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Manga: Elex 3.04 | Level 3.04 | m&c! 3.04
Anime (on Animax Asia): The Seven Deadly Sins
[Series Premiere] 4 March 2015, Wednesday, 9pm WIB (airs weekdays)
Strike The Blood, 630pm WIB, weekdays
Parasyte –the maxim– Episode 21 – 10pm WIB, Thursday
The File of Young Kindaichi, 1030pm WIB, weekdays


From teh Inbox: Manga Mad Tokyo

Trying this out, after I got this email from one Richard Matson-san that opened with this line:

I'm getting in touch because of your excellent writings on Manga and Anime...

*sweatdrop* I think no more needs to be sed ^^


Hung said...

Yeah, I got that one too for Anime Nano. Pretty lame.

huamulan03 said...

I kinda thought it was going to be a meme thingy... I'm loading it still--all I've seen are the opening commercials *humongous sweatdrop*

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