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Manga street datesElex: 9.03 · Level: 9.03 · m&c!: 9.03
Anime (on Animax Asia):
[Series premiere] The File of Young Kindaichi, 2 Sep 2014, Tue, 1030pm WIB
(airs Mon – Wed)
Bleach Season 7, weekdays, 630pm WIB
Space Dandy Season 2, Sundays 9pm WIB


[Update advisory 2007.10.02] Nakajo Hisaya backlist

The title sed it all, sheesh.

Preview of one addition: the Hana-Kimi collector's edition volume 12

愛蔵版 花ざかりの君たちへ  12

~nik AKA 花木兰03 who will be doing this for the posts she updates/majorly tweaks

Yesasia 2008 calendars banner

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