Whoa! Dear Banchou! (m&c! 17 November 2008 manga)

あぁ愛しの番長さま 3

You read that right. The third volume of Ah, Dear Banchou! (Ah! Itoshi no Banchousama), Fujitaka Mayu-sensei's reverse harem opus about a girl in a school of 850 boys releases next Monday, along with the final volume of Toujou Meguru-sensei's historical shoujo romance, The Deadly Dance or Hiou Shirabyoushi.

With the possible exception of Deadly Dance and Ariadne at Midnight (Mayonaka no Ariadne), next week's manga crop comprises Series You Thought m&c! Had Forgotten (I'm dying to say Time Stranger Kyoko? Which one was that again? here), with one UFM (Unidentified Front cover-less Manga)—The Last Train Schedule—that sounds not only like a standalone but also ominous. « EDITED | The Last Train Schedule is Shuuden Jikoku by Narushima Yuri and it's part of the Shounen Kaiki Series.

m&c! manga (2008.11.17)

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  1. Ah, Dear Banchou! (Ah! Itoshi no Banchousama) 3 of 4+ by Fujikata Mayu
  2. あぁ愛しの番長さま 3

    Ah! Itoshi no Banchousamaあぁ愛しの番長さま
    Hakusensha LaLa, shoujo
    Volume 3 first published in Japan 2008.01

  3. Ariadne at Midnight (Mayonaka no Ariadne) 3 of 4 by Shimotsuki Kayoko
  4. 真夜中のアリアドネ 3

    Mayonaka no Ariadne真夜中のアリアドネ
    by Shimotsuki Kayoko
    Also romanized as Mayonaka no Ariadone
    Kodansha Betsufure, shoujo
    Volume 3 first published in Japan 2007.05

  5. The Deadly Dance (Hiou Shirabyoushi) 12 of 12 by Toujou Meguru [Finale]
  6. 緋桜白拍子 12

    Hiou Shirabyoushi緋桜白拍子 」 by Toujou Meguru
    Hakusensha Hana to Yume imprint, shoujo
    Volume 12 first published in Japan 2002.10

  7. [New] The Last Train Schedule (Shuuden Jikoku) by Narushima Yuri
  8. Shuuden Jikoku終電時刻 少年怪奇シリーズ 」 by Narushima Yuri
    Book 2 of 3 of the Order of the Shounen Kaiki Series
    (終電時刻 少年怪奇シリーズ 2)
    Kadokawa Shoten Asuka Comics imprint
    Volume 2 first published in Japan 2002.03

  9. Moon Guardian Syugogetten! Retrouvailles (Mamotte Shugogetten! Retrouvailles) 3 of 6 by Sakurano Minene
  10. まもって守護月天!再逢〈Retrouvailles〉 3

    Mamotte Shugogetten! Retrouvailles
    by Sakurano Minene
    Mag Garden Comic Blade, shounen
    Volume 3 first published in Japan 2004.01

  11. Time Stranger Kyoko 2 of 3 by Tanemura Arina
  12. 時空異邦人KYOKO 2

    Time Stranger Kyoko時空異邦人KYOKO
    Shueisha Ribon, shoujo
    Volume 2 first published in Japan 2001.07
    Published in English by VIZ Media (two volumes, ongoing)

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Something More about The Last Train Schedule

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