Valentine's Day 2008 manga releases from Gramedia m&c! (street date: 29 January 2008)


and plus edge out Shueisha this year in the Valentine's Day 2008 stakes—for Indonesia, at least.

Valentine 2008 Manga (2008.01.29 m&c! release)
Chocolate Diary by Mochizuki Karin (Hakusensha)
Momokan by Shirakawa Kikuno | volume 1 (Kodansha)
Skeleton in the Closet by Iwamoto Nao (Shogakukan)
Three Color Signal by Obara Shou (Kodansha)
Your Long Hair in the Wind by Mochizuki Karin (Hakusensha)

Regardless that it's too early to be thinking about Valentine's Day, what with Xin Cia/the Lunar New Year still some 12 days away, 's 's imprint has those four standalones and a debuting series to celebrate the hearts and flowers and shoujo sparkles thing. Just in case that traditional date doesn't come up to scratch. (That it's more customary to read shoujo manga or manhwa before the 14th is noted, but who's quibbling, right?)

Each of the Valentine manga costs IDR 12,000 a pop, excepting Momokan which is one thousand rupiah more expensive.

I actually would've liked the latest installment of Minami Maki-sensei's Special A or volumes three of either the Promise manhwa by Lee EunYoung (volume two ended at such a cliffie) or the absolutely romantic Hachimitsu no Hana AKA Honey Flower by Kiuchi Tatsuya-sensei as Heart Day presents but it's early yet; I still might get my wish.

Other manga/manhwa/manhua releasing on the 29th of January

  1. Bleach by Kubo Tite-sensei volume 4 of 32+
  2. Butsu Zone by Takei Hiroyuki-sensei volume 3 of 3
  3. Evangelion Iron Maiden 2nd by Hayashi Fumino volume 1 of 6
  4. Ghost Only by Shin Yui (Hakusensha, one-shot)
  5. Impeccable Twins by Khu Lung volume 46 (manhua)
  6. Long Hu Men (AKA Oriental Heroes) by Wong Yuk Long volume 142 (manhua)
  7. The Prince of Tennis by Konomi Takeshi-sensei volume 29 of 40+

BUY probabilities follow.


Chocolate Diary
by Mochizuki Karin
Original title: チョコレートダイアリィ
Published: Hakusensha (June 1998)
Series status: one volume, complete

Keywords: , , , , , romance, school life

To buy or not to buy
Haven't read anything of Mochizuki Karin-sensei's (Waraenai Riyuu, Midori no Kurokami, Switch) for the simple reason that I don't think Gramedia has gotten around to publishing any of this manga-ka's works yet. And despite there being another shoujo series with that psychoactive cacao derivative in the name that I would've wanted instead, this is a 100 percent buy. (It's a chocolate thing. Need I stress?)


Momokan volume 1
by Shirakawa Kikuno
Original title: モモ缶
Published: Kodansha
Series status: Four (volume 4 - December 2007)

Keywords: , , manga, , comedy, slice of life

To buy or not to buy

Minna, jangan lupa beli Momokan, ya! Cerita tentang guguk tuh

So sez moderator Pilchard-san who recommends this title for the cute puppy it's about, as is so obvious from the front cover here (Thanks, Pilchard-san!).

Buy probability stands at 50 percent. It may go up or down, not because of the higher retail price but depending on how goes the housetraining of my new puppy.

Other works by same manga-ka: Mammaru Warutsu (まんまるわるつ)


Skeleton in the Closet
by Iwamoto Nao
Original title: スケルトンインザクローゼット
Published: Shogakukan (October 2005)
Series status: One volume, complete

Keywords: , , manga,

To buy or not to buy
60 percent probability just because I double-taked (took?) on the title and thought, Skeleton? For Valentine? before the actual meaning of the phrase hit me. So now, sorta intrigued enough. Hoping though that there are no real skeletons rattling in closets (highly unlikely with that front cover), else secrets or no, that probability will drop to zero.)

Other works by same manga-ka: Yesterday, Yes a day (いえすたでぃいえすあでぃ)


Three Color Signal
by Obara Shou
Original title: 3色♪シグナル (3 Iro Signal)
Published: Kodansha (December 2006)

Keywords: , , , manga, shoujo, Kodansha, sports

To buy or not to buy
There's only a partly cloudy, 20 percent chance of me getting this even though it's a one-shot. I don't remember what Obara Shou-sensei's Strawberry Holiday, which if I'm not mistaken was also published by m&c!, was all about and that is not good. While I recall (vaguely) the story of Minimum ☆ Mania, the faint, I think this was okay praise is not sufficient to push the Three Color Signal buy probability higher. Sorry, Sensei.

Your Long Hair in the Wind
by Mochizuki Karin
Original title: 緑の黒髪 (Midori no Kurokami)
Published: Hakusensha (November 2001)
Series status: one volume, complete

To buy or not to buy
Pretty sure this is Midori no Kurokami (if you're looking for the front cover, it's the one I used at the beginning of the post)—this standalone is the only Mochizuki Karin-sensei manga that could conceivably work with the Indonesian titling.

Buy? 30 percent probability (which constitutes the remaining percentage of being wrong).

~niki DBA 花木兰03 who doesn't have any real formula for calculating the probabilities because at heart, she's an impulse buyer (she goes through this exercise to help curb grabbing every manga in sight while in the bookstore excesses)

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