Rainbow 10, Yugo the Negotiator 16, If You Were Here (Anata ga Ireba) 8 of 8 (Level Comics 17 March 2009 manga)

微熱少女 3

Binetsu Shoujo © Miyasaka Kaho/Shogakukan

Just made it. Here are the Level Comics' manga releases for tomorrow. I'd expected the final If You Were Here (Anata ga Ireba) to grab a respectable number of GET! pledges, and it does—

—but then, so do the latest installments of Rainbow (volume 10) and Yugo the Negotiator (volume 16). Rainbow, Abe George- and Kakizaki Masasumi-sensei's seinen drama—about a group of six delinquents struggling to survive incarceration in the youth detention center from hell, shepherded by "Big Brother" Sakuragi Rokutaro—is actually the most popular pick this release.

(As for the Miyasaka Kaho-sensei fan in me, you know I'm eyeing the third volume of Feverish Girl or Binetsu Shoujo.)

Level Comics manga (2009.03.17)

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  1. Feverish Girl (Binetsu Shoujo) 3 of 10 by Miyasaka Kaho
  2. 微熱少女 3

    Binetsu Shoujo微熱少女 」 by Miyasaka Kaho
    Shogakukan Sho-Comi, shoujo
    Volume 3 first published in Japan 1999.08
    Re-released in five volumes in 2006

  3. If You Were Here (Anata ga Ireba) 8 of 8 by Yoshimura Akemi [Finale]
  4. あなたがいれば 8

    Anata ga Irebaあなたがいれば
    by Yoshimura Akemi
    Shogakukan Petit Comic, josei
    Volume 8 first published in Japan 2005.09

  5. Rainbow 10 of 20+ by Abe George and Kakizaki Masasumi
  6. Yugo the Negotiator 16 of 21 by Akana Shu and Makari Shinji
  7. 勇午 16

    Yugo勇午 」 by Akana Shu and Makari Shinji
    Kodansha Afternoon and Evening, seinen
    Volume 16 first published in Japan 2001.04
    Side story: Yugo: Shimokita Hantouhen

(1) Source: Elex Media Online
(2) Yugo The Negotiator 16 SRP is IDR 18,000


~niki DBA huamulan03 (花木蘭03) who's rushing the above UP NEXT


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Anonymous said...

"RAINBOW" comic is an amazing story!
so touching, heroic, and entertaining...
wicked cool! ^^

huamulan03 said...

k, I'll take your word for it ^^

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