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If You Were Here 4, Yugo the Negotiator 12: New Level Comics manga release list (26 February 2008)

The following installments of ongoing , , and will be available this Tuesday, 27 February 2008 26 February 2008:

If You Were Here 4 by Yoshimura Akemi ()
Ministry of Finance 7 by Nabeta Yoshio
Trafficker 2 by Mitsunaga Yasunori (Shogakukan)
Yugo The Negotiator 12 by Akana Shu & Makari Shinji ()

All volumes retail for IDR 13,500, except Yugo The Negotiator (IDR 16,000).

Covers scans and manga details hidden behind the cut.

あなたがいれば 4

If You Were Here volume 4 of 8
by Yoshimura Akemi
Original title: あなたがいれば - Anata ga Ireba
First published in Japan by Shogakukan (February 2003)
This installment originally released May 2004
Series status: Eight volumes (September 2005), complete?

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Anata ga Ireba is not yet licensed for English distribution.

Yoshimura Akemi-sensei also illustrated 海よりも深く Umi Yori mo Fukaku, retitled Beyond the Sea by Level Comics. She won the Shogakukan Manga Award in 1994 for shoujo for the 16-volume 薔薇のために Bara no tameni (For the Rose).

トラフィッカー 2

Trafficker volume 2 of 3
by Mitsunaga Yasunori
Original title: トラフィッカー
First published in Japan by Shogakukan (September 2001)
This installment originally released March 2002
Series status: Three volumes, complete (September 2002)

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Trafficker has no English translation yet, but another Mitsunaga Yasunori-sensei shounen, horror/fantasy published by Kodansha—怪物王女 Kaibutsu Oujo—is licensed as Princess Resurrection by Del Rey (volume three will be available 8 April 2008).


Yugo The Negotiator volume 12 of 22
by Akana Shu & Makari Shinji
Original title: 勇午
First published in Japan by Kodansha (June 1994)
This installment originally released July 1999
Series status: 22 volumes, complete (September 2004)

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Other versions/languages/works by same manga-ka
Yugo is not yet licensed for English distribution, although the 13-episode anime based on this manga was distributed by ADV Films in October 2007.

Makari Shinji-sensei in collaboration with manga-ka Yamamoto Atsuji-sensei created 夢の掟 Yume no Okite, a two volume seinen action manga.

~niki DBA 花木兰03 who will be posting the m&c! manga 2008.02.27 2008.02.26 release list when it becomes available

P.S. Went back and edited because I got the date wrong *whaps self on muzzle*

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