Manga: The Pending Corner: Sakura Wars 5, Junkyard Magnetic 6, Mysterious Joker 3, Lucky Luke - Di Bawah Langit Barat

Just in case the title or these comments weren't enough — the m&c! manga and Level ROMIC listed above (and below) will not be in stores on the 9th, per schedule (original Elex advisory here).

I really hope that Gramedia meant postponed (mundur STO) and not "cancelled" (batal). I will advise if/when I get word on their availability.

Pending manga and ROMIC (per 2009.12.09)

  1. Junkyard Magnetic 6 of 6 by Murayama Wataru [Finale]
  2. Lucky Luke - Di Bawah Langit Barat (Under the Western Sky) by Morris
  3. Mysterious Joker (Kaitou Joker) 3 of 4+ by Takahashi Hideyasu
  4. Sakura Wars (Sakura Taisen) 5 of 9 by Hiroi Ouji/Fujishima Kousuke/Masa Ikku

Source: EMO forum per 8 December 2009

~niki DBA huamulan03 (花木蘭03) who apologizes for any inconvenience her posts might have caused

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huamulan03 said...

All these released on the 23rd.

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