Elex Media Top 20 Manga Bestsellers: Naruto is #1

Apparently I'm not the only one curious about Gramedia's manga top sellers; there's actually a thread requesting for this very info over at EMO. And in response to the public "clamor," Elex Media released a Manga Bestseller list for the Elex and Level Comics imprints for the first quarter of this year. (Okay, so it's not quite as regular or as updated as Tohan's weekly manga rankings, but at least, it's there!)

The exact math that created the rankings list wasn't advised (proprietary considerations?), but I believe it is based on wholesale or bulk orders rather than actual retail buys, upon which other bestseller lists probably are. I doubt that whoever put together these lists went as far as asking your corner newsstand, which probably carries Conan and—does the bootleg Shin Chan still publish?—which manga is performing well.

In any case, per prediction, Naruto tops the Elex rankings, followed by Meitantei Conan and One Piece. Meanwhile, Level's bestselling manga are AirGear, Perfect Girl Evolution (Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge), and Love & Collage or Ai Kora by Inoue Kazurou-sensei.

Elex Media Top 20 Manga Bestsellers (Q1 2008)

  1. Naruto
  2. Detektif Conan (Meitantei Conan)
  3. One Piece
  4. Yu-Gi-Oh! R
  5. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
  6. Doraemon
  7. Kung Fu Boy Legends (Tekken Chinmi Legends)
  8. Ghost School (Gakkou no Kaidan)
  9. The Law of Ueki Plus (Ueki no Housoku Plus)
  10. Yakitate!! Japan
  11. MAR
  12. Magic Kaito Kid (Magic Kaito)
  13. Fullmetal Alchemist
  14. YuYu Hakusho - Ghost Files
  15. Midori's Days (Midori no Hibi)
  16. Ranma ½
  17. Yotsubato
  18. Black Cat
  19. Great Detective Kiyoshiro Yumemizu
  20. Mama Colle

Source: Elex Media R&D

The rest of Level's Top 20 rankings will be advised in the next post. For now, let's look at the demographics for Elex.

Mama Colle 3 (ID)

By target audience
Of the Top 20 Elex best-sellers in the first quarter of 2008, only 10 percent are shōjo, both of them—Meitantei Yumemizu Kiyoshiro Jiken Note (on the right) and Mama Colle (left)—from Kodansha and originally serialized in Nakayoshi. I can personally attest to actually having bought these two Enue Kei- & Hayamine Kaoru-sensei and Toyama Ema-sensei manga, despite not really being a fan of Nakayoshi titles. The Great Detective Kiyoshiro Yumemizu 1 (ID) Conversely, 90 percent are shōnen, although it could be argued that the popular Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle probably has an equal, if not greater shōjo following and that classics Doraemon and Meitantei Conan transcend gender barriers to achieve mass appeal.

By genre
As noted by the Elex post-er who started the discussion, it seems the adventure, detective, and comedy genres tend to do well. The same analyst also observed that popularity in forum threads—as shown by Eyeshield 21 and Alice Academy, for instance—doesn't automatically translate to high sales (just that their fans are more voluble, perhaps).

By original publisher
Here's how the above list breaks down by publisher and magazine: 40 percent of Elex's manga bestsellers are Shogakukan licenses. Of the eight titles, seven were serialized in Shonen Sunday (the remainder Doraemon appeared in various magazines). Meanwhile, Shueisha properties account for 25 percent or five titles, four of which were/are serialized in Shonen Jump. The exception Yu-Gi-Oh! R (if it can be called that) made V Jump its home for obvious, game-based reasons. Twenty percent are Kodansha's, equally divided between shōnen and shōjo titles, with Square Enix (FMA), MediaWorks (Yotsubato), and Poplar (Gakkou no Kaidan) each constituting five percent of the total.

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