Male seiyuu who make the anime watch...

Not "What?"; the idiomatic continuation would be "and those who break it," but since I'm not here to carp or complain, whatever extension should remain taped up. I come instead to extol—particularly those whose mere presence in an serves with an Irrashaimase! flourish carrots nicked-from- ootoro heavenly enough to ransom even the most trope-burdened of clichés.

And no, this is NOT my seiyuu page. That's still outstanding.

The catalyst for this post was the series of "10" seiyuu lists a number of bloggers published some time back. And while I can never produce a Top 10 list without it devolving into a litany that makes the metric scale shudder (the criteria for inclusion are predictably subjective and the skewed-in-favor-of-bishounen roster (and their credits) keeps on growing as I discover more to worship), I will still essay a not caring about awards or anything else beyond roles shot at it.

A fangirl's list of male seiyuu - The much-wubbed 10

  1. Chiba Susumu
  2. Hiyama Nobuyuki
  3. Inoue Kazuhiko
  4. Miyano Mamoru
  5. Mizushima Takahiro
  6. Namikawa Daisuke
  7. Sakurai Takahiro
  8. Seki Tomokazu
  9. Suzumura Kenichi
  10. Ueda Yuuji

NB: The first credit solicited and won my emotional investment (so older run riot). Additionals are portrayals which impressed me enough that I can remember them (when you factor in how forgetful I am, you'll understand what a feat that is).

千葉 進歩 Chiba Susumu

The dual personality Chiba Susumu-san played in Ayashi no Ceres clinched it; everything else watched that included this seiyuu—whether starring or supporting such as Cfaddis in —was just so much like-it-liberal wasabi on the sushi.

He shines in roles that demand grim resolve (Ichinose Maki in ; Amagi in ) and villainy and/or psychosis: slight or over-the-top such as Rosiel in the OAV; Hiead Gner in ; and Kugayama Takuma in eps 9 and 10. And despite an earlier reported diffidence in tackling teenage roles, he did them justice (Aki, Tsujiai as well as top-billed Nagoya Chiaki/Kaitou Sinbad in ).

I don't know why his Kondou Isao character in surprised me so much, I already knew he did comedy—and with such Ouch!-My-tummy-hurts-from-LOLing! flair. Sai and Honjou Matsuri from the game series-based are forever wub because of .

And speaking of , this seiyuu was once reported in as being caught unawares by the nookie scenes while recording a particular drama (not having been completely briefed by his production company). He relates that he was blithely giving a normal read before being stumped by the "Aah, aah, Aaah!" part. (Can't you just see that sweatdrop forming? ^^)

I would soo love to hear him in a BL drama.

檜山 修之 Hiyama Nobuyuki

I already sed that Hiyama Nobuyuki-san (sometimes credited as Hiyama Shuji-san) gave the more rational fangirl in me a mecha anime hero worth worshipping in Shiro Amada, but I should actually correct that. It was as Yushiro in Gasaraki that he did so. (TAs count as mecha.)

His hero characters heyday seemingly past, would later be cast in supporting roles (Balmung in the series; Madarame Ikkaku in ; Li Kouyu in the AKA Colourcloud Palace series; Shoujin Ritsuo in ; Viral in ; Shougo in eps 2-6). But the talent that established him as a seiyuu to reckon with not infrequently leaves the male lead whimpering in a corner (I refer to his Aires Blue portrayal in here). And he does genial but thoroughly unredeemable bad guys (like Azrael which is reportedly one of his two favorite roles) superbly—I wish there were more of those.

It attests to my besottedness that I could pick out (without a cast list) in the BL drama (he was Torikawa Takaaki) and in a chou-chou-chou-chou!-minor role (at least it was credited).

井上 和彦 Inoue Kazuhiko

Albeit clueless at the time, my introduction to Inoue Kazuhiko-san's work compared with being invited to a Japanese tea ceremony, with all the honor accruing from having been served by a master who has, through the years, perfected his craft. I am now properly grateful and deferential.

The quality that so impressed me was the restraint he displayed in portraying the full spectrum of characters: protagonist (Eiri Yuki), antagonist (Aion), and supporting (among others, the what-becomes-of-snow? Hatori and Tachibana no Tomomasa in the series, the latter probably being the sexiest voice in anime outside of Eiri Yuki).

But as if to show that one-pattern, he's not, also played the anything-but-subdued Guenter von Christ from and the flamboyant William in .

Other memorable roles: Ibaragi Sotetsu in ; Nefee, Nereis in ; November 11 in (ep 5); Gai Murakumo in OAV Promo (BLUE FRAME).

宮野 真守 Miyano Mamoru

The predictable fangirl staple, IIMSSM. Prior to becoming the madcap in , Miyano Mamoru-san was already cast in lead roles—if less hysterical, they nevertheless came with equally flattening emotional baggage (WR's Kiba and Ryou from the Fafner OAV). It was as Ouran's King, however, that Miyano-san undoubtedly snared fangirls' hearts, and as the well-intentioned extremist Yagami Light in , he cemented it.

seems to be everywhere whenever I turn around (Hakugen Rikuson, ; Setsuna F. Seiei in the awaited-with-suppressed-till-blue breath ), but if you're looking for him in an earlier supporting role, try Noda-sensei in ^^

水島 大宙 Mizushima Takahiro

Although his voice has been likened to another stellar seiyuu's 's, I discovered Mizushima Takahiro-san before Maebara Keiichi's VA when played the obligatory love interest in Stellvia. He made it on my of favorite seiyuu on the strength of that Shima-CHAAAN!!! role alone. Fortunately, Mizushima-san was also Christopher Armalite; Amatsu Tadahiro in (where he likewise calls out Yuzu's name with full-on-angst); Sasakura Ryuu in ; Michishio Nagasumi in ; and the titular Romeo in Romeo × Juliet. I was actually waiting for another angsty calling out of wub's name in this series (because if ever there was a series perfect for expressions of suffering / torment / agony / torture / pain / distress / grief / sorrow, RomeJuli would be it) and by episode 12, Mizushima-san didn't disappoint. That he did it again (albeit it was Petruchio's name he was crying out in episode 14) makes me want to snicker long and loud. *snickers long and loud*

浪川 大輔 Namikawa Daisuke

Namikawa Daisuke-san is guaranteed-to-induce-heart-throb wub.

In any role (even as Elk in the desperately amiss Arc the Lad).

When is the hero, he makes my heart ache; when he's the villain, he makes my heart ache; when he's the love interest, he makes my heart bleed.

I can't talk about this seiyuu without incoherence staging a coup, so I'll just list here his other roles that have prodded my husband into quizzically asking, What's with all the sighs?: Akizuki Yojiro in Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto; Koyuki (Tanaka Yukio) in ; Leonard Testarossa in ; Kurono Kei in ; Asaba Naoyuki in ; Sendou Tetsuya in Ouran (ep 22); Tou Eigetsu in Saiunkoku Monogatari; Iks in ; and Nanachi Takeo in the (Eight Clouds Rising) OAV.

Not content with that, I still want to hear Namikawa-san as Ichi in the drama CD (even if I won't understand the dialogue).

櫻井 孝宏 Sakurai Takahiro

My surprising let me count the ways roles pick, Sakurai Takahiro-san was actually a latecomer find, despite having been exposed to him as Ukiya Shun in .

It took a minor role as the scene-stealing, make-me-shiver-why-don't-you? adult Loki in for me to actually sit up and start sniffing for other outings by this seiyuu, and seemingly, all of a sudden, I found him wherever a bishie lead or supporting chara popped up. Granted, I'd thought he was felicitously cast as the Knight of Sound Sasame in Prétear, but it was as the beauteous Orpherus Furst von Marmelade Nahe Gorz (doncha just love that mouthful?) in that the Saku-pyon fangirlitis became terminal. (Blond? Uniform? Horses? Swords? Boots with platform heels? Who could resist?) would continue captivating as the Trapped In Another World (and, occasionally, trapped in the original one, too) Yuuri, the thoroughly human vampire Mochizuki Jirou in , the snarky in , and the eventually-emo Suzaku Kururugi in . And speaking of the last two characters, a more irreconcilable role dichotomy I could not have envisaged.

It speaks of how much I fangirl Saku-pyon that I watched six episodes of , simply because he was playing Tachibana Shito. He also starred in quite a number of drama CDs (I'm now on the look out for the drama because he gave life to the gender-bending Uruki), a goodly portion of which are BL/ titles I heart muchness, among them as Kazuki Yuichi in (Only the Ring Finger Knows) by Kannagi Satoru-sensei & Odagiri Hotaru-sensei and as Taki in Tateno Makoto-sensei's (see this Wikipedia entry for the rest of the listing).

Other memorable roles: Misaki-sensei in ; Kira Izuru in Bleach; Cloud Strife in ; Endo Kazuki in ; and Haruka in .

関 智一 Seki Tomokazu

  • Sagara Sousuke in Full Metal Panic
  • Van Fanel in Escaflowne
  • Chichiri in

For a while there, Seki Tomokazu-san's place in this list was actually jeopardized (by Matsukaze Masaya-san). However, fangirl "betrayal" did NOT win out ( was one of the first seiyuus I ever fanlisted; in any case, I will prolly rave about Matsukaze-san elsewhere) and the actor extraordinaire once quoted as saying, Put some effort into it. Be diligent about each role, remained.

That kind of commitment alone would've sufficed to make him stay, but more significantly, I believe that the anime and seiyuu industries wouldn't have been the same, had A-lister Seki Tomokazu not nabbed all those roles that nearly stereotyped him as perpetually the hero. Of course, he also plays antagonist roles—I refer to his being cast as Kageyama Reiji in Gate Keepers here (you can tell I have a marshmallow spot for this GONZO anime)—but c'mon! The guy literally made 's irascible Yzak Joule! A portrayal enshrined as canon in almost all SEED fics I've read. (OK, I know that might not be much of a validation for some, but still...) He brings a certain je ne sais quoi (what he probably meant by effort) to all his roles—making each or all something to relish, which is quite an achievement by any measuring standard.

Other memorable roles that locked in my respect for this performer: Oshima Tokio in ; Sohma Kyo in ; Gram River in ; Suzuhara Touji in ; Chiaki Shinichi in ; Shi Ryuuki in the Saiunkoku Monogatari series (and the NHK special in which he did an impromptu Ryuuki reading with co-star Kuwashima Houko-san); Takayanagi Masataka in ; Kuraki Fuzuchi in Yakumo Tatsu OAV (like GK, you can see how fuzzy I am about this nearly obscure title through its twice-mention in two seiyuu write-ups).

鈴村 健一 Suzumura Kenichi

There was a time when I couldn't start a day without listening to Suzumura Kenichi-san as Spiral's The melody of logic plays the notes of truth Ayumu— that's how much of an impact his angsty but resolute depiction of the overshadowed little brother of the too-brilliant-to-be-believed detective Narumi Kiyotaka had. And since I was also fangirling at the time, I kept wishing that would be cast in a anime; my joy knew no bounds when I found out that he was top-billed in as Shinn Asuka (let's leave out whatever happened to that storyline after the duo of Fukuda Mitsuo and Morosawa Chiaki got through with it, the pain of which lingered like the torment Yzak suffered after his wounding by Kira—which just shows that you really should be careful about what you wish for).

In any case, with his role as Kamui in the X TV series and as Tohno Shiki in , both somber characters portrayed with so much delicious low-keyness being followed up (in my viewing, anyway) by the pretending-to-be-gay Shimazaki Kousei in Onegai Twins! and genki Eiji in , I found I was ambivalent about this thespian "flexibility" on SuzuKen's part: I suffered through mingled pleasurable shock (Kousei) and a lot of cringing (Eiji).

But it seems I DO like Suzumura Kenichi-san when his characters call for serious under-acting (I find him more credible in these roles). I watched on Animax—a series I'd been staying far away from for its (superficial) similarity to —when I heard him as the character Sawada Shin. Additionally, I was thoroughly impressed by his dysfunctional Atori in . And if I haven't learnt to savor his more lighthearted roles (I worry about his reported portrayal of Daiya in that Parfait-Tic! CD I'm still trying to beg, borrow, or pilfer), at least, I don't stay away from them anymore.

Other memorable Suzumura Kenichi roles: Lavi in , Okita Sougo in Gintama; Hitachiin Hikaru in Ouran High School Host Club; Asou Yuya in ; Shindo Ranmaru in .

And because I'm obsessed with the manga Special A by Maki Minami-sensei, I would also like to experience SuzuKen's interpretation of Takishima Kei in the Valentine's special drama CD released last 23 February 2007.

うえだ ゆうじ Ueda Yuuji

  • Amiboshi, Suboshi in Fushigi Yuugi
  • Kakyou Kazuki in X (TV)
  • Sagara Sanosuke in

How a chameleon really blends with its surroundings aside, I'm still comparing Ueda Yuuji-san to this most famed of lizards (with all due respect, naturally) for sheer adaptability to a wide range of roles, despite a naturally gravelly voice. Gentle, psychotic, tortured, tough, stereotype shounen, whimsical, even vicious— does them with compelling believability. Perhaps you might be convinced if tell you (or perhaps you don't need persuading at all) that I discovered Ueda-san first in Fushigi Yuugi and X, so stumbling over him as Sano in RuroKen set up the investment that endures till now. Note that Ueda Yuuji-san wasn't the seiyuu whose position on this list was threatened (see Seki Tomokazu); now that's what I call hitzusen.

And yes, I call myself an Ueda Yuuji-san fangirl despite never having watched , in which he plays the lead Urashima Keitarou.

My list of his memorable roles: Yue Katou in Angel Sanctuary OAV; Chris Hawken in Arjuna; Tachibana Kyohei in ; Inoue Sora in Bleach; Rowen in ; Morita Shinobu in ; Sanbonmatsu Bantaro in the series; Takamizawa Shuichi in ; Pierre Takida in Stellvia; Joey Toy in The Third - Aoi Hitomi no Shoujo; Hamel/Chestra in

*reviews list* Hmm. Not a lot (if any) GAR voices. *shrugs* I never claimed that my picks were based on "manly voices," not that I don't admire them. 中井 和哉 Nakai Kazuya-san (Mugen in ) and 小杉 十郎太 Kosugi Juurouta-san (Kanou Somuku in Okane ga Nai!!) come to mind and deserve a spot in A fangirl's list of male seiyuu—the went-crazy-with-listing version (that's prolly where you'll find the seiyuus conspicuously left out here).

As I overemphasized at the outset (a distant memory now ^^), I can't recall any seiyuu who didn't make the watch. That is, except for ONE: 森久保 祥太郎 Morikubo Showtaro (when did the spelling change from "Shoutarou"?) as Takano Kyohei in . Nabeshin direction notwithstanding, Morikubo Shoutarou-san to me was a miscast and I can never read 's manga with the same enjoyment again. The converse though applies to Takenaga (杉田 智和 Sugita Tomokazu-san) and Ranmaru (野島 裕史 Nojima Hirofumi-san), who both will make an appearance in the expanded list.

~nik who will also do a female seiyuu list, if only to update the preview here


My gratitude to the bloggers who inspired me to blow away the dust that had settled on one of the first lists I ever did as an anime blogger.


How do I end up "stalking" certain seiyuu?

  1. The acting ups the emotional investment (or revives a zombie wannabe of a series; that there use of "zombie" is deliberate. See Sakurai Takahiro)
  2. Credibility in the role
  3. Sheer winsomeness (of voice, though I won't reject an RL comely seiyuu)

Instant voice recognizability is a hit-or-miss. Usually a hit, but there have been times when an immediately placeable voice has ruined a viewing.

invaluable resource(s)


Lia said...

I don't know how I missed this one, but since Kazuhiko-sensei is #3 on your list, what character would you like featured in his fanlisting? I need to make him a new layout, because the YnM layout has been up far too long...

huamulan03 said...

No worries, hun ^^

Anyway, if I had to pick, I would choose either a Gravitation or Harutoki layout. As I sed in this post, those character portrayals are sheer wub! ^^

~nik who should work on updating her seiyuu fanlistings...

Lia said...

I'm kind of leaning towards Gravi, because it's easier to find pictures of that than Harutoki (and I have my own manga that I can scan if need be). ...yay for seiyuu fanlistings (but which ones are they?). <3

Thanks for the advice, I'll probably work on him sometime in the next week (when I'm not working on KiruiHana or P3... or... poor Shin, I need to finish his layout... or, uggh, school! I had no idea senior year would be this busy...)

huamulan03 said...

Yay! Eiri Yuki! ^^ *does the Snoopy dance of joy* I actually haven't read the Gravi manga or the EX sequel, much less the graphic Remix doujinshi--I only saw the anime (my first exposure to YAOI) and the Lyrics of Love OAV but they were more than enough to lock in investment in the character as well as his seiyuu.

And speaking of seiyuu, lemme just say that while I thought Inoue-sensei perfect for his Yuki or Uesugi role, I thought SekiTomo a little off as Shuichi. This was probably the only time I thought he was miscast.

As for the seiyuu fanlistings, urk. Here's the first one I made and by now prolly full half or more will have moved, been adopted out or disappeared. I'm reluctant to check because it's going to necessitate much time spent at The Fanlistings to revise (and most likely add); not that I'm complaining, it's just RL and all continues to be demanding...

Though the seiyuu project remains an outstanding that will be. Addressed. One of these days. At least for the ten that are mentioned in this post. ^^

And I'm sorry I wasn't so considerate when I indicated my choices! Please forgive? By all means, go with whatever is easiest. And even if you take your time (totally understand all the commitments that must come with senior year), I'll be patient. I would've helped with Harutoki but all I have now are the manga and the manga covers. I can scan and send you those if ever you need.

k, laters, hun, and again, ganbatte!

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