ARMS 16 shounen manga by Minagawa Ryouji and Nanatsuki Kyouichi (Level Comics street date: 27 January 2010)

Deploying the artwork I got anyway series, Part 7 (In any case, you're talking to a card-carrying Alice in Wonderland fan)

ARMS 16 (Level Comics)

ARMS © Minagawa Ryouji & Nanatsuki Kyouichi/Shogakukan (Serialized in Shonen Sunday)
Published in Indonesia by Elex Media/Level Comics


By Minagawa Ryouji and Nanatsuki Kyouichi
Original title: ARMS
Shogakukan, originally serialized in Shonen Sunday, shounen
Volume 16 first released in Japan 2001.03
Series re-released in 12 volumes from 2007.06 to 2008.05
Published in Indonesia 2010.01 by PT Elex Media Komputindo/Level Comics


Having penetrated Carillon Tower, the nerve center of the Egrigori organization bent on creating a cyborg-dominated future for humankind, the Arms race to lay waste to the center's facilities.

Hayato is suspicious of Bobby's eagerness to exterminate Ryou, when the enemy forces are focused on bringing down Knight. Apparently, Black had gotten to Bobby, promising him freedom in exchange for Ryou's life. Ryou only realizes this belatedly, but regret will have to wait, for Huey shows up. The NEXT Egrigori weapon surpasses previous combat cyborgs!

[With additions from Amazon's description of Project ARMS volume 16 (VIZ Media edition)]

This series was awarded the 1999 Shogakukan Manga Award for the shounen category, although it's still the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland influence that continues to intrigue me. As I babbled over on the Level 27 January manga post, one of these days, I'll actually get around to reading this thing, lurvin' Alice in Wonderland-inspired manga (yes, I'm talking about you, Heart no Kuni no Alice) like I do. The question is: will I get to read/catch up with this series before Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland premieres?

~niki DBA huamulan03 (花木蘭03) who thanks Level editor Lenny-san for the artwork and summary

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