Eyeshield 21 v.26, One Piece 51, Ouran High School Host Club 1, Raiders 1, Harlem Beat Until Dawn 2, Shonen Star 53 (Elex Media 27 and 29 May 2009 manga and manhwa)

No one has yet deciphered why One Piece volume 51 is releasing on its lonesome this Friday, but that doesn't detract any from its standing as the second most popular GET! this schedule. (The Most Wanted Manga in this list — by a margin of one — is Eyeshield 21 volume 26, which was a little surprising.)

I babble a bit more about the rest of the In Demand manga after the list. For now, let's focus on the two new series Elex is releasing in tankoubon.

The Haruhi (or The Other Haruhi, take your pick)
I'm sure the entire planet knows by now that story of a poor girl forced to repay a USD 80,000 debt by working as host that a synopsis of Sáu chàng trai và một cô gái / Ouran Host Club: Le lycée de la séduction / Instituto Ouran HOST CLUB (thanks, Baka-Updates Manga) / Ouran Koukou Host Club by Hatori Bisco-sensei is largely dispensable. I inserted that one-line summation, however, for the sake of some alien with internets access who might stroll into Gramed and come face to face with the Indonesian tankou that streets this Wednesday. (What are the chances of that??)

An unlooked-for twist
Flip- and lameness aside, the other debuting series—Raiders by Park JinJun—is definitely more controversial than a trap manga, and tells of the end of a search for the Holy Grail by one Ariel and a Dr. Langhome; the pair stumbles on what they are looking for — the blood of the Messiah — in a chrism bottle. Predictably, there are villains who also want the blood collected from the crucified Jesus as it allegedly confers immortality. Fatally wounded by a zombie, Ariel drinks the blood and now has to fend off monster after monster coveting everlasting life. [From the May Komikologi, with additions from Noizy Scanlation's synopsis excerpted by Baka-Updates Manga]

More blurbs and blah-blah behind the cut...

Elex Media manga and manhwa (2009.05.27)

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  1. B'T X 16 of 16 by Kurumada Masami [Finale]
  2. ビート・エックス 16

    B'T Xビート・エックス 」 by Kurumada Masami
    AKA Beat X (TOKYOPOP, up to volume 15)
    Kadokawa Shoten Shonen Ace, shounen
    Volume 16 first published in Japan 2000.03
    Re-released in bunko (eight volumes) by Home Sha

  3. Dangun (Onsoku Buster Dangun Dan) 6 of 8 by Teshirogi Takashi
  4. 音速バスターDANGUN弾 6

    Onsoku Buster Dangun Dan
    音速バスターDANGUN弾 」 by Teshirogi Takashi
    Shogakukan CoroCoro Comics, kodomo
    Volume 6 first published in Japan 2003.05

  5. Eyeshield 21 v26 of 35+ by Inagaki Riichiro and Murata Yusuke
  6. アイシールド21 26

    Eyeshield 21アイシールド21 」 by Inagaki Riichiro and Murata Yusuke
    Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump, shounen
    Volume 26 first published in Japan 2007.09
    Published in English by VIZ Media (volume 26 street date: 2009.06.02)

  7. Harlem Beat Until Dawn (Harlem Beat wa Yoake made) 2 of 5 by Takashima Kazusa
  8. ハーレムビートは夜明けまで 2

    Harlem Beat wa Yoake made
    by Takashima Kazusa
    Kadokawa Shoten Asuka, shoujo
    Volume 2 first published in Japan 2003.07
    Published in English as Mad Love Chase by TOKYOPOP (volume 1 street date: 2009.09.01)

  9. Legend of the Cursed Sword (Pageomgi) 24 of 37+ by Park HuiJin and Yeo BeopRyong
  10. 파검기 24

    by Park HuiJin and Yeo BeopRyong
    AKA Chronicles of the Cursed Sword
    Daiwon CI, sonyun
    Volume 24 first published in Korea 2006.01
    Published in English by TOKYOPOP (23 volumes)

  11. [Premiere] Ouran High School Host Club (Ouran Koukou Host Club) 1 of 14+ by Hatori Bisco
  12. 桜蘭高校ホスト部 1

    Ouran Koukou Host Club桜蘭高校ホスト部
    by Hatori Bisco
    Hakusensha LaLa, shoujo
    Volume 1 first published in Japan 2003.08
    Published in English by Chuang Yi (13 volumes, ongoing) and VIZ Media (volume 12 street date: 2009.06.02)
    Serialized in Indonesian in HanaLaLa (ongoing)

  13. [Premiere] Raiders 1 of 4+ by Park JinJun
  14. 레이더스 01

    by Park JinJun (or Park JinJoon)
    Daiwon C.I., Super Champ, sonyun
    Volume 1 first published in Korea 2007.07
    Published in English by Yen Press (volume 1 street date: 2009.12.15)

  15. Rose Hip Zero 4 of 5 by Fujisawa Toru

    Rose Hip ZeroROSE HIP ZERO
    by Fujisawa Toru
    Kodansha Shuukan Shounen Magazine, shounen
    Volume 4 first published in Japan 2006.04
    Published in English by TOKYOPOP (five volumes)
    Serialized in Indonesian in Shonen Magz
    Followed by Rose Hip Rose and Magnum Rose Hip

  17. Sersan Keroro (Keroro Gunsou) 15 of 18+ by Yoshizaki Mine
  18. ケロロ軍曹 15

    Keroro Gunsouケロロ軍曹 」 by Yoshizaki Mine
    AKA Sergeant Keroro, Sgt. Frog
    Kadokawa Shoten, Shonen Ace, shounen
    Volume 15 first published in Japan 2007.07
    Sgt. Frog published in English by TOKYOPOP (volume 17 street date: 2009.05.05)

Elex Media manga (2009.05.29)

  1. One Piece 51 of 54+ by Oda Eiichiro
  2. ONE PIECE 51

    One PieceONE PIECE 」 by Oda Eiichiro
    Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump, shounen
    Volume 51 first published in Japan 2008.09
    Published in English by VIZ Media (Volume 21: Utopia street date: 2009.06.02)

mangazines (2009.05.26)

  1. Nakayoshi Lovely 5 (Kodansha shoujo one-shots anthology)
  2. Shonen Star 53/2009 (Indonesian Shonen Sunday)

Source: Elex Media STO 27 May 2009

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Top 8 Most Wanted Manga

At last check (after lunch), EMO post-ers want these manga the most:

  1. Eyeshield 21 volume 26
  2. One Piece 51
  3. Ouran High School Host Club 1
  4. Harlem Beat Until Dawn 2
  5. Rose Hip Zero 4
  6. Shonen Star 53
  7. Sersan Keroro 15
  8. Raiders 1

Spotlight on...

B'T X 16 of 16
by Kurumada Masami

Takamiya Teppei finally reaches Main Tower and meets up with his older brother Kotaro. Ultimate B't Raphael has evolved into the perfect form, unbeatable even by Teppei. Ron, flung out into space, has discovered the satellite the Machine Kaiser occupies. Can Tepp and his friends stop the Machine Kaiser's ambitions as well as B't Raphael? [Translated from the May Komikologi]

more on the anthologies

Nakayoshi Lovely 5
(Squint at the cover below to make out the Kodansha shoujo one-shots in this issue.)

Nakayoshi Lovely 5 front cover

Shonen Star 53/2009 (Indonesian Shonen Sunday)

Shonen Star 53/2009 front cover

Featured blurb: InuYasha by Takahashi Rumiko

Moryomaru, the monster who engulfs other youkai to absorb their powers, succeeds in devouring Naraku and goes after the shard of the Jewel of Four Souls lodged in Koga's leg. But once again, Koga's legs fail him, prompting rival InuYasha to come to the rescue.

[Adapted from the May Komikologi write-up, with additional information from Wikipedia]

Other ShoSun manga serialized: Comic Bomber (Hoero Pen), Detektif Conan (Meitantei Conan), D-LIVE!!, Dr. Koto Shinryoujo, KATSU!, Kekkaishi, Kurozakuro, Look Up! (Miagete Goran), MÄR, Wild Life, Yakitate!! Japan

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