Fairy Cube 1, Happy Café 6, Queen's 5/5, Sunset on Third Street 1: New Gramedia manga release list (19 February 2008)

幸福喫茶3丁目 6

After waiting 155 days, the latest volume of 's absolutely adowable series —released in Indonesia as Happy Café—will be in stores 19 February 2008.

On the same day, Queen's by Ha SungHyen wraps, while 's Fairy Cube and Saigan Ryouhei-sensei's Sanchoume no Yuuhi or debut. The latter title is the manga upon which the multi-awarded Yamazaki Takashi-sensei film Always san-choume no yuuhi (ALWAYS三丁目の夕日 AKA Always: Sunset on Third Street), starring the beauteous Horikita Maki as Hoshino Mutsuko, was based.

Here's the complete and releases.

m&c! manga and mahwa (2008.02.19)

NEW SERIES Fairy Cube by Yuki Kaori volume 1 of 3 ()
G-School by Son ChangHo & Kim ByeongChul | volume 6 of 7+ ()
Ghost Tales by Youn JiWoon | volume 3 (Daiwon C.I.)
Happy Café (Shiawase Kissa 3chome) by Matsuzuki Kou | volume 6 of 9+ (Hakusensha)
Queen's by Ha SungHyen | volume 5 of 5 (Daiwon C.I.)
Shanimuni GO by Ragawa Marimo | volume 12 of 27+ (Hakusensha)
NEW SERIES Sunset on Third Street (Sanchoume no Yuuhi) by Saigan Ryouhei | volume 1

Level Comics manga (2008.02.19)

Air Gear by Oh! Great | volume 3 of 20+ ()
Fight! Ippo (Hajime no Ippo) by Morikawa Jyoji | volume 42 of 83+ (Kodansha)
Harlequin Comic: The Wrong Mirror by Emma Darcy
Train Man by Hara Hidenori | volume 2 of 3
X by CLAMP | volume 12 of 18.5+

All volumes retail for IDR 13,500, with the exception of the Harlequin Comic (IDR 12,000).

Selected manga details, cover scans, and Buy probabilities after the jump.

妖精標本 1

NEW SERIES Fairy Cube volume 1 of 3
by Yuki Kaori
Original title: 妖精標本 (Yousei Hyouhon)
First published in Japan by Hakusensha (October 2005)
Series status: Three volumes, complete (July 2006)

, , , , , , fantasy, drama

To buy or not to buy
Buy probability at 69 percent.

Other versions/languages/works by same manga-ka
VIZ Media and Chuang Yi Singapore publish English versions of Fairy Cube. CY has released all three volumes, while the VIZ version has yet to go on sale. Volume one will be released 6 May 2008, followed by volume two on 5 August 2008.

Yuki Kaori-sensei is actually more known for having created Angel Sanctuary (天使禁猟区 Tenshi Kinryouku), the shoujo supernatural adventure romance published in English by VIZ (the final volume 20 came out mid-2007). She also wrote the Hakushaku Cain or Count Cain series, which VIZ released as The Cain Saga and God Child. The fifth volume of The Cain Saga, Volume 4 Part 2, was released 5 June 2007, while the God Child series concluded with volume eight last 29 January 2008.

Other works by Yuki Kaori-sensei include the standalone Parfum Extrait (licensed by Chuang Yi) and the four-volume shoujo horror romance Ludwig Kakumei (ルードヴィッヒ革命). She is also credited as the original character designer of Meine Liebe - Eien Naru Träumerei written by Izawa Rei-sensei (licensed by m&c! and Chuang Yi).

G-School 6

G-School volume 6 of 7+
by Son ChangHo & Kim ByeongChul
Original title: G-스쿨
First published in Korea by Daiwon
Series status: Seven volumes, ongoing

, , , , , , fantasy, action, comedy

To buy or not to buy
I'm thinking... if the predecessor volumes are still available, I might give this a shot. As it stands, the Buy probability is 6.25 percent.

Other versions/languages/works by same manhwa-ka
If I read Manga Sanctuary right, G-School is licensed in French by Inconnu.

幸福喫茶3丁目 6

Happy Café volume 6 of 9+
by Matsuzuki Kou
Original title: 幸福喫茶3丁目 (Shiawase Kissa 3chome)
First published in Japan by Hakusensha (July 2005)
This installment originally released January 2007
Series status: Nine volumes (December 2007), ongoing

, , , manga, Hakusensha, shoujo, comedy, romance

To buy or not to buy
100 percent Buy.

Other versions/languages/works by same manga-ka
Not yet licensed for English distribution and Matsuzuki Kou-sensei doesn't seem to have any other major manga series floating around other than Shiawase Kissa 3chome.

Queens volume 5 (TOKYOPOP)

Queen's volume 5 of 5
by Ha SungHyen
First published in Korea by Daiwon C.I.
Series status: Five volumes, complete

, , manhwa, Daiwon, shoujo, gender bender, comedy, romance

To buy or not to buy
Buy probability of 6.25 percent. It may shoot up to 100 percent if I get lucky in that That-Guy-was-Splendid-kind-of-way and chance upon the previous four volumes.

Other versions/languages/works by same manga-ka
TOKYOPOP licenses the English version. Volume four was released 6 November 2007; volume five will be available 4 March 2008.

しゃにむにGO 12

Shanimuni GO volume 12 of 27+
by Ragawa Marimo
Original title: しゃにむにGO
First published by Hakusensha (March 1999)
This installment originally released August 2002
Series status: 27 volumes, ongoing (volume 28 scheduled for February 2008 release)

, , manga, Hakusensha, shoujo, sports, romance, comedy

To buy or not to buy
A Hana to Yume title notwithstanding, (still) not interested.

Other versions/languages/works by same manga-ka
Shanimuni GO is not yet licensed for English distribution.

Ragawa Marimo-sensei also illustrated Itsudemo Otenki Kibun (いつでもお天気気分), a three-volume shoujo drama first released in tankoubon in September 1994 and concluded in December 2004 (there was seven year gap between volume one and two, too). But her best-known work remains the 18-volume Aka-chan to Boku, retitled Baby & Me by VIZ for English consumption. The latest release was volume six (29 January 2008); volume seven, eight, and nine have 1 April 2008, 3 June 2008, and 5 August 2008 street dates.

~niki DBA 花木兰03 who really should write a review of Happy Café soon

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