Nurse Aoi 9. Nuff sed. (Level Comics 14 January 2009 manga)

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Ns’あおい 9

Ns' Aoi © Koshino Ryo/Kodansha

Aside from all three Gramedia imprints (Level Comics, Elex Media, m&c!) releasing their manga on the same Wednesday—which shrieks to me of consolidation of ranks—the only other spectacular worth noting in this Level schedule is the ninth Nurse Aoi that I thought would street earlier.

Okay, so the two Harlequin Comics ought to rate a mention, too, but since I can't track down the Japanese manga — I'm just going to tell you that Emma Darcy's Dark Heritage was apparently a Harlequin Presents (#1511), released 2 December 1992 and that Penny Jordan's Marriage Without Love was Harlequin Presents #484 (released either January or February 1982).

Now, back to Aoi...

Nurse Aoi 9 by Koshino Ryo

Surgery is different from internal medicine. We're extremely busy!

Despite her new responsibilities, Misora Aoi still makes time to chat with the patients in internal medicine, believing that this helps lighten their burden. Her generosity, however, invites protests from her new surgical ward co-workers.

Will Aoi be able to cope?

The blurb above was adapted from Komikologi Elex January 2009 (as are the two other summaries behind the cut).

Level Comics manga (2009.01.14)

  1. [New] Harlequin: Dark Heritage by Emma Darcy, Ohsawa Maki
  2. [New] Harlequin: Marriage Without Love by Penny Jordan, Shibata Ayako
  3. Nurse Aoi (Ns' Aoi) 9 of 22+ by Koshino Ryo
  4. Ns’あおい 9

    Ns' AoiNs’あおい 」 by Koshino Ryo
    Kodansha Morning, seinen
    Volume 9 first published in Japan 2006.03

(1) Source: Elex Media STO 14 Jan 2009
(2) Links like this are Amazon.com search and/or product links (commercial), in case you're interested in another language version.

the rest of the synopses

Harlequin: Dark Heritage
by Emma Darcy, Ohsawa Maki

Rebel flies off to England to investigate her late mother's family. There she meets the handsome Hugh who mistakes her for his niece Celeste's new nanny. Although they straighten out the mistaken identity, Rebel decides to stay on in the castle, having formed a bond with Celeste whose REBEL-liousness reminds Rebel of herself.

Now Rebel not only has to heal the rift between uncle and niece; she also has to do something about her own growing relationship with Hugh.

Is this the same Ohsawa Maki-sensei of Ask the Angel fame? In either case, regardless of whether the answer is Y or N, given the chance to stay in a castle, I wouldn't budge either.

Harlequin: Marriage Without Love
by Penny Jordan, Shibata Ayako

Three years on, the news article that ruined Beth's life is now behind her and she has assumed a new identity as Briony. She lands a dream job, only to discover to her shock that her boss is none other than Kieron—the journalist who wrote that life-changing news article—and who is the father of Briony's son.

Yes, Virginia, I mean, Briony-Beth, the world in fiction IS that small...


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