Eyeshield 21 volume 28, New Legenda Naga 3, SORA - The Wingless Duck 8, Comic Bomber 13 of 13, Shonen Star 55 (Elex Media 22 July 2009 manga)

あひるの空 8

Ahiru no Sora © Hinata Takeshi/Kodansha

While I'm clueless over whether Kurumatani Sora actually weighs 44.4520523 kg, I do know he's supposed to be short on cm but tall on dreams of making it in basketball.

I heart this jammies-wearing cover of SORA - The Wingless Duck 8 so much that I had to lead with it for this Elex manga release. Not that I actually read the series, and what I know of the plot can be summed up as close to (theoretical) absolute zero.

Additionally, while I'm clueless over whether the eponymous Sora actually weighs 44.4520523 kg (98 lbs.), I do know he's supposed to be short on cm but tall on dreams of making it in basketball. The underdog overtones alone should be sufficient to provoke a read and who knows? Maybe I'll start next week and work my way up to Does he drink milk by the dam? volume 8.

Speaking of underdogs — or perhaps more appropriately, dark horses — brings me to Kobayakawa Sena and Eyeshield 21 volume 28, which actually cops the Most Wanted shounen manga honor for this sked. With the prospect of the absurdly strong Gao Rikiya wreaking major mayhem, is that any surprise?

(BTW, had to emphasize shounen again because all 7 titles + 1 manga anthology twizzling from Elex on the 22nd are such, with the exception of concluding seinen Comic Bomber 13.)

Comic Bomber 13 of 13 [Finale]
As the story of the controversial manga-ka Hono Moyuru (and friends) ends, Hero grows some and resigns from Studio Hono to start a new career in another magazine. Per predictable, the road to pro-dom is never easy.

One more translated-from-Komikologi synopsis (for Ryuurouden: Chuugen Ryouranhen or New Legenda Naga 3) tails the manga list, but before that —

Comic Bomber no Hono-sensei's Shonen Star kohai return next week, Satoyama Katsuki from Adachi Mitsuru's Katsu! among them. Issue #55 streets on the 21st.

Elex Media manga (2009.07.22)

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  1. Comic Bomber (Hoero Pen) 13 of 13 by Shimamoto Kazuhiko [Finale]
  2. 吼えろペン 13

    Hoero Pen吼えろペン 」 by Shimamoto Kazuhiko
    AKA Be Growl, Pen
    Shogakukan Sunday Gene-X, seinen
    Volume 13 first published in Japan 2004.12
    Prequel: Moeyo Pen (one volume)
    Sequel: Shin Hoero Pen (11 volumes)
    First serialized in Indonesian in Shonen Star

  3. Eyeshield 21 v28 of 37 by Inagaki Riichiro and Murata Yusuke
  4. アイシールド21 28

    Eyeshield 21アイシールド21
    by Inagaki Riichiro and Murata Yusuke
    Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump, shounen
    Volume 28 first published in Japan 2008.02
    Published in English by VIZ Media (volume 27 street date: 2009.08.04)

  5. Ghost Sweeper Mikami (GS Mikami Gokuraku Daisakusen!!) 34 of 39 by Shiina Takashi
  6. Lum, The Invader Girl (Urusei Yatsura) 12 of 34 by Takahashi Rumiko
  7. Urusei Yatsuraうる星やつら 」 by Takahashi Rumiko
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    Volume 12 first published in Japan 1984.11
    Series re-released in 15 wideban and 18 bunkoban volumes

  8. New Legenda Naga (Ryuurouden: Chuugen Ryouranhen) 3 of 5+ by Yamahara Yoshito
  9. 龍狼伝 中原繚乱編 3

    Ryuurouden: Chuugen Ryouranhen
    龍狼伝 中原繚乱編 」 by Yamahara Yoshito
    Sequel to Ryuurouden or Legenda Naga
    Kodansha Gekkan Shounen Magazine, shounen
    Volume 3 first published in Japan 2008.06

  10. The Pitcher (Nanto Magoroku) 69 of 70+ by Sadayasu Kei
  11. なんと孫六 69

    Nanto Magorokuなんと孫六 」 by Sadayasu Kei
    Kodansha Gekkan Shounen Magazine, shounen
    Volume 69 first published in Japan 2008.09

  12. SORA - The Wingless Duck (Ahiru no Sora) 8 of 24+ by Hinata Takeshi
  13. あひるの空 8

    Ahiru no Soraあひるの空 」 by Hinata Takeshi
    AKA Sora's Sky
    Kodansha Shuukan Shounen Magazine, shounen
    Volume 8 first published in Japan 2005.08

(1) Sources: Elex Media STO 22 July 2009 (release schedule) and Komikologi July 2009 (synopses).
(2) Links like this are Amazon.com search and/or product links (commercial), in case you're interested in another language version.

New Legenda Naga 3
Ryuurouden: Chuugen Ryouranhen龍狼伝 中原繚乱編 by Yamahara Yoshito

Shiro and allies triumph at the battle at Dang, thanks to help from the 300 dragon forces. But it's too early to celebrate as the enemy rallies; five thousand soldiers, led by the notorious general Liu Sun, breach the gate. With the dragon forces weakened from the previous fight, their only hope lies with the game plan concocted by military genius Shi Yuan.

mangazines (2009.07.21)

Shonen Star 55/2009
(Indonesian Shonen Sunday)

Shonen Star 55 front cover

Featured story: Katsu! by Adachi Mitsuru:

The Japanese mass media is in a frenzy after Misaki announces to the world how much he loves Mizutani Kazuki. Meanwhile, interhigh starts and the boxing hopefuls have faces as cuddly as gangsters'. Satoyama — FIGHT-O!

Other Shonen Star serials:
Detektif Conan (Meitantei Conan) by Aoyama Gosho · D-LIVE!! by Minagawa Ryouji · Dr. Koto Shinryoujo by Yamada Takatoshi · Kekkaishi by Tanabe Yellow · Kurozakuro by Natsume Yoshinori · Look Up! (Miagete Goran) by Kusaba Michiteru · MÄR by Anzai Nobuyuki · Wild Life by Fujisaki Masato · Yakitate!! Japan by Hashiguchi Takashi


m&c! 22 July 2009 manga: Shinobi Life 1 by Conami Shoko, Sweet Black by Nishikata Mai, My Cinderella (Watashi no Cinderella) by Kawase Natsuna, Gift Under the Rainbow by MOONSTONE & Yukiwo

~niki DBA huamulan03 (花木蘭03)


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manga available this week (14-15 July 2009 street dates)

  • Level Comics (7.14): Fight!! Ippo 68 and Tokyo Juliet 7
  • Elex Media (7.15): Yotsuba&! 8, Rocket Man 8, Alice Academy 11, La Corda D'Oro 1, The Best Skilled Surgeon (Saijou no Meii) 1 by Irie Kenzo & Hashiguchi Takashi
  • m&c! (7.15): Bleach 13, Alive 15, Happy Café 10, Not an Angel (Tenshi Ja Nai!) 1-2 by Shigematsu Takako, Archlord 6 of 6, Battle Story Rockman Exe 4 of 4

...and next (21 July 2009 street date)

Level Comics (7.21): Magister Negi Magi 19 (Yes, only one Level manga)

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