Cavalier Princess 1, Kitchen Princess 1, Animal Sense 1, Busou Renkin 1, Firefighter Daigo 20/20: Elex Media 9 July 2008 manga releases

武装錬金 1

New Series and Standalones
If you're feening for new manga (new to Indonesia in the *not* bootleg sense), Watsuki Nobuhiro-sensei's Busou Renkin finally premieres after being scheduled for May 2008 and then June 2008. I think it's worth getting, not just because of Watsuki Nobuhiro-sama worship, but more for the possibility of volumes 2 to 3 also going on sale in July. I base that squint-and-you'll-see-it speculation on the circumstantial inclusion of Busou Renkin volume 4 in the Elex Media Komikologi July issue (quick manga fixes = win after all).

Elex Media manga (2008.07.09)

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  1. [Premiere] A.S. (Animal Sense) 1 of 3 by Maekawa Takeshi
  2. A.S. 1

    A.S. 「 A.S. 」 by Maekawa Takeshi
    Kodansha Gekkan Shounen Magazine, shounen
    This volume first published in Japan 2006.03

  3. The Age of Chaos (Shura no Toki) 2 of 15 by Kawahara Masatoshi
  4. Shura no Toki 「 修羅の刻 」 by Kawahara Masatoshi
    Kodansha Gekkan Shounen Magazine, shounen
    Followed by Shura no Mon (修羅の門)
    This volume first published in Japan 1990.10

  5. Bobobo-bo bo-bobo 13 of 21 by Sawai Yoshio
  6. ボボボーボ・ボーボボ 13

    Bobobo-bo bo-bobo 「 ボボボーボ・ボーボボ 」 by Sawai Yoshio
    Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump, shounen
    This volume first published in Japan 2004.06
    Has a sequel, Shinsetsu Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (seven volumes, complete)

  7. [Premiere] Busou Renkin 1 of 10 by Watsuki Nobuhiro
  8. 武装錬金 1

    Busou Renkin 「 武装錬金 」 by Watsuki Nobuhiro
    Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump, shounen
    This volume first published in Japan 2004.01

  9. Cantarella 8 of 10+ by Higuri Yuu
  10. カンタレラ 8

    Cantarella 「 カンタレラ 」 by Higuri Yuu
    Akita Shoten Princess, BL
    On hiatus at 10 volumes
    This volume first published in Japan 2004.05

  11. [Premiere] Cavalier Princess (Qi Shi Gong Zhu) 1 of 4 by Tsen Shiau-Jing
  12. 骑士公主 1

    Qi Shi Gong Zhu 「 カンタレラ 」 by Tsen Shiau-Jing
    Sharp Point Publishing Mon Mon, shoujo
    AKA Knight Princess

  13. Firefighter Daigo (Megumi no Daigo) 20 of 20 by Soda Masahito [Finale]
  14. め組の大吾 20

    Megumi no Daigo 「 め組の大吾 」 by Soda Masahito
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    This volume first published in Japan 1999.08

  15. First Boyfriend (Hatsukare) 5 of 10 by Tomori Miyoshi
  16. ハツカレ 5

    Hatsukare 「 ハツカレ 」 by Tomori Miyoshi
    Shueisha Margaret, shoujo
    This volume first published in Japan 2005.05

  17. Ghost Sweeper Mikami (GS Mikami Gokuraku Daisakusen!!) 26 of 39 by Shiina Takashi
  18. GS美神極楽大作戦!! 26

    GS Mikami Gokuraku Daisakusen!! 「 GS美神 極楽大作戦!! 」 by Shiina Takashi
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    This volume first published in Japan 1997.04

  19. [New] Girl in the Mirror by Dorachi Roshirin (makita)
  20. [New] Jump Around by Kelingking Kuroshiro (makita)
  21. Kagetora 6 of 11 by Segami Akira
  22. KAGETORA 6

    Kagetora 「 KAGETORA 」 by Segami Akira
    Kodansha Magazine Special, shounen
    Serialized in Indonesian in Shonen Magz
    This volume first published in Japan 2005.01

  23. Kedai Tasogare (Tasogare Dou e Youkoso) 2 of 7 by Yoshikawa Utata
  24. 黄昏堂へようこそ 2

    Tasogare Dou e Youkoso 「 黄昏堂へようこそ 」 by Yoshikawa Utata
    Akita Shoten Horror Comics Special imprint, shoujo
    This volume first published in Japan 2003.01

  25. [Premiere] Kitchen Princess (Kitchen no Ohimesama) 1 of 9+ by Ando Natsumi, Kobayashi Miyuki
  26. キッチンのお姫さま 1

    Kitchen no Ohimesama 「 キッチンのお姫さま 」 by Ando Natsumi, Kobayashi Miyuki
    Kodansha Nakayoshi, shoujo
    This volume first published in Japan 2005.02
    Licensed for North American distribution by Del Rey Manga; Indonesian serialization in Nakayoshi

  27. [Premiere] Lum, The Invader Girl (Urusei Yatsura) 1 of 34 by Takahashi Rumiko
  28. うる星やつら 1

    Urusei Yatsura 「 うる星やつら 」 by Takahashi Rumiko
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    This volume first published in Japan 1980.04
    Licensed for North American distribution by VIZ, later dropped after eight volumes

  29. Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Sangokushi) 2 of 6 by Yamasaki Hiromi
  30. さんごくし 2

    Sangokushi 「 さんごくし 」 by Yamasaki Hiromi
    Akita Shoten Shounen Champion Comics imprint, shounen
    This volume first published in Japan 2005.05

  31. A Story of Heroes 17 by Choi Mir
  32. Trigun Maximum 6 of 14 by Nightow Yasuhiro
  33. トライガン・マキシマム 6

    Trigun Maximum 「 トライガン・マキシマム 」 by Nightow Yasuhiro
    Shonen Gahosha Young King Ours, seinen
    This volume first published in Japan 2001.10

  34. Tsubomi's Secret (Naisho no Tsubomi) 3 of 4+ by Yabuuchi Yuu
  35. ないしょのつぼみ 3

    Naisho no Tsubomi 「 ないしょのつぼみ 」 by Yabuuchi Yuu
    Shogakukan Ciao, shoujo
    This volume first published in Japan 2007.06
    Has a one-volume sequel Naisho no Tsubomi - Mebae

  36. Western Shotgun (AKA Blazin' Barrels) 26 of 31+ by Park MinSeo

All titles above are IDR 13,800 with the exception of The Age of Chaos 2 which retails for IDR 15,000.

mangazines (2008.07.08)

The latest issue 49/2008 of Shonen Magz (Indonesia's version of Kodansha's Weekly Shounen Magazine), goes on sale one day before the manga volumes do. Among the titles ShoMagz has serialized are BECK, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Kungfu Boy Legends, Rose Hip Zero, and Vinland Saga.

Source: Elex Media STO 09 Juli 2008

release highlights

New series - continued
With Busou Renkin, we have seven this release list, one of which is Cavalier Princess (below). Originally titled Qi Shi Gong Zhu, this shoujo manhua is the creation of Tsen Shiau-Jing, manga-ka of Dream Walker.

骑士公主 1

The other series debuts are: A.S. (Animal Sense), Kitchen Princess, and Lum, The Invader Girl AKA Urusei Yatsura. There are a couple of one-shot makita or original Indonesian manga—Jump Around by Kelingking Kuroshiro and Girl in the Mirror by Dorachi Roshirin. I'm not familiar with either komikus, but what I've googled netted the latter being dissed for his/her "amateurish" offering, My Cherry. Perversely, I'm now thinking of getting Girl in the Mirror to check to confirm whether the was the manga-ka drawing during a bumpy ride in a bajay? comment still applies. (Gee, do I also goggle at pileups on the tollway? No.)

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Firefighter Daigo concludes its Indonesian run with the release of volume 20 this Wednesday.

By original publisher
We have Taiwanese manhua, Korean manhwa, Indonesian makita, and Japanese manga, a diversity that makes jockeying for dominance slightly more challenging. In the end, it's Kodansha and Shogakukan in a tie, with each comprising 20 percent of the total releases. Shueisha and Akita Shoten account for 15 percent respectively. By virtue of those two makita titles, Elex Media grabs 10 percent.

I must reiterate that I'm surprised by the number of Akita Shoten manga being released by Elex lately. It's a welcome development, especially for this release list which has no Hakusensha titles in it.

By genre
No contest. shounen/sonyun captures 60 percent of the total release, 25 percentage points over the shoujo and boys' love aggregate.

Patience testing
This award has got to go to Tsubomi's Secret volume 3. When I first saw it, it was 3? What happened to 1 and 2? The Oracle at Mountain View helped out again, returning November 2006 for volume 1 and April 2007 for volume 2. Good thing I'm not a Yabuuchi Yuu-sensei fan.

Level Comics 8 July 2008 manga

~niki DBA huamulan03 (花木蘭03) who still hasn't gotten Kedai Tasogare 1 yet >.<

end notes

A three-wheeled utility vehicle/autorickshaw used for public transportation, the bajay is an omnipresent feature of Jakarta (kinda like Bangkok's tuk tuk). It's supposed to carry three (including the driver), although miracles have been known to happen with the payload. You have to haggle your fare but even without getting on, you soon discover that it's noisy, turn on a dime maneuverable (which it uses with effectiveness in traffic-congested streets and alleys), looks simian, and usually belches black smoke. Despite measures to legislate its freedom to putter along, the bajay looks like it will remain a mainstay in metro streets.

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Errata: As I mentioned here, Elex's Shura no Toki or The Age of Chaos starts from volume 11, so the original street date of volume 2 is volume 12's 2002.02.15.

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