A Badboy Drinks Tea 4, The Scent of Love 6, Sweet Sweet Darling by Morio Masami (m&c! 16 December 2009 manga)

Also, Long Hu Men 162, Narutoya Ramen Road 5, and Dive!! 3.

Updated: Replaced covers with m&c!'s. Also added synopses.

Sweet Sweet Darling (m&c!)

Konpeitou Darling ♪ © Morio Masami/Hakusensha
Published in Indonesia as Sweet Sweet Darling by PT Gramedia/m&c!

M&C! seems to have put in some serious overtime last week; the December Week III manga (and manhua) releases were reported as early as pre-dawn Saturday. (゜ロ゜) Ganbatte, m&c!

Of the principally shounen list (Ma-kun, anyone?), three shoujo titles slip in: Sparkling Gingachou (volume 7), The Scent of Love or Kirakira Kaoru (bunkoban 6), and the latest manga from Morio Masami (The Extra Kobayashi and Love Chop!) below.

New manga

Sweet Sweet Darling stars lovebirds Kuri and Shindou who, like any new young couple, err on the side of morantic (moronic + romantic). So much so it gets annoying. (I'm sure you know people like them IRL.) But are Kuri x Shindou really headed for Happy Even After? Or, can they only look forward to bittersweet memories in the future because (as pointed out by Benjamin Disraeli), the magic of first love rests on the ignorance that it can ever end?

With that sugar shock-inducing title, whadayathink?

The rest of the just off the press synopses booty are behind the fake cut.


Complete your collection of Hell Teacher Nube's paranormal exploits. m&c! continues to countdown to the volume 1 reissue with the 16 December rerelease of volumes 11 through 15.

m&c! 16 December 2009 manga and manhwa (2009.12.16)

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  1. A Badboy Drinks Tea! (Ocha Nigosu) 4 of 11 by Nishimori Hiroyuki
  2. Dive!! 3 of 5 by Mori Eto & Ikeno Masahiro
  3. Dive!! 3 (m&c!)

    by Mori Eto & Ikeno Masahiro
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    Volume 3 first published in Japan 2008.04

  4. Long Hu Men (Oriental Heroes) 162 by Tony Wong Yuk Long
  5. Narutoya Ramen Road (Nijiiro Ramen) 5 of 18 by Baba Tamio
  6. Narutoya Ramen Road 5

    Nijiiro Ramen虹色ラーメン 」 by Baba Tamio
    Akita Shoten Weekly Shonen Champion, shounen
    Volume 5 first published in Japan 2002.05

  7. The Scent of Love (Kirakira Kaoru) 6 of 8 by Takahashi Saemi
  8. きらきら馨る 6の巻

    Kirakira Kaoruきらきら馨る
    by Takahashi Saemi
    Shinshokan Wings Comics Bunko, shoujo/BL
    Originally published in 12 tankoubon, re-released in 8 bunko volumes
    Bunko volume 6 first published in Japan 2006.04

  9. Sparkling Gingachou (Kirameki Gingachou Shoutengai) 7 of 10 by Fujimoto Yuki
  10. Sparkling Gingachou 7 (m&c!)

    Kirameki Gingachou Shoutengai
    キラメキ☆銀河町商店街 」 by Fujimoto Yuki
    AKA Sparkling Galaxy Town Shopping Center
    Hakusensha Hana to Yume, shoujo
    Volume 7 first published in Japan 2008.11

  11. [New] Sweet Sweet Darling (Konpeitou Darling) by Morio Masami
  12. Sweet Sweet Darling (m&c!)

    Konpeitou Darling ♪こんぺいとうダーリン♪
    by Morio Masami
    Hakusensha LaLa DX, shoujo
    This volume first published in Japan 2008.01

  13. Yowamushi Pedal, Go! (Yowamushi Pedal) 3 of 9+ by Watanabe Wataru
  14. Yowamushi Pedal, Go! 3 (m&c!)

    Yowamushi Pedal弱虫ペダル
    by Watanabe Wataru
    Akita Shoten Weekly Shonen Champion, shounen
    Volume 3 first published in Japan 2008.11


(1) Sources: m&c!, m&c! and Elex Media 16 December 2009 STO
(2) All manga above priced at IDR 15,000 each, with the exception of Long Hu Men 162 (SRP: IDR 60,000) and The Scent of Love 6 (IDR 22,500)

Synopses continued...

A Badboy Drinks Tea!
Ocha Nigosuお茶にごす。 」 by Nishimori Hiroyuki

We're heading for a showdown! Mr. Perfect materializes in front of Ma The Devil in the person of one Kashizawa Kouki. Ma-kun deals Kashizawa an embarrassing blow, prompting Mr. Now Imperfect to plot revenge and get Ma kicked out of the sadou club. Can Ma sidestep Kashizawa's cleverly(?) laid trap?

Dive!! 3
DIVE!! 」 by Mori Eto & Ikeno Masahiro

Only three athletes get to partipate in the joint dive training in Beijing. Can Tomo capture one of the berths? More importantly, can the two-week exercise enhance MDC's performance enough to trounce the Chinese team?

Narutoya Ramen Road 5
Nijiiro Ramen虹色ラーメン 」 by Baba Tamio

The 53rd Tokeidou Race heats up and the possibility that someone wants a win enough to cheat runs high! The recipe concocted by Touya over the course of days appears on some other contestant's plate; is it even possible for two different cooks to come up with the same thing? Or has a spy been very busy?

Sparkling Gingachou 7
Kirameki Gingachou Shoutengaiキラメキ☆銀河町商店街 」 by Fujimoto Yuki

Gingachou is chosen for the Dramatic City shoot. The entire district is in uproar — which shop will sparkle the brightest and grab the number 1 position? As excitement builds, Mike and friends enter their second year of senior high. Will this year finally see progress in Mike and Kuro's relationship?

Yowamushi Pedal, Go! 3
Yowamushi Pedal弱虫ペダル 」 by Watanabe Wataru

To fulfill his dream of racing with Imaizumi and Naruko, Sakamichi Onoda enters his very first bike race with mamachari. But mamachari is no match for Road Racer, a bitter fact Onoda, even pedaling with all his might, will just have to accept...

~niki DBA huamulan03 (花木蘭03) who's now feening for some konpeitou

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