Psychometrist Eiji 4, Glass Chair 1, Over Rev 6 (Level Comics 7 April 2009 manga)

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サイコメトラーEIJI 4

Psychometrer Eiji
© Ando Yuma & Asaki Masashi/
Kodansha [Weekly Shonen Magazine]
Published in Indonesia as
Psychometrist Eiji
by Level Comics

Psychometrer Eiji returns this Tuesday, with manga volume 4:

Members of the idol group Square Doll are murdered, their tongues cut out and lavender strewn on the bodies. Who is the fingerprint-less silent stalker responsible?

New manga Aside from Eiji, the first of Level's two new April series (the other is Little Devil Café by Oda Aya) debuts this 7 April: the intrigue-laden Glass Chair by manga-ka Nakamura Mariko-sensei who also illustrates the ongoing Mitsugetsu in the same Be Love josei mangazine. The Glass Chair synopsis lies behind the cut.

Level Comics manga (2009.04.07)

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  1. Fight!! Ippo (Hajime no Ippo) 63 of 87+ by Morikawa Joji
  2. はじめの一歩 63

    Hajime no Ippoはじめの一歩
    by Morikawa Joji
    Kodansha Weekly Shonen Magazine, shounen
    Volume 63 first published in Japan 2002.12

  3. [Series Premiere] Glass Chair (Garasu no Isu) 1 of 8 by Nakamura Mariko
  4. Over Rev 6 of 31 by Yamaguchi Katsumi & Team 39
  5. オーバーレブ! 6

    Over Rev!オーバーレブ!
    by Yamaguchi Katsumi & Team 39
    AKA Over Rev! A legend of ultimate hot rodder
    Shogakukan Young Sunday, seinen
    Volume 6 first published in Japan 1998.07

  6. Psychometrist Eiji (Psychometrer Eiji) 4 of 25 by Ando Yuma & Asaki Masashi

Sources: Elex Media 8 April 2009 STO (release schedule) and Komikologi (synopses, unless otherwise stated)

Previews continued

Glass Chair 1 (Level Comics)

Glass Chair © Nakamura Mariko/Kodansha
Image from Level Comics

Glass Chair 1 of 8
by Nakamura Mariko

Izuru and Sawako's engagement party shatters Aoi's heart. Apparently, Izuru has forgotten his childhood promise to Aoi. But now is not the time for tears; someone is threatening the Sunochi family.

Over Rev 6 of 31
by Yamaguchi Katsumi & Team 39

Finally! The race between Team Ripley and Team Supersonic Girls zooms off! It's one all, with Sawako's Sylvia becoming the first casualty. But what's up with Ryoko? Has she lost her nerve?

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