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For You in Full Blossom 22, Tokyo Juliet 5, Hajime no Ippo 65, ARMS 13 (Level Comics 19 May 2009 manga)

For You in Full Blossom 22 front cover (Level Comics)

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e © Nakajo Hisaya/Hakusensha
Published in Indonesia by Level Comics
[Cover provided by Level Comics]

Level Comics editor Lenny-san came through again for me, providing the 19 May manga release list in advance. I owe her (as well as Aryaguna-san, who originally approached me about Level schedules way back) lots. Thanks and ganbatte, ne, Level team!

I already mentioned the four manga in the post title in the May releases. Complementing that monthly sked now with the artwork Level provided. Of the quartet, the tankou that's got me antsy is Nakajo Hisaya-sensei's For You in Full Blossom (Hana-Kimi) 22, the penultimate volume (that I hope picks up on the Sano x Mizuki WAFF in volume 21). Synopsis below:

Mizuki joins the karate club to drum up courage to finally reveal her real identity to Sano. Things get stickier when someone espies Mizuki in the changing room, sparking rumors about a mysterious girl on campus. Will this be enough to compel Mizuki to 'fess up?

[From the Level back cover blurb, with additions from VIZ Media's synopsis for the same volume]

Meanwhile, in Tokyo Juliet 5, Minori and Akira — rivals!? (synopsis behind the cut)

Level Comics manga (2009.05.19)

Release links are hide/unhide. Click for more details and cover scans.

  1. Arms 13 of 22 by Minagawa Ryouji and Nanatsuki Kyouichi
  2. Arms 13 front cover (Level Comics)

    by Minagawa Ryouji and Nanatsuki Kyouichi
    AKA Project ARMS
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    Volume 13 first published in Japan 2000.07
    Series re-released in 12 volumes from 2007.06 to 2008.05
    Published in English by VIZ Media (volume 22 street date: 2009.05.12)

  3. Fight!! Ippo (Hajime no Ippo) 65 of 87+ by Morikawa Joji
  4. For You in Full Blossom (Hana-Kimi) 22 of 23 by Nakajo Hisaya
  5. For You in Full Blossom 22 front cover (Level Comics)

    Hanazakari no Kimitachi e花ざかりの君たちへ 」 by Nakajo Hisaya
    Hakusensha Hana to Yume, shoujo
    Volume 22 first published in Japan 2004.05
    Series re-released as aizōban (collector's editions) in 2007
    Published in English by VIZ Media (23 volumes)

  6. Tokyo Juliet 5 of 13 by Kitagawa Miyuki
  7. Tokyo Juliet 5 front cover (Level Comics)

    Tokyo Juliet東京ジュリエット
    by Kitagawa Miyuki
    Shogakukan Sho-Comi, shoujo
    Volume 5 first published in Japan 1997.06
    Series re-released in six volumes in 2002

Source: Level Comics, via email
(If you're going to re-post this, kindly link back and attribute.)

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moar blurbs

About Arms 13:
I must apologize for not translating the synopsis of Arms 13. I don't follow this shounen thriller revolving around nano-machines, cybernetic assassins, powerful telekinetic opponents, and a secret organization dedicated to bringing forth the next evolution of humankind (Amazon description of the English version); I only know that it's Alice-in-Wonderlandesque (and now, that it's about nano-machines, cybernetic assassins, powerful telekinetic opponents, and a secret organization dedicated to bringing forth the next evolution of humankind).

Without further context and with suspense apparently ratcheting, I don't think I'm up to translating the volume 13 back cover blurb. All I can offer is that in this enlightening installment, a comatose Takeshi learns more about Arms, while Ryo discovers the Jabberwock's true nature (from VIZ Media's blurb for the English volume).

Wow. This apologia is longer than the usual synopses... Now back to our regular blurby programming.

Fight!! Ippo 65 of 87+
Hajime no Ippo by Morikawa Joji

The East Japan rookie boxers' finals—Manabu's stage and the means to avenge himself against Kyosuke—looms. All is set, until Takamura and Ippo inform Manabu about a fatal weakness. Will the tournament spell Manabu's downfall?

Tokyo Juliet 5 of 13
Kitagawa Miyuki

Despite being rejected as her sponsor, Hinagata Eiji continues to plot against Minori. Meanwhile, intrigued by Minori, Fujisaka Mitsuki announces his resignation from Nichiyobo to join forces with Eiji — with Minori as the designer. Akira and Minori will be directly competing with each other!

[Synopses above were translated/adapted from the back cover blurbs provided by Level Comics]

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~niki DBA huamulan03 (花木蘭03) who would like to say Arigatou gozaimuchness again to Lenny-san


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I will take Hanakimi and Tokyo Juliet..
Can u ask the editor about Bond?
Bond - Reiko Momochi,
i have waited almost a year..
so long
and it just 1 vol until the end.
the last volume..

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