Pandora Hearts 1, The Ruler of Nabari 1, One Piece 52, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 10, School Rumble 2, HanaLaLa 41, Nakayoshi Lovely ~ Grapes (Elex 2 September 2009 manga)

Pandora Hearts 1

Pandora Hearts © Mochizuki Jun/Square Enix

Upon coming of age, ducal heir Oz Vessalius is thrown into a sempiternal prison known as the Abyss for crimes unknown. Fate conspires to have him meet Alice, an Abyss denizen. Can the pair escape continued confinement in the Abyss in Mochizuki Jun's shounen fantasy manga Pandora Hearts?

Elex finally releases the first of the GFantasy manga that were supposed to premiere in August. The second (sorry, you'll have to wait s'more for Ciel and Sebastian) is The Ruler of Nabari or Nabari no Ou.

The Ruler of Nabari 1 by Kamatani Yuhki

Rokujo Miharu is no normal junior high student, and it's not just because of his spectacular indifference to the world at large; within Miharu dwells Shinra Banshou, the strongest Hijutsu ever created by the Nabari (the Shinobi world). This oddity paints a bulls-eye on Miharu and he is targeted by an Iga ninja group, the Kairoushuu, who covet the Hijutsu. But Miharu is not alone in facing his pursuers: his English teacher Kumohira and classmate Kouichi are shinobi sworn to protect him.

Caught between the clashing Fuuma and Iga ninja, Miharu must take up the mantle of the ruler of Nabari, if he is at all going to survive and more importantly, return to his life of apathy.

One Piece 52 by Oda Eiichiro

Efon O


In ONE PIECE 52, Roger and Rayleigh, the Marines go after the Straw Hats for having attacked a Celestial Dragon. Even new pirates get into the act. Shabondy Island becomes a sea of fire, especially when Kizaru, a Marine admiral who has effectively dispatched the pirates who had assisted the Straw Hats, makes his appearance. [With additions from Wikipedia]


The latest HanaLaLa (volume 41) sees the debut of Kurinoki Maaya as a competitive figure skater, partnered by pro skater Kano Shun, who unfortunately blows cold about the entire thing in Sugar Princess by Nakajo Hisaya (Hana-Kimi manga-ka).

(That Nakajo Hisaya-sensei created Sugar Princess, as well as putting me in mind of The Cutting Edge, the 1992 movie that remains one of my favorite ice skating romances of all time, only heightens the angsticipation.)

Meanwhile, the sixth volume of Nakayoshi LovelyNakayoshi Lovely ~ Grapes — also releases on the 2nd. Although Naka Lovely is supposed to be an anthology of Kodansha shoujo one-shots, this issue features the continuation of Cocoa! by Kashiwagi Shiho, the story of Tsubame who goes to a school polarized into regular and celebrity divisions, and who runs into male model Chio. [Adapted from Nagareboshi Manga's summary, excerpted by Baka-Updates Manga]

More on the other Naka Lovely stories: Spring Love by Takagami Yuriko, Junior High Debut! by Minazuki Shin, and Starving by Ippo Sakuya in a separate post.

Summaries of Detektif Conan Seri Animasi TV 19, Eat-Man 14, Inuyasha 45, School Rumble 2, and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 10 after the manga list.

Elex Media manga and manhwa (2009.09.02)

Release links are hide/unhide. Click for more details and cover scans.

  1. Detektif Conan Seri Animasi TV 19 of 23+ by Aoyama Gosho
  2. Doraemon Comic Quiz 6 by Fujiko F. Fujio
  3. Doraemon Pika-Pika 12 by Fujiko F. Fujio
  4. Eat-Man 14 of 19 by Yoshitomi Akihito
  5. EAT-MAN 14

    Eat-ManEAT-MAN 」 by Yoshitomi Akihito
    ASCII Media Works Dengeki Comics, shounen
    Volume 14 first published in Japan 2001.09
    Series initially picked up for English distribution by VIZ Media; dropped after two volumes

  6. InuYasha 45 of 56 by Takahashi Rumiko
  7. 犬夜叉 45

    InuYasha犬夜叉 」 by Takahashi Rumiko
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    Volume 45 first published in Japan 2006.05
    Inuyasha published in English by VIZ Media (volume 40 street date: 2009.09.08)
    Serialized in the Indonesian Shonen Star

  8. One Piece 52 of 55+ by Oda Eiichiro
  9. ONE PIECE 52

    One PieceONE PIECE 」 by Oda Eiichiro
    Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump, shounen
    Volume 52 first published in Japan 2008.12
    One Piece published in English by VIZ Media (Volume 22: Hope!! street date: 2009.10.06)

  10. [Premiere] Pandora Hearts 1 of 9+ by Mochizuki Jun
  11. Pandora Hearts 1

    Pandora HeartsPandora Hearts
    by Mochizuki Jun
    Square Enix GFantasy, shounen
    Volume 1 first published in Japan 2006.10
    Also serialized in English in Yen Plus
    Pandora Hearts published in English by Yen Press (volume 1 street date: 2009.12.15)

  12. Reborn Kumiho (Shin Gumiho) 16 of 21 by Han HyunDong
  13. 신 구미호 16

    Shin Gumiho신 구미호 」 by Han HyunDong
    Daiwon C.I., Pang Pang and Super Champ, sonyun
    Volume 16 first published in Korea 2006.07

  14. [Premiere] The Ruler of Nabari (Nabari no Ou) 1 of 11+ by Kamatani Yuhki
  15. 隠の王 1

    Nabari no Ou隠の王 」 by Kamatani Yuhki
    Square Enix GFantasy, shounen
    Volume 1 first published in Japan 2004.11
    Also serialized in English in Yen Plus
    Nabari no Ou published in English by Yen Press (volume 2 street date: 2009.10.27)

  16. Ruler of The Land (Yul Hyul Kang Ho) 44 of 49+ by Jeon KeukJin and Yang JaeHyun
  17. 열혈강호 44

    Yul Hyul Kang Ho열혈강호
    by Jeon KeukJin and Yang JaeHyun
    AKA Yul Hyul Gang Ho or Yulgang
    Daiwon C.I. Young Champ, seinen
    Volume 44 first published in Korea 2007.07
    Published in English by ADV Manga

  18. School Rumble 2 of 22 by Kobayashi Jin
  19. School Rumble 2

    School RumbleSchool Rumble
    by Kobayashi Jin
    Kodansha Shuukan Shounen Magazine, shounen
    Volume 2 first published in Japan 2003.09
    School Rumble published in English by Del Rey (volume 13 street date: 2009.09.29)
    Sequel: School Rumble Z (one volume, complete)

  20. SORA - The Wingless Duck (Ahiru no Sora) 10 of 25+ by Hinata Takeshi
  21. あひるの空 10

    Ahiru no Soraあひるの空 」 by Hinata Takeshi
    AKA Sora's Sky
    Kodansha Shuukan Shounen Magazine, shounen
    Volume 10 first published in Japan 2006.01

  22. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 10 of 27+ by CLAMP
  23. ツバサ 10

    Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLEツバサ 」 by CLAMP
    Kodansha Shuukan Shounen Magazine, shounen
    Volume 10 first published in Japan 2005.05
    Tsubasa published in English by Del Rey (volume 23 street date: 2009.10.27) and Chuang Yi (22 volumes, ongoing)
    Serialized in Indonesian in Shonen Magz

(1) Sources: Elex Media STO 2 September 2009 (release schedule) and Komikologi August 2009 (synopses, except where noted)
(2) Detective Conan Seri Animasi TV 19 SRP: IDR 28,800; Doraemon Pika-Pika 12 SRP: IDR 13,500
(3) Links like this are Amazon.com search and/or product links (commercial), in case you're interested in another language version.

Synopses continued...

Detektif Conan Seri Animasi TV 19 of 23+
Meitantei Conan by Aoyama Gosho

Efon O


During a gathering organized by a video game company, Conan encounters a mysterious man in black — who just might be connected with the MIBs who shrunk his body.

I think this is based on the episode, A Game Company's Murder Case. [See: Detective Conan: A Game Company's Murder Case episode on TV.com ]

Eat-Man 14
EAT-MAN 」 by Yoshitomi Akihito

The Kirk Company offers all the adventurers in town the chance to be on its payroll. Whoever resists the invitation will either be forced to join, or be killed. The Kirk Company has its eye on Wolfstar, an adventurer who frequently helps the townspeople, and captures him. Bolt is given the mission to rescue Wolfstar.

Inuyasha 45
犬夜叉 」 by Takahashi Rumiko

The Wiki summary below already does such a good, clear job of summing up this volume (containing chapters 439 to 448).

Naraku uses a jewel shard to revive and absorb Youmeiju, a tree that destroys barriers and absorbs youkai.

Koga fights despite knowing that because of Midoriko's will, his legs won't move in battle. Mouryomaru absorbs Naraku, merging the Shikon jewel inside, and takes the shards from Koga's legs. Naraku reappears inside Mouryomaru and uses the Youmeiju's ability to absorb Akago, Naraku's heart.

The Yourouzoku's elders help Koga escape at the last moment, exposing Naraku's heart. Miroku tries to consume it with the wind tunnel, even at the price of his life, but Inuyasha stops him and Naraku runs away. Kikyo purifies the miasma inside Miroku's body.

Anything I cranked out from the blurb in Komikologi September will have been so much bleh, so I spared you.

School Rumble 2
School Rumble 」 by Kobayashi Jin

Kenji sinks into depression after seeing Tenma with someone else during lunch break. What else to do but channel his woes into a manga of his creation? For her part, Tenma decides to conquer cooking—and escape burning the house down while she's at it.

[Adapted from the Amazon summary of the same volume (Del Rey edition)]

Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE 10
ツバサ 」 by CLAMP

The battle between the gods Ashura and Yasha draws to its close. What will the outcome mean for future generations? Syaoran and friends can only guess before continuing their collection of Princess Sakura's memory-feathers.

[Adapted from the summaries of Chuang Yi and Del Rey (via Amazon) for the same volume]

mangazines (2009.09.02)

HanaLaLa 41/2009

HanaLaLa 41 front cover: Sugar Princess

Sugar Princess © Nakajo Hisaya/Hakusensha

[Premiere] Sugar Princess by Nakajo Hisaya

Kurinoki Maaya performs a double Axel at her local ice skating rink. It shouldn't have invited the awe of spectators, except this is her first attempt at the figure skating jump. One of the witnesses to Maaya's exceptional feat, coach Todo Eishi, offers Maaya the chance to transform into a skating princess and skate competitively, in tandem with the Sparkling Prince Kano Shun.

Unfortunately for Maaya, Shun prefers to go solo!

Kyaaa~! Sparks (not ouji sparkles) are gonna fly, definitely!!

Other highlights of the Indonesian Hana to Yume and LaLa:

Also in serialization:

Nakayoshi Lovely ~Grapes~

Highlights of Issue 6:

Because Elex was generous enough to provide hefty synopses of these four, they're getting their own post.

UP NEXT: More 2 September 2009 manga

Level Comics: Death's Notice (Ikigami) 1 by Mase Motoro · xxxHOLiC 4 · AirGear 7 · Fly, Daddy, Fly! 1 by Kaneshiro Kazuki & Akishige Manabu · Attack 1 by Oshima Tsukasa · RED (Living On The Edge) 19 of 19

m&c!: Goong 16 · Alive 17 · Not An Angel 3-4 · Family Game by Karasawa Chika · Shinobi Life 3 · Nube 21-36 (reissue)

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manga available this week (26 August 2009 street date)

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  • Level Comics: Rainbow 13 · Love Affair 3 · Little Jumper 5 · Vagabond 29 · ARMS 14 · Smurf Hitam · Michel Vaillant - The Great Challenge
  • m&c!: Venus Capriccio 3 · Special A 13 and 14 · W Juliet II 2 of 2 · Song of Love 2 · Watase Yuu's Manga Manual Manga Yuugi · Love Me, Love Me Not 1 by Tachibana Yutaka

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