Chiro 3, Jun'ai Tokkou Taichou 3, Neck and Neck 3, Alive 5 : New Gramedia manga release list (12 February 2008)

純愛特攻隊長!   3

No third Hachimitsu no Hana tankoubon from before Valentine's Day but to compensate (and how!), three much-awaited volume three installments will reach bookstores and newsstands in or around 12 February 2008: (Star Project Chiro) 3; 3; and Pure-Love Kamikaze Captain () AKA Love Attack 3.

The same day, Gramedia m&c! will release the other standalone—Yesterday, Yes A Day.

Here's the and Level Comics // release list for 12 February 2008, by imprint.

m&c! manga/manhwa/manhua (2008.02.12)

Alive (Alive - Saishū Shinka teki Shounen) by Adachitoka & Kawashima Tadashi | volume 5 of 14+ ()
Cat's Diary | volume 1
Chiro (Star Project Chiro) by Baek HyeKung | volume 3 of 8+
From Me to You
Long Hu Men (AKA Oriental Heroes) by Wong Yuk Long | volume 143 (manhua)
My Sister & Me | volume 3
Neck and Neck by Lee SunHee | volume 3 of 8 (Haksan)
Pure-Love Kamikaze Captain (Jun'ai Tokkou Taichou) by Seino Shizuru | volume 3 of 8+ (Kodansha)
Yesterday, Yes A Day by Iwamoto Nao ()

Level Comics manga (2008.02.12)

Arms (Project ARMS) by Minagawa Ryouji | volume 9 of 22 (Shogakukan)
Gokusen by Morimoto Kozueko | volume 4 of 15 ()
Little Jumper by Takada Yuzo | volume 2 of 5+ (Kodansha)
Babysitter Gin by Yamato Waki (Kodansha) | volume 7
Regatta by Hara Hidenori (Shogakukan) | volume 2 of 6

Possibles yada, yada, yada follow.

アライブ 最終進化的少年   5

Alive volume 5 of 14+
by Adachitoka & Kawashima Tadashi
Original title: アライブ 最終進化的少年 (Alive - Saishū Shinka teki Shounen)
First published by Kodansha (November 2003)
This installment originally released February 2005
Series status: 14 volumes as at February 2008, ongoing

, , , , , , , horror, mystery, supernatural

To buy or not to buy
I have the sinking feeling that I will regret postponing buying the predecessor volumes. I need to borrow this series from the library before I start breaking down in front of the shelves in Gramedia.

Other versions/languages/works by same manga-ka
Del Rey licensed Alive in English under the title Alive: The Final Evolution. Two volumes have been published: volume two, Life After Death, was released 30 October 2007 and volume three and four have street dates of 19 February and 29 April 2008 respectively.

Chiro volume 3 of 8+
by Baek HyeKung
Original title: 치로
Series status: Eight volumes, ongoing

, , , , , cross-dressing/gender bender, comedy, romance

To buy or not to buy
I have a soft (gooey) spot for traps and with volume two ending with EunYo tranforming into a heart-throbby bifauxnen (with abs!), there's no way this next installment wouldn't convert into a Buy.

Other versions/languages/works by same manhwa-ka
Chiro is licensed for English distribution as Star Project Chiro by Udon Entertainment. Volume two was released 15 January 2008; volume three and four on 25 April and 25 July 2008 respectively.

Baek HyeKung also created Bring it on!, originally licensed by ICE Kunion. A handful of volumes were released (volume five on 25 March 2007) before IK's split with partner Udon. ICE Kunion was absorbed into Yen Press in July 2007 and Yen Press reportedly plans to release all the ICE manhwa licenses by end 2008 (I'm just glad that Bring it on! won't be ditched.)

ごくせん   4

Gokusen volume 4 of 15
by Morimoto Kozueko
Original title: ごくせん
First published by Shueisha (August 2000)
This installment originally released March 2002
Series status: 15 volumes, complete (April 2007)

, , manga, , , comedy, drama

To buy or not to buy
I ship Yankumi. Nuff sed ^^

Other versions/languages/works by same manga-ka
Not yet licensed in English. The series has been re-released starting last January as a some sorta special edition? (Aizoban? Can anyone help me out?) In any case, ハンディ版 ごくせん comes with 3D-figures-type covers:

ハンディ版 ごくせん   1 ハンディ版 ごくせん   2

Isn't Shin simply TDF? Oops, sorry for the fangirly lapse. *wipes drool* Volumes three and four will come out 19 February 2008.

リトル・ジャンパー   2

Little Jumper volume 2 of 5+
by Takada Yuzo
Original title: リトル・ジャンパー
First published by Kodansha (April 2005)
This installment originally released October 2005
Series status: Five volumes, ongoing (volume 6 will be available March 2008).

, , manga, , Kodansha, comedy, romance

To buy or not to buy
While I've yet to read volume 1, chances of getting this is already 62.5 percent.

Other versions/languages/works by same manga-ka
Not yet licensed in English. Takada Yuzo-sensei is probably most known for 3x3 Eyes, which is also published by Level Comics and Dark Horse.

Neck and Neck volume 3 of 8
by Lee SunHee
Original title: 막상막하
First published by Haksan
Series status: Eight volumes, complete

, , manhwa, shoujo, comedy, romance

To buy or not to buy
I raved about this manhwa in this review. A perfect Buy percentage goes without saying.

Other versions/languages/works by same manhwa-ka
Lee SunHee's Neck and Neck was published in English by TOKYOPOP. The series run concluded with volume eight's release on 6 November 2007.

純愛特攻隊長!   3

Pure-Love Kamikaze Captain volume 3 of 8+
Original title: 純愛特攻隊長! (Jun'ai Tokkou Taichou)
First published by Kodansha (May 2005)
This installment originally released December 2005
Series status: Eight volumes, ongoing (volume 9 scheduled for March 2008 release)

, , , , manga, shoujo, Kodansha, martial arts, comedy, romance

To buy or not to buy
Buy percentage is down at 87.5 percent but one never knows. I get extemporaneous around the manga shelves.

Other versions/languages/works by same manga-ka
Jun'ai Tokkou Taichou is retitled Love Attack for North American distribution. TOKYOPOP released the first volume on 4 December 2007. Volume two and three go on sale on 8 April and 12 August 2008.

Seino Shizuru-sensei also created the three-volume shoujo supernatural comedy romance HEAVEN!! which was licensed by m&c! for the Indonesian market (the series finale was released 25 September 2007). The same title is published by TOKYOPOP in English; the second volume hit the streets the same day as Love Attack 1. Heaven!! volume three will be available 1 April 2008. Both m&c! and TOKYOPOP also licensed the 10-volume shoujo trap manga Power!! (POWER!!), released in English as Girl Got Game.

Yesterday,Yes a day

Yesterday, Yes A Day
by Iwamoto Nao
Original title: Yesterday,Yes a day or いえすたでぃいえすあでぃ
First published by Shogakukan (December 2006)
Series status: one volume, complete

, , manga, shoujo,

To buy or not to buy
56.2 percent Buy. Will decide after I finish reading her other shoujo standalone Skeleton in the Closet, released 29 January 2008.

~niki DBA 花木兰03 who will be back with Elex's 13 February 2008 manga

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