ChuangYi licenses Imadoki! manga by Watase Yuu

イマドキ!   3

About time, too, or does this development have anything to do with the bunko edition reprint (2006) of Watase Yuu-sensei's terribly cute, non-mahou- series starring ? Don't misunderstand, I'm not being snarky or complaining; I'm actually all Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! about it. *beams*

Before we get into further side commentary, the usual details (official CY) first.

by Yuu Watase
AKA イマドキ!

Tanpopo Yamazaki is a humble country girl with dreams of attending high school in Tokyo. Yet when she is accepted by the prestigious Meio High, she finds herself friendless because of her background. In a school where the students are judged by their statuses and wealth, Tanpopo is looked down by the upper classes, even by a seeming nice boy who had helped her earlier... then suddenly claims not to know her at all! Undaunted, she sets about nurturing a gardening club on her own… and as time passes, people are drawn into her circle in ways that will connect them forever...

First published by as a tankoubon August 2000 by Shogakukan (it was serialized in Sho-Comi, not a straight-to-tankoubon as advised earlier)
Series status: Five volumes, complete (July 2001)
Bunko reprint (dates from online bookstore 7&Y)
October 2006: Volume 1 and 2
November 2006: Volume 3

, , , , , , comedy, drama, gardening

Superficial similarities to Hanadan and Ouran if you focus on some plot elements, but Imadoki! is a strong series in its own right (especially when it comes to tending gardens ^^). I wouldn't mind adding the CY version to my shoujo manga collection (I tend to favor CY's English translations; they have a way of feeling more "authentic".)

~nik AKA 花木兰03 who has decided to make a separate "encyclopedia" entry for Imadoki! because she wants to

P.S. That encyclopedia post will have the cover scans of the new Japanese bunko editions ^^

P.P.S. Still on bunko rereleases, will soon update Nakajo Hisaya-sensei's backlist to include bunko aizoban volumes 1-12 of (which were obviously released to coincide with the airing of the Fuji TV dorama).

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huamulan03 said...

Gomen!! *sweatdrop*

Short of being able to read the kanji or actually seeing extant copies of the new releases, I really wouldn't be able to tell if these are just bunko or aizoban. Gomen, ne? (at least, I went back and edited, right?)

huamulan03 said...

Ok, I got it now (hence tweak #2 for today 2007.09.26).

Imadoki! - bunko (or so sez ANN)
Hana-Kimi - aizoban (from the Oracle in Mountain View)

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