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Japanator's DMV-san pointed me in the direction of the trailers for L (the prequel to the live-action movies), so I figured this would be the perfect time to finally post my -most-everything Death Note page (been procrastinating because the list. Just. Keeps. Growing!!)

A horrendously long list is hidden behind the cut.

Page 1 - Boredom

Code Death Note series fanlisting
Code DN movie Death Note movie fanlisting
Code DN movie 2 Death Note: The Last Name fanlisting

Page 3 - Family

Code Yagami Light Yagami Light fanlisting
Code L L (L Lawliet) fanlisting
Code Mikami Teru Mikami Teru fanlisting
Code Watari Watari fanlisting
Code Amane Misa Amane Misa fanlisting
Code Mello Mello (Mihael Keehl) fanlisting
Code Near Near (Nate River) fanlisting
Code Matsuda Touta Matsuda Touta fanlisting
Code Rem Shinigami Rem fanlisting

Page 6 - Manipulation

Code Death Note Death Note (item) fanlisting

Page 10 - Confluence

Code L x Light L & Yagami Light relationship fanlisting
Code L & Watari L & Watari relationship fanlisting
Code Amane Misa & Rem Amane Misa & Rem relationship fanlisting
Code Mello & Near Mello & Near relationship (and rivalry) fanlisting
Code Mikami Teru & Yagami Light Mikami Teru & Yagami Light relationship fanlisting
Code L VS Kira L vs. Yagami Light rivalry fanlisting
Code Near VS Kira Yagami Light vs. Near rivalry fanlisting

Also a fan of the Ryuk x Light relationship, but that FL's still in the works.

Page 18 - Gaze

Code DN1 Rebirth Death Note episode 1 新生 (Shinsei) "Rebirth" fanlisting
Code DN15 Gamble Death Note episode 15 賭け (Kake) "Gamble" fanlisting
Code DN24 Revival Death Note episode 24 復活 (Fukkatsu) "Revival" fanlisting
Code DN25 Silence Death Note episode 25 沈黙 (Chinmoku) "Silence" fanlisting
Code DN36 1.28 Death Note episode 36 "1.28" fanlisting
Code DN37 New World Death Note episode 37 新世界 (Shinsekai) "New World" fanlisting

Page 31 - Easy

Code Music of Death Note The music of Death Note fanlisting
Code OP1 The World The World (1st opening theme) fanlisting
Code ED1 Alumina Alumina (1st ending theme) fanlisting
Code Light no Theme Light's Theme fanlisting
Code Kodoku Kodoku fanlisting

Page 36 - Father and Son

Code Obata Takeshi Manga-ka Obata Takeshi-sensei fanlisting

Page 89 - Kindred Spirits

Code L (Physical) Physical fanlisting for L
Code L (hair) Physical fanlisting for L's hair ^^
Code Light (Physical) Physical fanlisting for Yagami Light
Code Light (eyes) Physical fanlisting for Yagami Light's eyes
Code Light (personality) Physical fanlisting for Yagami Light's personality (Is that even physical? *shrugs and includes anyway*)
Code Light (style) Physical fanlisting for Yagami Light's style

Page 100 - Face to Face

Code Miyano Mamoru (Light) fanlisting
Code Yamaguchi Kappei Seiyuu Yamaguchi Kappei (L) fanlisting
Code Matsuyama Ken'ichi Actor Matsuyama Ken'ichi (L live-action) fanlisting
Code Fujiwara Tatsuya Actor Fujiwara Tatsuya (Light live-action) fanlisting

~L and Teru fangirl nik who wonders how this FL page came to contain 42 fanlistings when before the anime aired, she'd been staying away from Death Note
花木 兰

end note(s)

"Page..." FL subdivisions are chapter titles from Ohba Tsugumi-sensei & Obata Takeshi-sensei's Death Note manga. "Page 1 - Boredom," "Page 3 - Family," and "Page 6 - Manipulation" are chapters in Volume 1 (also subtitled Boredom); "Page 10 - Confluence" is one of the chapters of Volume 2 - Confluence; "Page 18 - Gaze" is from Volume 3 - Hard Run; "Page 31 - Easy" is the sixth chapter of Volume 4 - Love; "Page 36 - Father and Son" is the second chapter of Volume 5 - Whiteout, which BTW, has my favorite front cover; "Page 89 - Kindred Spirits" is the first chapter of the similarly-subtitled Volume 11 - Kindred Spirit; and "Page 100 - Face to Face" is from Volume 12 - Finis.

post title You already know where "A New World" came from ^^

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Lia said...

Wow, that's a lot of fanlistings. I haven't kept an eye on anything death note-related (except for Misa, but that's because I run her fanlisting) in a long time. I should really finish watching the anime, I'd like to see how they handle the end. You're not a Light/Misa fan, I take it? I'm not a big fan of their relationship, but it definitely makes things interesting, plus Misa's funny when she's around Light.

huamulan03 said...

Ehehehe... Busted... *sheepish grin*

Hiya, Lia-san! You're the same Lia from the GH fanlistings, I take it? You're right about me not shipping Light x Misa (I guess the absence, like the still-missing FL for Hara Masako and even amidst this FL lot, is too totally obvious). Like yourself, I'm not that big a fan of that ship. But as for Mikami x Light, whooo! The casting call that made Matsukaze Masaya-san play Teru to Miyano Mamoru-san's Light is as inspired as the pair's Kyouya-Tamaki tandem in Ouran *gets another attack of fangirl hyperventilation at the remembrance*

Lia said...

Yep, I'm the Lia from GH fanlistings. I should check your blog more regularly, but I'm absent-minded and not on the net so much anymore (thank you school and work!). ...Don't tempt me into making a Masako fanlisting, even if she really does need one. My favorite part about Masako was when she was possessed by the ghost in the park during that side-story.

Anyway, back to the point. I could ship Light and Misa, but it's a creepy relationship. I prefer Misa by herself much more (and we all know she's mostly around for comic relief in a very deep story). Besides, their relationship is so destructive to Misa that I can't really stand behind it, and Light's a big jerk. But that's who he is, and even if I should respect that, I really can't.

Sadly, I haven't seen anything but the first movie, that didn't really have L in it. Did it? I should watch the others, but I'm kind of holding out for US licensing. The anime has been licensed in the US, and I think the DVDs come out sometime within the next few months. Thankfully, they're being released as the Japanese DVDs were, with the figures. Because, really, I NEED a Yagami Light action figure. <3

Teru is just a great character anyway, although he's misguided and can be a little creepy. But, well, he fits with the story. So, if you've read/seen the entire series, what did you think of the end?

(Ha... don't get me started on Ouran, because I totally love that series too <3 Honey & Mori totally need a fanlisting revamp...)

huamulan03 said...

Hi, hi, again Lia-san! And may I say I'm honored that you wanna free up some time to browse my blog... No pressure on the Masako FL - I understand how RL can sometimes explode.

You nailed it when you sed that Misa's relationship with Light was destructive. That forms the core of why I simply can't get on that ship. Rem and Misa, however, just... touches. While I don't really comprehend why Rem got so attached to Misa (or maybe I do), her self-sacrifice was the pinnacle of nobility.

I also understand wanting a Light action figure; my backpack has L (and his Gothic typeface logo) hanging on a keychain, holding his knees ^^ And yes, he was there in the first DN movie (unless my Swiss-cheese-of-a-brain was deceiving me?)

Teru...ah Teru. My investment in this chara is purely because of Matsukaze Masaya-san as I've squeeingly belabored earlier. He made the run-up to the series conclusion bearable - I'd been spoiled as to the ending so it took a while before I could sit down and finish the series.

Speaking of, just in case someone reading this *doesn't* know how DN ends, stop reading now! (Thank you.)

That same spoilage prevented me from finishing the manga. While I knew that outcome to be inevitable, my heart just couldn't take actually seeing it eventuate (I was traumatized by Ruroken Seisouhen OAV; was catatonic for days after watching). Anyhoo - the anime end. I'm ambivalent about it. I felt Light's demise lacked any sort of dignity. Sure, he got what he deserved but it went beyond pathos to... pathetic, really. And for all Light's evil-ness, that resolution left a really bad taste in the mouth that no amount of apples will erase.

~nik who gets off her soapbox and promises not to bug Lia about the Huni/Mori FL ^^

Lia said...

Haha, I always seem to find myself back here, for whatever reason. Maybe I just get bored and go on the internet (usually when I can't sleep), but I always find something interesting that keeps me up later than I should be. But that's really not the point, and you always have something interesting to say, so....

I did find out that the LE DVDs will be released in the US with the action figures, so that makes me happy. <3 I've already got... L/Light cell phone straps, and a set of L and Light coffee mugs. Not much else at this point, but my collection seems to be growing little by little. I've never drank out of those coffee mugs, or even put anything in them like I do with my others (pens and such), but they're very nice. Maybe I'll just keep using them for display...

Well, plenty of traumatic things came out of Ruroken. Have you ever seen the 'Voyage to the Moon' novel? Just... stay away from that if at all possible.

I still haven't finished watching the Death Note anime, but someone at work told me that the ending was really well done, so I may have to break down and do that. I need to add Misa anime codes and such anyway... e.e


Yeah, Light had no dignity left in the end. It was sad, because he was always such a proud person. Things would have been great for him without the Death Note, but what fun is that to read? Zero! Well, regardless, Misa's supposed endings are pretty interesting. There's two possibilities that I've heard of, but there's one I tend to stick with, and it's hard to convince me otherwise until I read 'How to Read...' in English.

...I might actually need some Huni/Mori prodding, because.... damn, I just need a new layout for it. The chibis are too cute, I don't want to get rid of them, but I really should.

Not tonight though, I'm too tired for that. :3 When I do get my slowly progressing Huni/Mori revamp finished, you'll be the first to know, lolz... (ugh, forgive the lolz, tiredddddddd)

huamulan03 said...

Ooh, thanks very much for the backpat! ^^ I don't have that many readers that I can take something like "you always have something interesting to say," lightly or casually. Thank you! Especially for your returning visits and scintillating and very readable commentary, plus all the hard work you put into the fanlists you maintain. Ganbatte, ne? Rooting for you here... (consider that my support for your Huni/Mori FL revamp ^^)

And speaking of revamps, I have to add to my choices (no pressure, of course) for your Inoue Kazuhiko-sensei FL change. I know I already voted for Harutoki or Gravitation but Kyo Kara Maoh! or Fruits Basket (I *loved* Hatori) or RomeJuli would be welcome, too, should you decide to go with any of them. But like I sed, no pressure. It's not as if I can talk. My seiyuu FL page is still pending...

Oh! I also have to thank you for warning me off Voyage to the Moon. I struck that off my To Get list after reading your comment. I definitely *don't* need any more Ruroken trauma.

It's good to know what others' DN collections consist of. I agree, cherishing the Light/L coffee mugs as display sounds like a better proposition over actually *using* them *beams* I don't have much in the way of DN merch. Yet. In addition to the keychain, I have an A4 folder and shitajiki I insist on using for class (I teach, BTW). I would've made L or Kira dangle on my cellphone, too, but Ishida from Bleach ain't giving way *sweatdrop*.

I haven't sneaked (snuck?) a peek at How to Read (in any case, I can't read Japanese), so share, share please! What's gonna happen to Misa? What are these two possibilities you mentioned? The 13th from VIZ is only going to be available (or so sez Amazon) sometime in January 2008, so...

How much do I love thee, Kira, even if you're thoroughly unredeemable. Did you hear that Adult Swim got the DN anime? More reasons for rejoicing, huh?

And I don't mind the lolz. You being tired but still actually commenting already warms my heart that it's not something I would take issue at. ^^ and *huggles*

k, see you sometime (whether here or in a fanlisting)
~thoroughly grateful nik

Lia said...

You're quite welcome! I generally don't read blogs that aren't my friend's livejournals, and I usually stay away from anime blogs. I know enough to find what I like, and I don't want to be spoiled, so I steer clear. But, well, if I find a site I like, I tend to go back. That doesn't happen very much, because I get bored of people easily (what a mean thing to say... that probably makes me a bad person, lol). And thanks for the support, it will happen! I've got my 'game face' on right now, so maybe it'll happen soon... *crosses fingers*

Ooh, KKM! I might go that route, but I already have a few KKM fanlistings... I'll have to think about it. Hatori's up for consideration as well, along with your other two suggestions, but I didn't like the Fruits Basket anime so much (although the part with the leek soup was pretty funny... I wonder if I still have my lj icon of that...), so I stick to the manga.

You're quite welcome. It seems like a general consensus of the RK fans I know that have tried to read it think it's awful. Samurai X was bad enough, but in a good way... I just cried way too much at the end.

I've never really gotten into folders/shitajiki, because I'd want to use them and I'm hard on my school supplies. I have a few shitajiki for the Engrish.... One's a Dir en grey shitajiki, and says something about "hell is for child". That's just part of my "weird" collection, I guess. I think it's awesome that you teach *and* use your DN stuff in class. I think I'd die of shock if one of my teachers did that, but I would think it's really awesome anyway. And then there'd be the mandatory 'what do you think DN means?' discussion that I have all the time. It almost turns into a philosophical debate. I'm taking a philosophy class, and I'm waiting to see if anything discussed reminds me of Death Note. Maybe that's strange, but I want to see what my teacher can come up with (because he's really good).


Umm... well, I'm a firm believer that the girl at the end of DN is Misa leading the Kira cult. From digging around a reputable DN site, it seems that after Light's death, Misa commits suicide. I'll have to see it for myself to believe it, though.

Okay, spoiler time over...

Yep, I've been keeping tabs on DN 13, because I work in a book store and the manga/graphic novel section is partially mine. <3 I've had lots of questions about it, so I've been passing the word along, but I don't know any more than anyone else. I'm keeping an eye on it in our store book search so I know when it's coming.

Well, only reason for rejoicing if the dubbing isn't bad. I don't like the dubbing on Bleach, so I don't watch it (unless I'm in need of a big laugh...). Rukia sounds like a 40 year old, and Byakuya's pretty voice is gone *sob*. I'm not sure what they did to Renji... Ichigo is okay, but I think his voice actor is overused. Then again, there's not that many voice actors in America who work on anime, rather than other cartoons, I guess... Still, it's slightly disappointing. I guess we'll see, but I'm not sure if Misa could get any more annoying than she is in Japanese. Another reason for me to prefer the manga, I guess.

I'm just an internet chatterbox (because I'm not really one so much IRL). Plus, I have a few friends that will randomly say 'lolz' or put it in a text message, so it's wormed it's way into my vocabulary. ...I only get on the internet late at night before I go to bed and read until I go to sleep anyway...

At much urging from some of my regular customers at work, I've started reading Skip Beat. So cute! Last week was the first two volumes of Love*Com (Lovely Complex), and I'm reading Kagen no Tsuki (Last Quarter) online at the moment. I think I need a break from Bleach and Naruto, so I'm going with some fluffy (or not so fluffy, in the case of Last Quarter) shoujo to lighten things up a little (because Bleach and Naruto can be kind of heavy series, if you know what I mean).

Anyway, it's off to bed for me (I think). Good night!


huamulan03 said...

I really like chatting with you so I'm hoping you won't find my ramblings boring *crosses fingers*. Just have to do my best, I guess ^^

I get what you mean about staying away from anime blogs because of not wanting to be spoiled. By the same token, that's *why* I started reading 'em in the first place - I wanted to know what's going to happen (in series where the spoilage wouldn't be too traumatic). Course, I get burned now and then (like with Code Geass and what made Suzaku go emo). So now I tend to read editorials and reviews--they're very well written and not at all path of least resistance-ish. And I would like to reiterate that I'm even more fuzzy now, now that you shared that you usually only read your friends' LJs. *huggles Lia tightly, hoping she doesn't mind*

KKM! That's been an FL to do for ages for me... which fanlists do you run? Most likely, I'll be fanlisting Yuuri, Guenter (^^), Conrad, Wolfram, Gwendal, Anishina, Raven... someone stop me before I get totally fangirly outta hand!

I also get why you'd want to keep your anime booty pristine. I usually buy in sets of two's so that I have one to use, one to wrap in cotton or bubble wrap. That reminds me of the main chara in Minami Sachi's Mobius Doumei, Matsuri. She's a fangirl of the singer Mutsuki and she usually buys his CDs in two's--one to keep, one to listen to. Case of life imitating art? Or vice versa? Maybe Minami Sachi-sensei does the same thing?

As for my students, they take the DN stuff (and my refusal to watch Emma) in stride, along with my occasional lapses into fangirl Nihongo. Once, I forgot and said, "Gomen, wasureteta," aloud and I got answered with, "Kini shinaide." But the exchange didn't lead to any philosophical discussions over DN themes. That was saved for when I was making sure my 12-year-old niece knew exactly what she was getting into (that Light is *not* a good guy, no matter how well-intentioned and beautiful he was) when she started watching the DN movie.


Misa. Why doesn't her reported suicide not surprise? It's prolly because of her two times Eyes trade. I mean, even if she was originally supposed to have lived to eighty without the Death Note, with the twice trade, her lifespan would've been slashed to about 20 or thereabouts right? So after Light's death, her days left would've fast run out anyway.


Ooooh and how delish is that that you work in a bookstore? And partially manage the anime and manga section, too! Do you get yummy discounts or is part of your pay in animanga? (If I'm getting too nosy, feel free to whap me on the muzzle, k?)

You called it on the overuse of some voice actors in anime. I watch Animax where I live and their stable of actors is minimal to say the least. So the guy you heard in Jigoku Shoujo shows up in Blood+ and Alice Academy and Honey and Clover kinda thing. The only time I watched a dubbed anime and actually found one VA who did as good a job as the original Japanese seiyuu was Ai Yori Aoshi. The Mandarin actor for Hanabishi Kaoru sounded like he was channeling Hoshi Souichiro-san! To my endless delight ^^ (But that was glacial ages ago!)

So you recommend Skip Beat? I actually read the first two volumes but I probably wasn't in the right mood and shelved reading further. Should I be picking it up again? (Skip Beat is also published officially in Indonesian - at kinder on the wallet prices than the VIZ releases') I still have to start reading Love*Com--the anime convinced me to, except now, the older volumes are hard to find (Indonesian publication is up to/over volume 14). Kagen no Tsuki is by Yazawa Ai-sensei, right? The manga on which the movie starring Laruku's Hyde was based? Must look it up. Right now, my online manga read is the WAFFy Koukou Debut.

~hoping to hear from you again nik

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