Black Lagoon 1, Lament, and Awaken (Chuang Yi English manga out now)

Lament by Hu JinXuan

Lament © Hu JinXuan/Chuang Yi

Not my fault that this Chuang Yi English manga list is delayed; as late as last night (when I checked), the titles were still My Fair Lady 22 and Pokemon Adventures 30 (6.02 releases).

Be that as it may, all of Chuang Yi's releases for 16 June are new manga. There's one series premiering—Black Lagoon by Hiroe Rei—plus two standalones that, going by the manga-kas' names, look like manhua: Awaken by ng shi kian and Lament by Hu JinXuan (the latter featuring the very visual kei cover you see on the right).

Chuang Yi synopses and the other two covers after the list

Chuang Yi manga (2009.06.16)

  1. [New] Awaken by ng shi kian
  2. [Premiere] Black Lagoon 1 by Hiroe Rei
  3. [New] Lament by Hu JinXuan

Source: Chuang Yi

Chuang Yi synopses

Awaken by ng shi kian

by ng shi kian
ISBN: 978-981-276-232-4
MSRP: SGD 10.50

Mundane. Ordinary. That was how life was meant to be like for the rest of Ori's life... or so he had thought. But on the night of his nineteenth birthday, his world takes a sharp dive into the bizarre, when he finds himself... a target for assassination?! As if getting caught in the middle of a fight between power-wielding beings isn't outrageous enough, Ori inexplicably shields his attacker from harm's way...

Black Lagoon 1 by Hiroe Rei

Black Lagoon 1 of 9+
by Hiroe Rei
Shogakukan Sunday GX, seinen
Volume 1 first published in Japan 2002.12
ISBN: 978-981-276-719-6 (CY)
MSRP: SGD 8.90

Mild-mannered Rokuro Okajima is your typical average Japanese salaryman living a typical average life. But while out on assignment from his company that fateful day, he is taken hostage by the crew of the Black Lagoon — a group of cutthroat mercenaries run by Dutch the Boss, Benny the Mechanic and Revy Two Hand — and Rokuro finds himself thrown headfirst into a deadly world of outlawed heroes, brutal villains and blazing gunfights!

by Hu JinXuan
ISBN: 978-981-276-854-4
MSRP: SGD 5.90

Sin. Temptation. Rage. Regret.

Below, lost souls of the underworld grow restless... Their murmurs, once silent; now overwhelm the senses with their deafening cries. As the sins of the mother who forsook her humanity to serve her new master are passed on to her accursed newborn, sixteen years on, the devil's spawn walks on human soil unaware of his fate, even as ominous signs hint of his eventual awakening...


  • Elex Media, Level Comics, and m&! 30 June 2009 manga

~niki DBA huamulan03 (花木蘭03)


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