Metamo Kiss 3 of 3, Ariadne at Midnight 2, Hiyokoya Shop 3, Full Spec 1 and manga you wanna buy because of those two Yamaha Mios (m&c! 1 September 2008 release list)

真夜中のアリアドネ 2

Late manga is better than no manga, to paraphrase Douglas Coupland among others (see Eleanor Rigby on quondam blind patients being overwhelmed by stimuli upon regaining sight, yet ultimately learning to live with, if not love, the uncomfortable visions). So, Patient One, rejoice! The final volume of Metamo Kiss will finally be released in or around the 1st of September. I know you've only been waiting eighteen months for this installment, so start hounding your manga retailer now. This being m&c! we're talkin' about, stocks are sure to fly and there won't be any additional print runs.

The one manga finale taken care of, let's look at the new series and standalones. We get nine for this first week of September, six of them part of the Independence Day Surprise promo which if you're lucky, might see you taking home a Yamaha Mio motorbike: Behind the Bamboo Palace, Full Spec volume 1, Season's First Flower, The Spring Over the Hill, Two Hearts Meet in West Kyoto, and The Wandering Class 1 (which I think, given the absence of manga-ka name and based on magnifying the parsley on fish, happy school cover on the promo insert, is NOT The Drifting Classroom).

Three more titles are left from which to get the three coupons you're supposed to stick on to a postcard and mail in to m&c! by (postmarked) 26 September 2008; however, if you're an m&c! regular, you probably already amassed more than three stickers as early as 18 August.

The other series premieres and one-shots not included in this Freedom promo are: Crazy Love Game, Floating Bridge of Dreams, and Guardian of White Robe.

m&c! manga (2008.09.01)

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  1. Ariadne at Midnight (Mayonaka no Ariadne) 2 of 4 by Shimotsuki Kayoko
  2. 真夜中のアリアドネ 2

    Mayonaka no Ariadne真夜中のアリアドネ
    by Shimotsuki Kayoko
    Also romanized as Mayonaka no Ariadone
    Kodansha Betsufure, shōjo
    This volume first published in Japan 2007.01

  3. [New] Behind the Bamboo Palace
  4. [New] Crazy Love Game by Nanajima Kana
  5. クレイジーLOVEゲーム

    Crazy Love GameクレイジーLOVEゲーム
    by Nanajima Kana
    Shogakukan ChuChu, shōjo
    This volume first published in Japan 2007.04

  6. [New] Floating Bridge of Dreams
  7. [Premiere] Full Spec 1 of 4 by Sekiguchi Taro
  8. フルスペック 1

    Full Specフルスペック 」 by Sekiguchi Taro
    Kodansha Weekly Shounen Magazine, shōnen
    This volume first published in Japan 2005.11

  9. [New] Guardian of White Robe
  10. Hiyokoya Shop (Ikaihanjouki Hiyokoya Shoten) 3 of 6+ by Suda Yuriko
  11. 異界繁盛記 ひよこや☆商店 3

    Ikaihanjouki Hiyokoya Shoten
    異界繁盛記 ひよこや☆商店 」 by Suda Yuriko
    AKA Ikaihanjouki Hiyokoya Store and Pick of the Litter
    Kadokawa Shoten Asuka, shōjo
    This volume first published in Japan 2005.03
    Published in English by TOKYOPOP

  12. Kirarin Revolution 4 of 12+ by Nakahara An
  13. きらりん☆レボリューション 4

    Kirarin Revolutionきらりん☆レボリューション 」 by Nakahara An
    Shogakukan Ciao, shōjo
    This volume first published in Japan 2005.08

  14. Metamo Kiss 3 of 3 by Omote Sora [Finale]
  15. メタモ☆キス 3

    Metamo Kissメタモ☆キス 」 by Omote Sora
    AKA Fukushima Metamo Kiss and Mo Fa Kiss
    Kadokawa Shoten Asuka Comics imprint, shōjo
    This volume first published in Japan 2005.10
    Published in English (3 volumes) by TOKYOPOP

  16. Monika (Turma da Mônica) 114 by Mauricio (Mauricio de Sousa Produções)
  17. Rainbow Miracle (Nanairo Miracle) 6 of 7 by Kanaki Shiori
  18. なないろ☆ミラクル 6

    Nanairo Miracleなないろ☆ミラクル
    by Kanaki Shiori
    Shogakukan Tentoumushi imprint, shōjo
    This volume first published in Japan 2006.12

  19. [New] Season's First Flower
  20. [New] The Spring Over the Hill
  21. [New] Two Hearts Meet in West Kyoto
  22. [Premiere] The Wandering Class 1

Source: m&c! forum

I'll do the translations if/when I get hold of the new and standalone synopses.

If you're eyeing that Yamaha Mio (or one of those second-prize Nokia 5610 phones), below is the list of manga that have the entry stickers you're supposed to send in (entries in bold haven't been released yet):

  1. An Ancient Love Story 1
  2. Angel of Life 1
  3. Behind the Bamboo Palace
  4. Between Two Hearts
  5. Blizzard Axel 1
  6. The Buried Anger
  7. Charm Angel 1
  8. Cross Road 1
  9. Cynical Orange 1
  10. Flower Bouquet
  11. Full Spec 1
  12. Go! Go! Ichigo
  13. The Guardian at Time
  14. Haunted White Van
  15. A Heart for Money
  16. Love Whisper
  17. Mirror of Spring Water
  18. Say You Love Me
  19. The Red Valley
  20. Season's First Flower
  21. The Secret Prince in My Ring
  22. The Spring Over the Hill
  23. Story of a Princess
  24. To Get Him in 10 Days
  25. Thousand Birds in the Fall
  26. Tsujitori
  27. Twilight in Winter
  28. Two Hearts Meet in West Kyoto
  29. The Wandering Class 1
  30. The Wind of Love in the War

As for me, I'm not sending my stickers in. Last in line when luck was being handed out aside, I have enough carbon guilt to force passing up on one of those bikes / cell phones / digital cameras / MP3 players.

More manga. I'm thinkin' the September 2008 Komikologi Elex post or a review (Eikaiwa School Wars perhaps), though it might also be the new m&c! manga summaries

~niki DBA huamulan03 (花木蘭03)

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