How To Make A Prince 1, Mama Colle 4/4: Elex Media manga release list (19 March 2008)

ママコレ 4 王子様のつくりかた 1

Starts and finishes.

Let's ignore the whimpers over yet another series debuting when other awaiteds languish midway; we get starts—start, actually—and finishes (one finale) with Elex Media's 19 March 2008 manga and manhwa release. I specifically refer to the series premiere of 's (王子様のつくりかた), or How To Make A Prince, and the conclusion to Toyama Ema-sensei's Mama Colle, which will be in stores starting this Wednesday.

So they're not quite the series I was expecting, but with the last volume of M to N no Shouzou on the bedside table, I will deal.

Here's the complete and for 19 March 2008.

Elex Media manga and manhwa (2008.03.19)

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Aegis In the Dark volume 24 of 26 by Fujiwara Yoshihide & Nanatsuki Kyoichi (Shogakukan, seinen)
Bushin by Banjo Daichi | volume 3 of 5 (Shogakukan, shounen)
Cantarella volume 4 of 10+ by Higuri Yuu (Akita Shoten, shoujo)
Claymore volume 12 of 14+ by Yagi Norihiro (Shueisha, shounen)
Croket! volume 7 of 15 by Kashimoto Manavu (Shogakukan, shounen)
Firefighter Daigo volume 16 of 20 by Soda Masahito (Shogakukan, shounen)
New Series How To Make A Prince (Ouji-sama no Tsukuri Kata) volume 1 of 3 by Momoyuki Kotori (Kodansha, shoujo)
Legend of the Cursed Sword (파검기 Pageomgi) volume 16 of 33+ by Park HuiJin & Yeo BeopRyong (Daiwon CI, shounen)
Mama Colle volume 4 of 4 by Toyama Ema (Kodansha, shoujo)
Sentaro (Piku Piku Sentarou) volume 28 of 30+ by Nunoura Tsubasa (Kodansha, josei)
Wild Tales - The Mirror Of Sand by Yuguchi Seiko (JP, shoujo)

All these manga retail for IDR 12,000, unless you're on very good terms with your manga purveyor.

Cover scans after the jump.

闇のイージス 24 Yami no Aegis 24 武心 BUSHIN 3 Bushin 3 カンタレラ 4 Cantarella 4
CLAYMORE 12Claymore 12 コロッケ! 7Croket! 7 め組の大吾 16Megumi no Daigo 16
파검기16Pageomgi 16 ぴくぴく仙太郎 28Piku Piku Sentarou 28

~niki DBA 花木蘭03 who weeps for the slow-going read of Parfait Tic! 20 (I hate to say it but the series has been staggered so badly; my emotional investment now equals attenuated.)

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