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Ministry of Finance 8, Basara 5, Gokusen 5: Level Comics manga (13 May 2008)

ごくせん 5 現在官僚系もふ 8

Indonesian publisher Elex Media chips away at the Level Comics manga releases I reported earlier (as well as confirming the continued speedy installment of Hajime no Ippo), and adds several awaiteds but not Komikologi-advised to the list.

As I'm not following the seinen Ministry of Finance (現在官僚系もふ) manga by Nabeta Yoshio-sensei, I can't tell if this latest release is the series finale. Just know that the eighth Indonesian volume will be available on the 13th of May 2008.

Level Comics manga (13 May 2008)

  1. AirGear by Oh! Great 4 of 21+
  2. AirGear 「 エア・ギア 」 Kodansha Weekly Shounen Magazine, shōnen, 2003.12

  3. Basara 5 of 27 by Tamura Yumi
  4. Basara 「 BASARA 」 Shogakukan Flowers, shōjo, 1992.06

  5. Fight!! Ippo (Hajime no Ippo) 46 of 83+ by Morikawa Jōji
  6. Hajime no Ippo 「 はじめの一歩 」 Kodansha Weekly Shounen Magazine, shōnen, 1999.01
    Manga-ka's name (森川 ジョージ) also romanized as Morikawa Jyoji or Morikawa Joji

  7. Gokusen 5 of 15 by Morimoto Kozueko
  8. Gokusen 「 ごくせん 」 Shueisha YOU, josei, 2002.07

  9. Ministry of Finance 8 of 8? by Nabeta Yoshio
  10. Ministry of Finance 「 現在官僚系もふ 」 Shogakukan Big Comics imprint, seinen, 2007.02
    Also romanized as Genzai Kanryo Kei Mohu; released in Traditional Chinese by Tong Li as Guan Liao Xi Xin Xian Ren


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~niki DBA 花木蘭03 (huamulan03) via Elex Media

P.S. If you know whether Ministry of Finance volume eight is the final tankōbon, kindly leave a comment? Thank you ^^

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