My first Blogcritics manga review! (It's Oyayubihime Infinity. Again.)

Screencap of Blogcritics home page (2009.01.12)

[Screencap of Blogcritics home page, with huamulan03's Manga Review: Oyayubihime Infinity by Toru Fujieda as Most-viewed (2009.01.12)]

But at least I didn't copy pasta!

It was only ever so that I could write description tags for the Katou Motohiro tag page on Technorati; to do so, you first have to be a Blogcritics writer. So I applied.

Blogcritics bills itself as an an online magazine, a community of writers and readers from around the globe—with the BC Books section claiming to be a sinister cabal of superior writers.

While I consider that superior a goal I've still to achieve, I got my approval email last Friday and today (12 January), I submitted my first BC exclusive review. It's already up: Manga Review: Oyayubihime Infinity by Toru Fujieda.

This review is different from the first one I did, so please, check it out ^^

An excerpt:

From the nimiety of shoujo manga out there, Toru Fujieda-sensei scores with a refreshing past life-troped offering, starring a wimp who prevails over a prince in the "who's really her soul mate now?!" duke it out. And they're fighting over a heroine who's the farthest from the breathless, "I can't graduate until I tell him what I really feel for him" chara type.

(From huamulan03's Manga Review: Oyayubihime Infinity by Toru Fujieda on Blogcritics)

What really tickles me pink is that this review made it to the top of the Most-viewed articles today widget on BC's sidebar when I checked (around 9PM WIB). Okay, so call me shallow, but! I'm still grinning a watermelon slice grin and preserving that "achievement" for posterity.

My joining BC doesn't mean that I will be even more MIA than I already am at Japanator. (Gomen! *throws herself at the feet of the mighty DMV-san and other Jtor editors*) Somehow I'll manage to post more at Jtor (not the same reviews as BC's), write new reviews for BC and draft those tags—if I have to nail a hachimaki to my forehead.

Call it part of my resolution rush.

~niki DBA huamulan03 (花木蘭03)

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