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Michibata no Tenshi by EMURA concludes Indonesian serialization in second anniversary issue of HanaLaLa

Roadside Angel chapter 24 title page

Per earlier advisory, Roadside Angel or by EMURA-sensei wraps its Indonesian serialization in the second anniversary edition of , the mangazine that serializes 's and titles in Indonesia—with a full-color title page for chapter 24.

Penguin Revolution sticker

Likewise included in HanaLaLa 24/2008 (front cover illustration: ) are two chapters of Nakamura Yoshiki-sensei's and further full-color title pages for ; Penguin Kakumei; Kin Iro no Corda; Arakure; and Furuba. That's more than the usual; it comes with this being an anniversary issue, one supposes.

And because it's a birthday edition, we also get the freebie on the right. Much as I wanted it to be a Penguin Kakumei drama CD (like what LaLa gave away on its 28th and 29th anniversaries), it wasn't going to transform like some mahou shoujo and ultimately, remains a sticker. Ah, well. At least it's Ryou.

The list of Hana to Yume and LaLa shoujo titles currently in serialization, and their latest installments in HanaLaLa is behind the cut.

HanaLaLa 24/2008

HanaLaLa #24/2008 shoujo series list (2008.03.18)

Vampire Knight by Hino Matsuri | Second Night: Zero's Secret (the Valentine chocolate episode; special full-color title page)
(Penguin Kakumei) by Tsukuba Sakura | Chapter 13 (special full-color title page)
La Corda D'Oro (Kin Iro no Corda) by Kure Yuki | Symphony No. 25 (special full-color title page)
Roadside Angel (Michibata no Tenshi) by EMURA | Chapter 24 (finale with full-color title page)
Arakure - The Wild Ones (Arakure) by Fujiwara Kiyo | Chapter 3 (special full-color title page)
(Gakuen Alice) by | Story 43
Skip Beat! by Nakamura Yoshiki | Act.66: Unbalance Rock
Skip Beat! by Nakamura Yoshiki | Act.67: Deep Shock
With My Brothers (Oniichan to Issho) by Tokeino Hari | Chapter 23
(Ouran Koukou Host Club) by | Chapter 30 (equivalent to anime episode 18: チカ君のハニー打倒宣言 Chika-kun no Honey datou sengen or Chika-kun's "Overthrow Hunny" declaration)
V.B. Rose (Velvet Blue Rose) by Hidaka Banri | Chapter 24
Beauty is the Beast (Bijo ga Yaju) by Matsumoto Tomo | Chapter 24
Fruits Basket by Takaya Natsuki | Chapter 105

Vampire Knight chapter 2 title page Fruits Basket chapter 105 title page

Note that there are no Mr. Ermine (Uno Ayumi-sensei) installments (again) in this issue. The absence will be compensated in the next issue.

UPCOMING: HanaLala #25/2008

  • Three chapters of Alice Academy
  • Mr. Ermine double chapter

This issue streets April 2008.

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end note(s)

Hana to Yume titles and series status

Arakure (アラクレ): ongoing, latest six volumes (Nov-2007)
Fruits Basket (フルーツバスケット): 23 volumes, complete (Mar-2007)
Gakuen Alice (学園アリス): ongoing, latest 15 volumes (Mar-2008)
Michibata no Tenshi (道端の天使): four volumes, complete (Oct-2004)
Skip Beat! (スキップ・ビート!): ongoing, latest 18 volumes (Feb-2008)
V.B. Rose (V・B・ローズ): ongoing, latest 11 volumes (Jan-2008)

LaLa titles and series status

Bijo ga Yaju (美女が野獣): five volumes, complete (Mar-2005)
Kin Iro no Corda (金色のコルダ): ongoing, latest 10 volumes (Mar-2008)
Oniichan to Issho (お兄ちゃんと一緒): ongoing, latest nine volumes (Apr-2008)
Ouran Koukou Host Club (桜蘭高校ホスト部): ongoing, latest 12 volumes (Apr-2008)
Penguin Kakumei (ペンギン革命): seven volumes, complete (Feb-2008)
Vampire Knight (ヴァンパイア騎士): ongoing, latest seven volumes, (Apr-2008)

Fruits Basket is © Takaya Natsuki/HAKUSENSHA, INC. Michibata no Tenshi is © EMURA/HAKUSENSHA, INC. Penguin Kakumei is © Tsukuba Sakura/HAKUSENSHA, INC.

Indonesian translation rights in Indonesia arranged with HAKUSENSHA, INC. through TOHAN CORPORATION. Published under license from HAKUSENSHA, INC. All rights reserved. No infringement intended.

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