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EXCEL, Ge-Ddong soonjung manhwa premiere (m&c! 14 April 2008 manga and manhwa releases)

엑셀 -EXCEL-01 ヨコハマ買い出し紀行 4

So the EXCEL I wrote about in my April Komikologi post did refer to the 엑셀 -EXCEL- soonjung manhwa by Yoon JiUn rather than the seinen Excel Saga manga by Rikudo Koshi.* Good to have that cleared up. EXCEL's first volume, along with manhwa-ga Vin Lee's Ge-Ddong, will be available from Monday, 14 April 2008**, with the rest of the m&c! shōjo and shōnen manga listed below.

m&c! manhwa, manga, and manhua (2008.04.14)

NEW SERIES EXCEL 1 of 4 by Yoon JiUn (Daiwon CI: Daiwon Issue, soonjung)
NEW SERIES Ge-Ddong, A Girl with An Ugly Name 1 of 8 by Vin Lee (KR, soonjung)
Gober 104
High School Musical 2
Long Hu Men (Oriental Heroes) 147 by Wong Yuk Long (Culturecom, shōnen)
Rainbow Miracle (Nanairo Miracle) 2 of 7(?) by Kanaki Shiori (Shogakukan, shōjo***)
Yokohama Shopping Blog (Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō) 4 of 14 by Ashinano Hitoshi (Kodansha: Afternoon, seinen)

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* Is this series already available in Indonesia, BTW?
** If you're lucky, you can get it by Sunday even.
*** Since this is apparently published under the Tentoumushi imprint, it might be bordering kodomo?

~niki DBA 花木蘭03 who will have a longer manga release list (Elex's) next post

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huamulan03 said...

According to the m&c! site, My Heavenly Hockey Club 2 is also included in this release.

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