Official Indonesian Death Note manga release (October and November 2007)

Thanks to m&c! forum moderator Pilchard-san for posting this in the manga release thread:

Front cover Death Note 1 and 2 (ID)

Yup, the official Indonesian release of & 's will be this October for volume 1 and November 2007 for volume 2. From what I (and everybody else reading this post) can make out, the first tankoubon is subtitled "boredom," the second, "join." (For comparison, the English VIZ-licensed release of the same volume is subtitled "Confluence.")

That's it. Isn't it enough for rejoicing? ^^

~nik who will be back with the m&c! manga releases for 11 September 2007 (the newest , anyone? ^^)

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Urahara said...

Aw, I hope that they don't all keep the black color. It's nice when each volume is a different color.

huamulan03 said...

Hello, Urahara-san ^^

I guess it provides a reason to collect both versions. Strictly for compare and contrast purposes, you understand...

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