Tamura Yumi's Chicago manga available on 26 March 2008 from Elex Media


The complete one-volume re-release of Tamura Yumi-sensei's (シカゴ) will be in stores and newsstands by Wednesday, 26 March 2008. Initially serialized in 's Flowers magazine in 2000, the mystery was aggregated first in two tankoubon (that VIZ Media released in English as Chicago: Book Of Self and Book of Justice from 2002 to 2003) before repackaging as one volume in September 2004. is marketing the standalone under the Serial Cantik (shoujo) line.

Following is my translation of the Elex synopsis:

In the aftermath of a massive quake that hits Tokyo, Rei and her partner in Self-Defense Force Rescue Squad Four Uozumi are dispatched to Bay District D to search for survivors. Nothing prepares them for what they encounter: bodies with bullet holes, an eerie musical piece playing, and an unprovoked attack by an unknown military aircraft. In a world like an illusion, Rei and Uozomi receive an invitation to visit a bar in Shinjuku named Chicago—where hopefully, they will find the answers to the mystery of Bay District D.

女王様の犬 3

(Some help from the VIZ description quoted in Baka-Updates Manga is gratefully acknowledged.)

Meanwhile, one series ends this 26 March 2008: Park JaeSung & Kim JuRi's shounen romance comedy , (스위티). Three more manga series debut, one and two shoujo: the sequel to The Law of UekiThe Law of Ueki Plus—by Fukuchi Tsubasa-sensei; First Boy Friend () by Toumori Miyoshi-sensei and Ueda Rinko-sensei's or Tail of the Moon.

The complete list of Elex Media manga and manhwa releases for this week is behind the cut.

Elex Media manga and manhwa (2008.03.26)

うえきの法則プラス 1 ハツカレ 1 月のしっぽ 1

Angel Voice (Tenshi no Uta) volume 6 of 9 by Makimura Kumi (: Dessert, shoujo)
Cross Game volume 7 of 11+ by Adachi Mitsuru (Shogakukan: Shonen Sunday, shounen)
Cute Children (Zettai Karen Children) volume 9 of 11+ by Shiina Takashi (Shogakukan: Shonen Sunday, shounen)
Detektif Conan (Meitantei Conan) volume 50 of 61+ by Aoyama Gosho (Shogakukan: Shonen Sunday, shounen)
NEW SERIES First Boy Friend (Hatsukare) volume 1 of 10 by Toumori Miyoshi (: Margaret, shoujo)
Kung Fu Komang volume 37 by Park InSeo, Sang Choi (KR, shounen)
NEW SERIES The Law Of Ueki Plus (Ueki no Housoku Plus) volume 1 of 5 by Fukuchi Tsubasa (Shogakukan: Shonen Sunday, shounen)
Mr. Fullswing volume 11 of 24 by Suzuki Shinya (Shueisha: Weekly Shonen Jump, shounen)
(Joousama no Inu AKA Her Majesty's Dog) volume 3 of by Takeuchi Mick (: Princess Gold, shoujo)
NEW Serial Cantik: Chicago by Tamura Yumi (Shogakukan: Flowers, shoujo)
Shrine of The Morning Mist (Asagiri no Miko) volume 4 of 4+ by Ugawa Hiroki (: Young King Ours, )
Sweety volume 7 of 7 by Park JaeSung & Kim JuRi (, shounen)
Tail Of The Moon (Tsuki no Shippo) volume 1 of 15 by Ueda Rinko (Shueisha: Margaret, shoujo)
Yureka (유레카 AKA iD_eNTITY) volume 8 of 26+ by Son HeeJoon and Kim YounKyung (, shounen)

스위티 07

NB: Tamura Yumi-sensei's Chicago retails for IDR 19,800 (the rest are priced at the usual IDR 12,000).

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~niki DBA 花木蘭03 who just had to post the cover of Her Majesty's Dog, even though it's not a series premiere nor finale (she loves this manga, or is that not obvious? ^^)

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