huamulan03's latest manga and manhwa buys: Cynical Orange, Full House Kiss, H2O, Saruyama!, Tail of the Moon. Also, Get! recommendations (per 25 January 2009)

Edited Because I can't count >.< The first manga buy batch is 20, not 21...

huamulan03's 25 January 2009 manga library additions

Since I bought these manga and manhwa, of course I recommend them all as GET! (who wouldn't the last Saruyama!?) Still, there are a couple I especially endorse (after my prefatory babble).

The sitch: Following last week's "egregious" performance, my manga buy recovers, the latest posting a deceptive growth of 600%. "Deceptive" because in actual numbers, it only went up from one to seven—that number's still down by 67% 65% in comparison with the first acquisition figures.

Similar to what happened with the 12 January additions, total quantity would've been higher (or only -47% -45% from the first buy batch) had I gotten the first of Tsuda Mikiyo-sensei's The Day of Revolution or Kakumei no Hi (Princess Princess main story), as well as the three volumes of Yagami Chitose-sensei's My Platinum Lady (this series appears to have been serialized in m&c!'s Cherry mangazine). I balked at getting MPL because I hadn't been too impressed with Yagami-sensei's Hijiri The Boy Next to Me or Tonari no Hijiri-kun (released April 2008) and hesitated to commit to three tankou in one go. On second thoughts though, I think I will get the entire My Platinum Lady series along with Kakumei no Hi the next time I go shopping.

huamulan03's manga and manhwa (19-25 January 2009)

Language: Indonesian (3L, Elex and m&c! published)
Period covered: 19-25 January 2009


  1. Full House Kiss volume 5 by Yuwa Shiori
  2. Master and I (Goshunjin-sama to Watashi) by Yamada Komomo
  3. 御主人様と私

    Goshunjin-sama to Watashi御主人様と私
    by Yamada Komomo
    Shogakukan Flower Comics imprint, shoujo
    Volume 1 first published in Japan 2006.03

  4. Saruyama! volume 8 of 8 by Akira Shouko
  5. Tail of the Moon volume 12 by Ueda Rinko

manga anthologies

  1. HanaLaLa 34/2009


  1. Cynical Orange volume 4 by Yoon JiUn (or Yun JiUn)
  2. H2O volume 6 by Hwang SookJi

babble continued

3L releases: You might've noticed Master and I (Goshunjin-sama to Watashi) and thought: Is that an Elex or m&c! manga? I don't remember seeing it in any of the recent release schedules. Youda been right in thinking that it hadn't been trumpeted; it's from the never releases any timetable imprint 3L, which came out with a couple new Shogakukan manga this week: (1) the already noted Master and I and (2) a new series by Kumagai Kyoko-sensei, the Indonesian title of which I can't remember (I think it's Houkago Orange originally).

huamulan03 recommends...

Master and I
Goshunjin-sama to Watashi御主人様と私 」 by Yamada Komomo

I would recommend getting the standalone Goshunjin-sama to Watashi by the manga-ka of Otona no Jikan AKA Adult Time. The four stories in the anthology—

  1. Master and I and the continuation, With Master (Goshunjin-sama to Issho)
  2. Right Manner of a Pet
  3. Whisper from the [sic] Far (Omo hiso sasaya)
  4. Night Before Love

—all feature stalker boy love interests. Is that a trope that appeals? It does to me. *sweatdrop* I get all weak-kneed and breathless when the bishounen lead grits his teeth, clenches his fist (love those aspect montages ^^) whenever he sees some other guy moving in on his girl.

The weakest story of the bunch, I feel, is Right Manner of a Pet (c'mon, who really wants BSDM—NOT the brown stripe downy mildew kind— flavor in their shoujo?) As for teh strongest—it's a tie between the eponymous story and Night Before Love.

H2O 6
H2O(에이치투오) 」 by Hwang SookJi

It's the penultimate installment to this manhwa and Myeong Ah is torn between Ie Chan and Choi Taek Gang!

My OTP is Taek Gang x Myeong Ah—just like how I ship Shihu x Dabin instead of Eugene x Dabin in Neck and Neck—so this Get! recommendation should come as no surprise. I adore the pair so much that I'm eking out the read. (Don't want it to end too soon, not with volume 7 still outstanding.)

And to think I was so slow in buying this series at first (nearly didn't).

ASIDE | If Jasmine-san were to add to this Get! list, I'm sure Full House Kiss 5 would get the glowing, as good as after dermabration treatment. ^^

...and doesn't (at least, not yet?)

放課後オレンジ 1

3L also released a new series by Kumagai Kyoko-sensei, the title of which I can't remember now. I only remember the orange color so I think (don't lock me in on this) it's Houkago Orange. The forgetting is only to be expected; despite the bishie Hajime-kun, I didn't enjoy (read: hated) Inventive Princess or Hatsumei Princess. That's largely why I skipped it.

If you want a more rewarding (guilty pleasure) read, try Ikeyamada Go-sensei's Midori is a Tomboy (Uwasa no Midori-kun!!) instead (although when 3L will deign to release volume 7, I don't know). Personally, I'm looking forward to the coming soon Today, the love begin [sic] again. It's originally Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu by Minami Kanan-sensei (Kyousou Heaven and Mitsu x Mitsu Drops).

tracking January 2009 to date

Total buys this week: 7 (5 shoujo, 2 soonjung)
+/- change from last week (1 volume): +600%
+/- change from first buy for January (20 volumes): -65%
Total 2009 to date: 32 (25 manga, seven manhwa; 25 shoujo, 7 soonjung)

Again with the preliminary January graphic (there's still Rasetsu no Hana 3 streeting on the 28th of January).

huamulan03's January 2009 manga buys as at 25 January 2009 graphic

Someone's still not pleased with the trend; my already quailing before this book shelves, however, are.

The 19-25 January manga will make their way to my Ex libris master list later.

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