialize in smut.

  • Kimi no koto bakari: One-volume collection of Fujiwara Yoshiko-sensei's stories. Published in Indonesian as Always Thinking of You by Elex Media.
  • Kiss, Zekkou, Kiss and the 10-volume series sequel Kiss, Zekkou, Kiss ~Bokura no baai~ published collectively under the title I Hate You But I Love You by Elex Media (hit the link for more Kiss, Zekkou, Kiss wub ^^).
  • Tokyo Sabotage: Another one-volume anthology. Published in Indonesia by Elex Media.

None of the above titles are licensed for English distribution.

Now Elex Media just needs to license KoiHaji/Koi nanka hajimaranai or Love Won't Begin and the other Fujiwara Yoshiko-sensei anthology 37 do Kiss and I will be a Very. Very. Happy. Niki.

G is for Geo
Along with Shin JiSang, Geo is responsible for the manhwa Rolling (6 volumes, unlicensed) and the Kyaaa~! EWan!! fangirl fest Chocolat, which logs in at eight volumes (still current and licensed by ICE Kunion; latest Chocolat volume 6; volume 7 scheduled 25 September 2007). Releases were delayed due to the breakup of partners Udon and IK). Neither of these titles is available in Indonesia (Hint! Hint!)

H is for Hatori Bisco
Of course, “H” is for Hatori Bisco-sensei. She only wrote after all—

  • Ouran Koukou Host Club: 10 cracktastic volumes and still ongoing. Serialized in Indonesian in HanaLaLa. English version released by Chuang Yi (as Ouran High Host Club) and VIZ Media (as Ouran High School Host Club; latest volume 9 released 3 July)
  • Sennen no Yuki: Whether titled Millennium Snow (VIZ) or A Thousand Years of Snow (CY), this two-volume manga preceding Ouran concluded publication in both the North American and Singapore markets this year (Millennium Snow vol.2 came out the same day as Ouran volume 9). Millennium Snow vol.1 includes Hatori Bisco-sensei's debut Isshun kan no Romance (A Moment of Romance). Sennen no Yuki is not yet licensed for Indonesian release, but I delude myself into thinking that it's only a matter of jikan.

I is for Ikeyamada Go
Shogakukan manga-ka whose works are usually serialized in Sho-Comi. Ikeyamada Go-sensei's breakout shoujo series Get Love!! ~Field no Oujisama~ (7 volumes, complete) was published in Indonesia by 3L Comics (Tiga Lancar Semesta, which is—contrary to prevailing sentiment and print quality of released manga—actually a bonafide official publisher).

Other works available in Indonesia:

  • Moe Kare!!: Seven-volume series currently being released by 3L (latest volume 4)
  • Ookami Nanka Kowaikunai!? One-volume anthology published by 3L as Who's afraid of Wolves!?

Neither is licensed in English.

J is for ?
No manga-ka in my toshokan whose last name begins with “J,” so it will have to be “J” is for JiSang Shin (see G is for Geo) ^^

K is for Kamio Yoko
Hana Yori Dango or Meteor Garden (Elex) or Boys Over Flowers (VIZ). Nuff sed.

L is for Lee HyeonSook
Lee HyeonSook is the creator of the soonjung manhwa Really?! that wins the what-kinda-frickin'-ending-is-that?!! award. m&c! published volume 7 last March. Not yet licensed for English distribution.

M is for Motomi Kyousuke
Hands down, my serendipitous shoujo manga-ka find after Fujiwara Yoshiko-sensei. Motomi Kyousuke-sensei writes shoujo manga that's out of the norm and endearing for that askew-ness.

  • Otokomae! Beads Club: One-volume shoujo manga first published in Japan in 2004 by Shogakukan and released in Indonesia in April 2006 by m&c! simply as The Beads Club.
  • Penguin Prince: An anthology of four stories published 2006 in Japan and February 2007 in Indonesia under the m&c! imprint.
  • Purikyuu: An earlier one-volume work (vintage 2005) released as Love Arrow by m&c! (March 2007, after Penguin Prince)
  • Love Arrow front cover (ID)
  • Seishun Survival: Another one-volume anthology (2006 release) published by m&c! in Indonesia as Youth Survival (April 2007, post Love Arrow). The last story is a one-shot sequel to Beads Club.

Above titles are not yet licensed for English distribution.

N is for Nakajo Hisaya
I know Nakajo Hisaya-sensei principally for the ado-wable (and as far as I know, still chaste) Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (Hana-Kimi / For You in Full Blossom). Imagine my oh-that's-why-Umeda-sensei's-like-that! epiphany when I discovered she's got more doujinshi (Inuyasha, Naruto, Evangelion) than shoujo titles.

  • Hana-Kimi: Published in English by VIZ (volume 18 came out last June, volume 19 has an August street date). Released by Level Comics in Indonesian as For You in Full Blossom. The latest Indonesian volume 8 went on sale June? July? Whatever, it means it's still a long way to go to that last 23rd tankoubon.
  • Sugar Princess: A two-volume shoujo manga starring ice skater Maaya which hasn't been licensed yet for Indonesian or English release (someone, please license this?)

O is for Ohya (or Ooya) Kazumi
I usually buy Ohya Kazumi-sensei books blind. As in I don't even bother reading the back cover blurb before running down any and all loiterers in front of the cashier.

These volumes have already been released in Indonesian but no English versions yet:

  • Himeyaka na Delta AKA Secret Delta: One-volume shoujo drama, reminiscent of late '80s series romances, released December 2006 by m&c!
  • Pink Prisoner: One-volume collection of three shoujo stories. Published in Indonesia by m&c! June 2005
  • Sukinara Sukitte Ieyo! One-volume shoujo manga that's absolutely darling. Published October 2004 under the title Say Yes! by m&c!
  • Yume Chu: A four-volume shoujo manga released in Indonesia by m&c! as Dream Kiss. This series laid down the foundation of my Ohya Kazumi-sensei wub.

I'm requesting m&c! to publish nearly all of the titles Baka-Updates Manga listed in its Ohya Kazumi entry:
Ai No Joou (Indigo-blue Queen; 1 volume)
Ai no Joou - Kazumi-kun no POP LOVE Series #2 (The Indigo-blue Queen - Kazumi-kun's POP LOVE Series #2; 1 volume)
Citrus Eyes (1 volume)
Honey 2 Skip (2 volumes)
Juliet Club (1 volume)
Kimi ni Hanakazari - Seikimatsu Teppen Boy (Ornamental Flowers for You - Boys at the Edge of Century's End, 1 volume, part of the Seikimatsu Teppen BOY series)
Nemuri Hime Age (Sleeping Beauty Age, six volumes)
Oasis Project (1 volume, BL)
Yumemiru Hanazono (Dreaming Flower Garden, 1 volume).

Considering that most of these are one-volume manga, they'd be perfect for m&c!

P is for Park SoHee
Because... you know... Goong! The Indonesian version published by m&c! is fortuitously up to volume 13 of the still current 15-volume manhwa. Goong is published in English by ICE Kunion (volume 3 is scheduled for release 25 August 2007).

Q is for ?
“J is for ?” redux.

R is for RYAN
Who is best known (I think) for Ingénuo. I don't read this series; all I know is that it was published by Elex. I don't know either if it has concluded its Indonesian release (there's a total of 15 volumes). Not yet licensed in English.

S is for Shiomi Chika
After Fujiwara Yoshiko-sensei and Motomi Kyousuke-sensei, this Hakusensha manga-ka is my third sublime accident, based solely on Yurara no Tsuki, a five-volume manga released in Indonesia by m&c! as Yurara's Moon (VIZ releases the English Yurara. Volume 1 came out June 2007, volume 2 this September).

My WAFFy Shiomi Chika-sensei GET! this year: Rasetsu no Hana AKA Rasetsu's Flower. Ongoing at three volumes, this is the sequel to Yurara no Tsuki and features an older Hoshino Yakou. Kyaaa!

I'm requesting Gramedia to also secure the Indonesian license for Canon (English version published by CMX) and Kemonotachi no Yoru (Night of the Beasts; released by Go! Comi)

T is for Tsukuba Sakura
My first Hakusensha discovery. Tsukuba Sakura-sensei's name comes with an awww-some read guarantee. She writes supernatural shoujo almost exclusively. Her male romantic leads epitomize yasashii and her heroines are never irritating, too-dumb-to-live damsels in distress.

  • Mekakushi no Kuni: Nine-volume supernatural shoujo series released as Beyond the Blindfold by Elex Media. The English release, under the title Land of the Blindfolded, is published by CMX (complete) and Chuang Yi (volume 1 coming soon).
  • Penguin Kakumei or more commonly known as Penguin Revolution: Five-volume currently ongoing shoujo manga with a cross-dressing heroine and hero. Starting from Issue 12, serialized in the Indonesian HanaLaLa. The English version is published by CMX (latest volume 4 skedded for a 25 July 2007).

Gramedia has been slow in licensing Tsukuba Sakura-sensei's shoujo titles but that doesn't stop me from requesting Yoroshiku Master (which contains the side story Amai Kamiato or Sweet After Bites).

U is for Usami Maki
Shogakukan manga-ka serialized in Betsucomi who produces curiously readable shoujo stories. Among Usami Maki-sensei's works already published in Indonesia by Gramedia m&c! are:

I would also like to see published the Indonesian version of Haruyuki Bus (A Bus bound for Spring), a four-volume series tied by the theme "Love on a bus" and Kanon (1 volume).

V is for Vin Lee
Manhwa artist Vin Lee doesn't seem to have published works in Indonesian. I know her because of TOKYOPOP.

  • Crazy Love Story: Five-volume psychological drama manhwa
  • One: 11-volume drama

W is for Watase Yuu
Because no one does bishies like Watase Yuu-sensei ^^

  • Alice 19th: Seven-volume shoujo fantasy with tear-hair-out type cliffies originally serialized in Sho-Comi. Published in Indonesia by m&c! and in English by VIZ.
  • Appare Jipangu!: Three-volume historical shoujo adventure also serialized in Sho-Comi. Indonesian version released by m&c! Not yet licensed in English.
  • Epotoransu! Mai: Really early, really dated two-volume shoujo fantasy. Published in Indonesia by m&c! English version n/a.
  • Fushigi Yuugi: Love or hate Miaka, this remains a shoujo classic. Published in Indonesia by m&c! with a "D" rating (Dewasa or Adult). English version (18 volumes) published by VIZ and Chuang Yi.
  • Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden: The prequel to FY with leveled up bishies. Seven volumes and still ongoing. Published in English by VIZ and Chuang Yi, but no official Indonesian release yet.
  • Imadoki!: Five-volume non-fantasy, "garden" variety shoujo that was for a while the undisputed fan favorite shoujo manga for being pure wub. Published by m&c! in Indonesian, in English by VIZ.
  • Mint de Kiss Me: One-volume anthology published as Kiss Me With Mint by m&c! Weird. Not licensed in English.
  • Oishii Study: One-volume non-fantasy shoujo published as Delicious Study by m&c! Not licensed in English.
  • Pajama de Ojama: One-volume and if I'm not mistaken, Watase Yuu-sensei's debut title. Published as Pajama's Wish in Indonesian—first in serial form in the magazine Cherry. Not licensed in English.
  • Zettai Kareshi: Six-volume shoujo manga with TDF bishies played by Suzumura Kenichi (Tenjou Night) and Saku-pyon!!! (Sakurai Takahiro - Asamoto Soushi) « this is a fallout of the original seiyuu list impetus for this post. Back to topic: Not released officially in Indonesia but English Absolute Boyfriend versions published by Chuang Yi and VIZ (volume 4 to be released 7 August 2007).

If I'm also not mistaken, either m&c! or Elex used to publish Ayashi no Ceres (Ceres Celestial Legend) but dropped it because of the graphic scenes. The English version was published by VIZ.

X is for Xanseviera
According to Baka-Updates Manga, she is a freelance comic/doushinji artist from Malaysia with a shoujo one-shot Wanna Be Cool.

Y is for Yamamoto Nobuyo
It was a toss-up between Hakusensha's Yamamoto Nobuyo-sensei and Shogakukan's Yagami Chitose-sensei to snag the “Y”. The former won, simply because I do, I do like the Hakusensha manga chara design style.

Confession Club vol.3 front cover (ID)

Yamamoto Nobuyo-sensei's works are published in Indonesia by Gramedia m&c!

Requesting: the one-volume(?) Tobenai Bokura wa Kaze wo Miru

Z is for ?
Anyone know a shoujo manga-ka whose family name starts with a “Z”?

Some of the letters here, such as H, K, and O will probably become Rule of 3 posts. To accommodate other fave manga-ka that did not make an appearance.

~nik who will see you in the R3 manga-ka series

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