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Anime (on Animax Asia): Hunter × Hunter (New episodes) [Season Premiere]
27 January 2015, Tuesday, 630pm WIB (airs weekdays)
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The File of Young Kindaichi, 1030pm WIB, Weekdays


Master of School Olympus 10 of 10, Dream Walker 3 of 3: New Elex Media manga, manhwa, and manhua release list (27 February 2008)

Not a very exciting week for , , and releases, unless you're following these series: Master of School Olympus (AKA PhD: Phantasy Degree) by Son HeeJoon and Dream Walker by Tsen, Shiau-Jing. The final Indonesian volumes (10 and 3 respectively) will be available on Wednesday, 27 February 2008.

Here's the complete release list:

Change Guy (Quantum Mistake) by Son EunHo & Choi MyungSu volume 15 of 31 (Daiwon, shounen)
Charming Junkie (Nosatsu Junkie) by Fukuyama Ryoko volume 6 of 12+ (Hakusensha, shoujo)
Cute Children (Zettai Karen Children) by Shiina Takashi volume 8 of 11+ (Shogakukan, shounen)
Detektif Conan Special by Aoyama Gosho volume 28 (shounen)
Dream Walker by Tsen, Shiau-Jing volume 3 of 3 (TW, shoujo)
Fruits Basket by Takaya Natsuki volume 17 of 23 (Hakusensha, shoujo)
Master of School Olympus by Son HeeJoon volume 10 of 10 (KR, shounen)
Ranma ½ by Takahashi Rumiko volume 25 of 38< (Shogakukan, shounen)
Reborn Kumiho by Han HyunDong volume 15 (KR, shounen)
Sand Chronicles (Sunadokei) by Ashihara Hinako volume 8 of 10 (Shogakukan, shoujo)
A Story of Heroes by Choi Mir & Jang Sung volume 12 (KR, shounen)
Yuyu Hakusho - Ghost File by Togashi Yoshihiro volume 12 of 19 (Shueisha, shounen)

All these volumes priced at IDR 12,000.

Some manga cover thumbs:

悩殺ジャンキー 6 絶対可憐チルドレン 8

Nosatsu Junkie 6

Zettai Karen Children 8

らんま1/2 25 砂時計 8

Ranma ½ 25

Sunadokei 8

~niki DBA 花木兰03 whose only sure Get is Fruits Basket 17, although Dream Walker 3 is a possible (if volumes one and two are still available)

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