16 engage 2 of 2, Team Medical Dragon 8, Grass Crown by Yoshimura Akemi, Under the Rain by Honda Keiko (Level Comics 2 June 2009 manga)

So Team Medical Dragon 8 doesn't release in May but in June. Huh. Actual street dates regardless, in volume 8, Team Batista faces disbanding after Akira's ousting.

Realizing that the ideal medical care she's been aspiring for can only come true through the team, Akira tries to block the team's dissolution by sacrificing her hospital career. Meanwhile, the outsider professorial candidate, recommended by Professor Takeo, finally arrives. Someone no one could have expected. [Translated from the back cover blurb of TMD 8]

I has other synopses, specifically for the final 16 engage and the two new Level manga, Grass Crown (Kusakanmuri no Namae) by Yoshimura Akemi-sensei and Under the Rain (Ame ni Nurete mo) by Honda Keiko-sensei, but I decided to post them individually. Come back later, ne?

And after checking, it appears that Level still doesn't have a schedule for Momochi Reiko-sensei's Bond 3.

Level Comics manga (2009.06.02)

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  1. 3X3 Eyes (Sazan Eyes) volume 26 of 40 by Takada Yuzo
  2. 3×3EYES 26

    Sazan Eyes3×3EYES 」 by Takada Yuzo
    Kodansha Weekly Young Magazine, seinen
    Volume 26 first published in Japan 1997.08
    English version by Dark Horse Comics dropped after eight volumes

  3. 16 engage 2 of 2 by Miyasaka Kaho [Finale]
  4. 16 engage 2 (Level Comics edition)

    16 engage16engage 」 by Miyasaka Kaho
    Shogakukan Sho-Comi, shoujo
    Volume 2 first published in Japan 1997.08

  5. Fight!! Ippo (Hajime no Ippo) 66 of 88+ by Morikawa Joji
  6. はじめの一歩 66

    Hajime no Ippoはじめの一歩 」 by Morikawa Joji
    Kodansha Shuukan Shounen Magazine, shounen
    Volume 66 first published in Japan 2003.09

  7. [New] Grass Crown (Kusakanmuri no Namae) by Yoshimura Akemi
  8. 草冠の名前

    Kusakanmuri no Namae草冠の名前
    by Yoshimura Akemi
    Shogakukan Flower Comics, shoujo
    This volume first published in Japan 2006.08

  9. RED (Living On the Edge) 18 of 19 by Muraeda Kenichi
  10. RED 18

    REDRED 」 by Muraeda Kenichi
    Kodansha Young Magazine Uppers, seinen
    Volume 18 first published in Japan 2005.07

  11. Red Eyes 10 of 13+ by Shindo Jun
  12. red Eyes 10

    red Eyesred Eyes 」 by Shindo Jun
    Kodansha Magazine GREAT, shounen
    Volume 10 first published in Japan 2006.07

  13. Team Medical Dragon 8 of 20+ by Nogizaka Taro and Nagai Akira
  14. [New] Under the Rain (Ame ni Nurete mo) by Honda Keiko
  15. 雨にぬれても

    Ame ni Nurete mo雨にぬれても 」 by Honda Keiko
    Ohzora Shuppan Missy Comics, josei
    This volume first published in Japan in 2003.02 (first serialized in Shueisha's Office YOU in 1997)
    Published in English as Over the Rainbow by Central Park Media

Source: Elex Media STO 3 June 2009

RED 18 and Red Eyes 10 MSRP: IDR 19,000. 3X3 Eyes 26: IDR 18,000.
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~niki DBA huamulan03 (花木蘭03) who thanks Level's Lenny-san for untiringly providing synopses and cover art

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