Song of Love 5, NG Boy x Paradise 1-3 of 3, Koi Puzzle, Naze Nani Honey? (m&c! 23 December 2009 manga)

Also Kirarin Revolution 12, Rento 2, and the Between Two Hearts finale.

Edited because m&c! sed the Lovely Days volume 1-6 box set reissue DID make it in time for 23rd December.

Song of Love 5 (m&c!)

Eden no Trill © Fujita Maki/Akita Shoten (Serialized in Princess)
Published in Indonesia as Song of Love by PT Gramedia/m&c!

This 23 December m&c! manga post constitutes the last Gramedia release sked for 2009; the next time you'll see new manga in stores will be on 6 January 2010.

The rain continues to fall as I write this, but Song of Love (Eden no Trill) volume 5 turns up the heat, so it's okay. Just as Ritsu finally gets a handle on Eiri's older brother Enji, she finds herself "abducted" by another Takamura sib (the eldest). How will Eiri react to his possession getting snatched without his permission?


NG Boy x Paradise 1 (m&c!) NG Boy x Paradise 2 (m&c!) NG Boy x Paradise 3 (m&c!)

NG Boy x Paradise © Miyawaki Yukino/Shogakukan
Published in Indonesia by PT Gramedia/m&c!

This 2K9-closing release also brings us an NG Boy x Paradise trifecta (talk about voluble persistence paying off and how). Miyawaki Yukino's shoujo series, which has only been a mainstay of my Cherry babble, finally releases in tankoubon. NG Para tells of Kashiwabara Miu's love triangle romance with idol twins Kamishiro Manato and Mahiro. In volume 1, Miu discovers the twins' secret and ends up living with the boys. Volume 2 has Miu falling head over heels with Mahiro and discovering another secret (named Shiori). The finale volume 3 predictably sees Miu all confused after (the wrong twin?) Manato kisses her.

NG Boy x Paradise isn't the only Cherry serial to come out in book form this round; there's also Love Puzzle (Koi Puzzle) and Naze Nani Honey?, both from Satsuki Mikiko (1/6 Jump! manga-ka).

Love Puzzle stars three sisters in search of romance. The eldest, Aihara Tsukasa, only longs for Zen and is crushed when she finds out that Zen will be transferring to a high school in Tokyo. Middle sister Wakasa knows the pain of love gone wrong but apparently hasn't learned her lesson; she goes and falls for close friend Meguro. With all this rabu rabu in the air, is it any wonder that when third sis Mikasa falls in love, it's love at first sight?

Mioko, meanwhile, isn't looking for love initially. She has enough trouble already, what with her notoriety for not being able to speak English, despite her very Western looks. Japanese Rei, on the other hand, can only converse in English. Find out how the pair stumbles on to love when Rei comes to live with Mioko in Naze Nani Honey?.

The rest of the summaries—for the remaining debuting series Ohagi Number One, Rento 2, Petualangan Pingu 2, Kirarin Revolution 12, and Between Two Hearts 3—are after the manga list.

Mangazine: Cherry 38/2009

Cherry 38

The latest edition of Cherry, m&c!'s monthly anthology of Shogakukan shoujo (and sometimes, josei) titles, features Takoyaki Princess by Mizuho Rino as the front cover. Uchi's quest to have everyone in a little town enjoying takoyaki was first serialized in Ciao. (And here I thought its original home had been ChuChu, just like NG Para, Naze Nani Honey?, and Love Puzzle.) The mangazine also has its regular features/columns: Itadakimasu, Creative Land, and Shaberimashou.

m&c! is very proud to say that Issue 38 comes with a bonus Beauty Pop (one of the titles still in serialization) 2010 calendar poster — and you don't even have to join a quiz to snag one.

m&c! manga (2009.12.23)

Release links are hide/unhide. Click for more details and cover scans.

  1. Between Two Hearts (Hitohira no Koi ga Furu) 3 of 3 by Yabuuchi Yuu [Finale]
  2. Between Two Hearts 3 (m&c!)

    Hitohira no Koi ga Furuひとひらの恋が降る
    by Yabuuchi Yuu
    AKA Love flakes are snowing
    Shogakukan ChuChu, shoujo
    Volume 3 first published in Japan 2008.04

  3. Kirarin Revolution 12 of 14 by Nakahara An
  4. Kirarin Revolution 12 (m&c!)

    Kirarin Revolutionきらりん☆レボリューション 」 by Nakahara An
    Shogakukan Ciao, shoujo
    Volume 12 first published in Japan 2008.07
    Main story: Kirarin Revolution: Tokubetsuhen

  5. [New] Love Puzzle (Koi Puzzle) by Satsuki Mikiko
  6. Love Puzzle (m&c!)

    Koi Puzzleコイパズル 」 by Satsuki Mikiko
    Shogakukan ChuChu, shoujo
    This volume first published in Japan 2007.10
    Serialized in Indonesian in Cherry

  7. [New] Naze Nani Honey? by Satsuki Mikiko
  8. Naze Nani Honey? (m&c!)

    Naze Nani Honey?なぜなにHoney?
    by Satsuki Mikiko
    Shogakukan ChuChu, shoujo
    This volume first published in Japan 2008.01
    Serialized in Indonesian in Cherry
    Contains the stories: Naze Nani Honey? · Private Noise · Your Number One.

  9. [Premiere] NG Boy x Paradise 1 of 3 by Miyawaki Yukino
  10. NG Boy x Paradise 1 (m&c!)

    NG Boy x ParadiseNG BOY×パラダイス
    by Miyawaki Yukino
    Shogakukan ChuChu, shoujo
    Volume 1 first published in Japan 2006.09
    Serialized in Indonesian in Cherry

  11. [New] NG Boy x Paradise 2 of 3 by Miyawaki Yukino
  12. NG Boy x Paradise 2 (m&c!)

    Volume 2 first published in Japan 2007.02

  13. [New] NG Boy x Paradise 3 of 3 by Miyawaki Yukino [Finale]
  14. NG Boy x Paradise 3 of 3 (m&c!)

    Volume 3 first published in Japan 2007.06

  15. [Premiere] Ohagi Number One 1 of 4 by Komuro Eiko
  16. Ohagi Number One 1 (m&c!)

    Ohagi the Number One! by Komuro Eiko
    Shogakukan Flower Comics, shoujo
    Volume 1 first published in Japan 1998.11

  17. Petualangan Pingu 2 by HIT Entertainment
  18. Rento 2 of 3 by Karube Junko
  19. Rento 2 (m&c!)

    Rento.れんと。 」 by Karube Junko
    Kodansha Kiss KC, josei
    Volume 2 first published in Japan 2006.09

  20. Song of Love (Eden no Trill) 5 of 7+ by Fujita Maki
  21. Song of Love 5 (m&c!)

    Eden no Trill楽園のトリル 」 by Fujita Maki
    Akita Shoten Princess, shoujo
    Volume 5 first published in Japan 2009.01
    Trill on Eden published in English by Go! Comi (volume 3 released 2009.12.01)

Box sets

(1) Sources: Elex Media STO 23 December 2009 (release schedule) and m&c!
(2) All manga above priced IDR 15,000 each, except Buku Bergambar Anak: Pingu 2 (SRP: IDR 39,900).
(3) Links like this are Amazon.com (or other online merchants) search and/or product links (commercial), in case you're interested in another language version.

There's actually a bright side to being tardy with this schedule; I was so late, I caught the advisory that the Lovely Days 1-6 manga box set and the Death Note 7-9 (Paket Hijau) and 10-12 (Paket Biru) reissues had been postponed before I got around to posting this. « Edit: As stated at the top of this post, the Lovely Days manga box set is included in this release sked.

Synopses continued...

Between Two Hearts 3 of 3
Hitohira no Koi ga Furuひとひらの恋が降る 」 by Yabuuchi Yuu

Even though she finds it difficult to admit, Haruru now knows who owns her heart. So how come she still harbors doubts about her destined one?

Kirarin Revolution 12
きらりん☆レボリューション 」 by Nakahara An

Having promised Hayami, Kirari bows out of showbiz. But the decision is harder on her than she'd expected; she still pines for the days when she was an idol. Staging a comeback, however, is near impossible, since she announced her retirement on live TV.

Ohagi Number One volume 1
Ohagi the Number One!おはぎザ・ナンバーわん! 」 by Komuro Eiko

Rika doesn't know what her parents are thinking, bringing home a big and fat dog, knowing that she's afraid of canines. To make things worse, Rika has to take care of the dog named Ohagi. Her pitiful situation turns 180 when Ohagi lets Rika get close to her crush, Yamamoto.

Petualangan Pingu 2 (m&c!)

Petualangan Pingu 2
by HIT Entertainment

Pingu's playful adventures continue, with Pinga, Pingi, Robby, and Pingo in Pingu yang Malang (Poor Pingu!), Sahabat Pingu (Pingu's friend), Sekolah Meluncur (Sliding School), and Pingu Bau (Pingu stinks!).

Rento 2
れんと。 」 by Karube Junko

Everyone who passes through Genman bridge forgets about the experience. Everyone, that is, except orphaned Rento, who considers the bridge precious because that was where she met her mother. Albert parentless, Rento still manages to bring smiles to the faces of the people around her through her own sincere smile.

~niki DBA huamulan03 (花木蘭03) who wishes everyone, A Very Blessed Christmas and a Peace-filled New Year!

P.S. This is probably NOT going to be my last post for December. Look for the 6 January 2010 manga releases next!


Cover images and source summaries used here for reference are © their respective intellectual rights holders. No infringement intended.

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