[ex libris] Goong 15, W-Change!! 1, Special A 8 (huamulan03's 15 June 2008 manga buys)

Goong 15 (ID)

A regular reader and commenter of this blog Jasmine-san asked me if I buy all the manga I babble about.

Sadly, the monthly budget doesn't allow me to abscond with everything I want (more so now); I have to choose which ones I plonk down at the cashier. While some are not as Should I? Should I?? high maintenance as others, others are a no-brainer. For instance, it was given that I would get Goong 15 when it released, especially after Park SoHee left us with that angsty cliffie at the close of volume 14 (which led me to talking the woman beside me into buying both volumes in one go ^^)

So anyway, these are my latest manga and manhwa acquisitions. Li'l skimpy but still. *shrugs*

huamulan03's manga and manhwa library additions (2008.06.15)

  1. Angel from The End by Kurahashi Erika | volume 3 of 4
  2. Goong by Park SoHee | volume 15 of 17+
  3. Never Give Up (Nebagiba!) 13 of 13 by Mutou Hiromu [Finale]
  4. Special A 8 of 14+ by Minami Maki
  5. [Premiere] Strawberry Love (Ichigo Doumei) 1 of 2+ by Morishita Nodoka
  6. [Premiere] W-Change!! 1 of 5 by Matsuba Hiro

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Since I've yet to finish any volume, this post doubles up as Manga Beside, the second.

Faux Executive Highlights - Vers. 2.0

By genre
This is more like it; I knew that shōjo/soonjung portion from the last Ex libris post was approaching anomalous. This Get, their share rises to over 83 percent, an increase of 19 percentage points from my last spree. The one shōnen (W-Change!!) down from four titles a week ago constitutes the remaining 17 percent of the current acquisitions total.

By original publisher
This is also par for the course for me: at 33-plus percent owing to Nebagiba! and Special A, Hakusensha rules! (Hana to Yume, specifically.) The other publishing houses—Shueisha (Angel from The End or Seikimatsu no Angel), Seoul Cultural (Goong), Kodansha (Strawberry Love or Ichigo Doumei), and Mag Garden (W-Change!!)—each contribute about 17 percent. Note the lack of a Shogakukan title, considering that these are all m&c! manga.

Temporal installment
Two titles are new series, one is a series conclusion and one more—Kurahashi Erika-sensei's Seikimatsu no Angel—is on its penultimate installment. I'm calling it a 33-33 tie.

~niki DBA huamulan03 (花木蘭03) who kept hounding the salesperson about HanaLaLa 27, before remembering that this issue will street on the 18th

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