Black Butler 5, Q.E.D. 32, Naruto 47, HanaLaLa 46 (Elex 27 January 2010 manga)

Also, Yakitate!! Japan 16, the penultimate Trigun Maximum, and AAA (Triple A) 2.

Q.E.D.証明終了 32

Q.E.D. Shomei Shuryo © Katou Motohiro/Kodansha (Serialized in Magazine E-no)
Published in Indonesia as Q.E.D. by Elex Media

I was wondering what it would take to oust Sebastian Michaelis and Ciel Phantomhive from their seemingly eternal dominance of my blog post leads and what do you know? Touma Sou and Mizuhara Kana show up for this Elex manga release. So perforce Black Butler volume 5 has to give way to Q.E.D. volume 32.

The latest compile of Katou Motohiro-sensei's shounen tantei series, winner of the 33rd Annual Kodansha Manga Awards 2009 for the shounen category, contains chapters 62 Magic & Magic and 63 Lead file (or Red files; here's the original title: レッド・ファイル). In Magic & Magic, Touma and Kana go to see a magic performance. Ever-logical (and legerdemain virgin) Touma isn't immediately impressed. Conjuror Kurohoshi Manto then vows to wow Touma with his magic. (Looking forward to how mathematician Touma will work in Q.E.D. in this challenge.)


Three manga series premiere—Tale of Poor Sisters by Kazuto Izumi (that you probably already know from the slice-of-life Binbou Shimai Monogatari anime), New Little Ghost Q-Taro (Shin Obake no Q-Taro) by Fujiko F. Fujio that I also presume is the manga that spawned the 1970s-vintage anime of the same title, and Let's Play by 888 (hachihachihachi), finally ID'd as the seinen ecchi series Asobi ni Iku yo!, serialized in Comic Alive. Also, two standalones: Fengsui School (Fusui Gakuen) by Shouji Haruka and Natsu Midori (another Media Factory title) and the Cat's Dreams anthology by Kosaka Tomoko, a Serial Cantik manga.

Finally, there's the non-fiction novel 1 Liter of Tears, the diary of Kito Aya chronicling her struggle with the Spinocerebellar ataxia disease and teenage life, published shortly before her death. (Elex released the One Litre Of Tears manga version in February 2008.)

Penguin Revolution wraps serialization in HanaLaLa 46

HanaLaLa 46 - Front cover: Penguin Revolution

Penguin Kakumei
© Tsukuba Sakura/Hakusensha

Tsukuba Sakura's Penguin Revolution finishes in HanaLaLa 46. Can volume 1 then (promised in the January Komikologi) not be too far behind? I know, I know, unproductive speculation; let's instead recap where we are in PenKaku: Ryo gives a fantastically radiant performance on the Bridge of Dreams opening night; how will his mother, Oka Yoko, fare in the same role? And who will the audience favor for the third night's show? I expect these questions, at least, to be answered in the last chapter 35, as it looks like the series will end on an decidedly undecided Ryou x Yukari x Aya note.

The newest HanaLaLa also tempts with another double shot of Tsuraga-san and Shoutaro (and some Beagle Reino) in Nakamura Yoshiki's Skip Beat! Acts 95-96: Suddenly, a Love Story - Ending, Part 2 and 3. For a change of pace, the one-shot this time—You and Me Song—is from With My Brothers manga-ka Tokeino Hari.

I will resume the HanaLaLa babble (upcoming on featured series Arakure and La Corda D'Oro), along with the rest of the tankoubon summaries after the manga list.

Elex Media manga (2010.01.27)

Release links are hide/unhide. Click for more details and cover scans.

  1. 7 Seeds 15 of 17+ by Tamura Yumi
  2. 7SEEDS 15

    7SEEDS7SEEDS 」 by Tamura Yumi
    Shogakukan Flowers and Betsucomi, shoujo
    Volume 15 first published in Japan 2009.04

    Volume 15: Summer Solstice Chapter contains:
    15. Understand (解る)
    16. Thirst (渇く)
    17. Protect (守る)
    18. Love (愛する)
    19. Trap (陥る)

  3. AAA 2 of 4 by Fukushima Haruka
  4. AAA[トリプルエー] 2

    AAA (Triple A)AAA[トリプルエー]
    by Fukushima Haruka
    Kodansha Nakayoshi, shoujo
    Volume 2 first published in Japan 2008.09
    Serialized in Indonesian in Nakayoshi Gress!

  5. Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) 5 of 8+ by Toboso Yana
  6. 黒執事 5

    Kuroshitsuji黒執事 」 by Toboso Yana
    Square Enix GFantasy, shounen
    Volume 5 first published in Japan 2008.09
    Ongoing English serialization in Yen Plus
    (Black Butler volume 1 street date: 2010.01.26)
    Published in simplified Chinese by Chuang Yi (volume 7 released 2010.01.06), in traditional Chinese by Tong Li (Taiwan), and in French by Kana.

    Contains chapters:
    020. That Butler, Idea (その執事、着想 Sono Shitsuji, Chakusō)
    021. That Butler, Competition (その執事、競争 Sono Shitsuji, Kyōsō)
    022. That Butler, Pure Heart (その執事、純情 Sono Shitsuji, Junjō)
    023. That Butler, Intermingling (その執事、交流 Sono Shitsuji, Kōryū)

    Related: Black Butler Character Guide That Butler, Assembles (黒執事 キャラクターガイド 「その執事、集合」 Kuroshitsuji Character Guide Sono Shitsuji, Shūgō) (2008.02) · The TV Animation Black Butler Black Record (TVアニメーション「黒執事」 Black Record) (2009.03) · Rainbow Butler (虹執事 Nijishitsuji) official comics anthology (2009.03).

    A 24-episode anime adaptation produced by A-1 Pictures aired in Japan from October 2008 to March 2009. A second series is expected. Two drama CDs were released earlier than the anime (August 2007 and November 2008).

    A musical adaptation, That Butler, Friendship (その執事、友好 Sono Shitsuji, Yūkō), enjoyed a theater run from May 28, 2009 to June 7, 2009. A second stage musical, Musical Kuroshitsuji: The Most Beautiful DEATH in The World - Sen no Tamashii to Ochita Shinigami has been given the go-ahead, with Matsushita Yuya reprising his role as Sebastian Michaelis. Nishii Yukito, instead of Sakamoto Shougo, plays the role of Ciel Phantomhive in the second musical that opens in May 2010 in Japan.

  7. [New] Cat's Dreams by Kosaka Tomoko - Serial Cantik
  8. Detektif Conan Seri Animasi TV 20 of 23+ by Aoyama Gosho
  9. Doraemon Pika-Pika 17 by Fujiko F. Fujio
  10. [New] Fengsui School (Fusui Gakuen) by Shouji Haruka & Natsu Midori
  11. 風水学園

    Fusui Gakuen風水学園
    by Shouji Haruka & Natsu Midori
    Media Factory Comic Alive, seinen
    This volume first published in Japan 2006.12
    Feng Shui Academy published in English by DrMaster

  12. Godhand Teru 20 of 50+ by Yamamoto Kazuki
  13. ゴッドハンド輝 20

    GodHand Teruゴッドハンド輝
    by Yamamoto Kazuki
    Kodansha Shuukan Shounen Magazine, shounen
    Volume 20 first published in Japan 2004.10

    Related: Godhand Teru novel by Yamamoto Kazuki (15 volumes as at 2009.01)

    A live-action adaptation starring Hiraoka Yuta (Endo Shoji in the NANA live-action movie and Yano Haruka in Boku wa Imouto ni Koi o Suru) as Teru aired on Tokyo Broadcasting System from 11 April to 16 May 2009.

  14. Kaiser Z 10 of 16 by Uno Hiroshi
  15. 天空の覇者Z 10

    Kaizer Z天空の覇者Z 」 by Uno Hiroshi
    Kodansha Shounen Magazine Comics, shounen
    Volume 10 first published in Japan 2000.06

  16. Kunimitsu (Kunimitsu no Matsuri) 24 of 27 by Ando Yuma, Asaki Masashi
  17. [Premiere] Let's Play (Asobi ni Iku yo!) 1 of 6+ by 888 & Kamino Okina
  18. あそびにいくヨ! 1

    Asobi ni Iku yo!あそびにいくヨ!
    by 888 & Kamino Okina
    Media Factory Comic Alive, seinen
    Volume 1 first published in Japan 2007.03

  19. Naruto 47 of 49+ by Kishimoto Masashi
  20. NARUTO-ナルト- 47

    by Kishimoto Masashi
    Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump, shounen
    Volume 47: The Seal Destroyed (Fūin hakai!! (封印破壊!!) first published in Japan 2009.08
    Naruto published in English by VIZ Media (volume 47 street date: 2010.02.02)

    A 220-episode anime based on manga volumes 1-27 was produced by Studio Pierrot and Aniplex and aired from October 2002 to February 2007. The sequel, Naruto Shippūden (manga volume 28 onwards), started its telecast in February 2007 on TV Tokyo and is still ongoing (episode 145 airs 2010.01.28).

    At least five OAVs (Find the Crimson Four-leaf Clover! [2003] · Mission: Protect the Waterfall Village! [2004] · Konoha Sports Festival [2004.08] · Finally a clash! Jonin VS Genin!! Indiscriminate grand melee tournament meeting!! [2005.12] · Naruto: The Cross Roads [2010]) and six films (Naruto: Daikatsugeki! Yukihime Ninpocho Dattebayo!! [2004.08] · Gekijyouban Naruto Daigekitotsu! Maboroshi no Chiteiiseki Dattebayo! [2005.08] · Gekijyouban Naruto Daikoufun! Mikazuki Shima no Animal Panic Dattebayo [2006.08] · Naruto Shippūden [2007.08] · Naruto Shippūden: Kizuna [2008.08] · Naruto Shippūden: Hi no Ishi o Tsugumono [2009.07]) have also been released. A fourth Naruto Shippūden movie is scheduled for the summer of 2010.

  21. [Premiere] New Little Ghost Q-Taro (Shin Obake no Q-Taro) 1 by Fujiko F. Fujio
  22. New Little Ghost Q-Taro 1

    Shin Obake no Q-Taro新オバケのQ太郎
    by Fujiko F. Fujio
    Shogakukan Tentoumushi Comics, kodomo

  23. Nurse Diary (Jitsuroku! Kangofu Monogatari) 7 of 10 by Kai Sayumi
  24. 実録!看護婦物語 7

    Jitsuroku! Kangofu Monogatari実録!看護婦物語 」 by Kai Sayumi
    Akita Shoten Suspiria Mystery, shoujo
    Volume 7 first published in Japan 1999.03

  25. Q.E.D. (Q.E.D. Shomei Shuryo) 32 of 35+ by Katou Motohiro
  26. Q.E.D.証明終了 32

    Q.E.D. Shomei ShuryoQ.E.D.証明終了
    by Katou Motohiro
    Kodansha Magazine E-no (formerly Magazine GREAT), shounen
    Volume 32 first published in Japan 2009.01
    AKA Wonder Little Detective (Tong Li, TW, Traditional Chinese)

    Volume 32 contains chapters:
    62 Magic & Magic (マジック&マジック; first appeared 2008.11)
    63 Lead file (レッド・ファイル; 2009.01)

    This manga received the 2009 Kodansha Manga Award for the shounen category. A 10-episode renzoku drama starring Nakamura Aoi as Touma Sou and Takahashi Ai as Mizuhara Kana aired in Japan from January to March 2009 on NHK.

  27. [Premiere] Tale of Poor Sisters (Binbou Shimai Monogatari) 1 of 4 by Kazuto Izumi
  28. 貧乏姉妹物語 1

    Binbou Shimai Monogatari貧乏姉妹物語
    by Kazuto Izumi
    Shogakukan Sunday GX, seinen
    Volume 1 first published in Japan 2005.08

    A 10-episode anime adaptation by Toei Animation aired in Japan from June to September 2006.

  29. Treasure Gaust (Treasure Gaust: Shijou Saikyou no Hanta) 3 of 6 by Katsumi Naoto
  30. トレジャーガウスト 史上最強のハンタ 3

    Treasure Gaust: Shijou Saikyou no Hanta
    トレジャーガウスト 史上最強のハンタ
    by Katsumi Naoto
    Shogakukan Corocoro Dragon Comics, shounen
    Volume 3 first published in Japan 2007.11

  31. Trigun Maximum 13 of 14 by Nightow Yasuhiro
  32. トライガン・マキシマム 13

    Trigun Maximumトライガン・マキシマム
    by Nightow Yasuhiro
    Shonen Gahosha Young King Ours, seinen
    Volume 13: Double Duel first published in Japan 2007.11
    Trigun Maximum published in English in North America by Dark Horse Comics in cooperation with DMP (14 volumes) and Chuang Yi (two bunko volumes, concluded)

    A 26-episode anime adaptation produced by Madhouse aired on TV Tokyo from April to September 1998. An animated theatrical release Trigun: Badlands Rumble is scheduled to premiere 24 April 2010. Seiyuu Onosaka Masaya, Hayami Sho, Tsuru Hiromi, and Yukino Satsuki return in their roles as Vash the Stampede, Nicolas D. Wolfwood, Meryl Stryfe, and Milly Thompson.

  33. Yakitate!! Japan 16 of 26 by Hashiguchi Takashi
  34. 焼きたて!!ジャぱん 16

    Yakitate!! Japan焼きたて!!ジャぱん
    by Hashiguchi Takashi
    Shogakukan Shonen Sunday, shounen
    Volume 16 first published in Japan 2005.02
    Yakitate!! Japan published in English by VIZ Media (volume 21 released 2010.01.12)
    Serialized in Indonesian in Shonen Star

    This manga won the Shogakukan Manga Award for best shounen manga in 2004.

    A 69-episode anime adaptation from Sunrise aired on TV Tokyo from October 2004 to March 2006.

Elex Media novel (2010.01.27)

(1) Sources: Elex Media STO 27 January 2010 (release schedule) and Komikologi (synopses, except where noted)
(2) All manga here priced at IDR 15,000 apiece, except Detective Conan Seri Animasi TV 20 (SRP: IDR 28,800). The 1 Liter of Tears novel retails for IDR 34,800.
(3) Links like this are Amazon.com (or other online merchants) search and/or product links (commercial), in case you're interested in another language version.

MANGAZINE: HanaLaLa 46/2010

Highlights of the Indonesian Hana to Yume and LaLa:

Arakure by Fujiwara Kiyo - Chapter 25

All the Asagi clan members receive identical hand-knitted mufflers on Valentine's from Sachie — except Igarashi. Actually, Sachie has something special for her bodyguard; she just doesn't have the nerve to give it to him. When she finally finds her courage, a sulking Igarashi all but rejects it!

Ah, the heartbreak and misunderstandings of young love. And there they were in the previous chapter, dreaming of each other on New Year's eve, too...

La Corda D'Oro by Kure Yuki - Symphony 47: Presenting Aoi

Previously on La Corda D'Oro, Kaho-chan asks Ousaki-senpai to tutor her in violin...

Working hard on her lessons, Kahoko continues to recall memories of the recently concluded concours. Overall winner Tsukimori, meanwhile, participates in a training camp for musical prodigies. Kaho-chan also makes a new friend, Kaji Aoi, a transfer student to the General Education department who claims to already know (not biblically) Kahoko!

Kamo shiremasen... [SPOILER!] Former Tokyoite Aoi, so popular with girls that he gets confessed to everyday, first saw Kaho playing her violin in a park and immediately fell in love with her. After transferring to Seiso Academy, he declines other girls, saying, Sorry, I appreciate your feelings but I am completely dedicated to Hino-san.

Kyaaaa~! Another violin romance! Or maybe in the case of AoiKaho, viola and violin romance... That seiyuu Miyano Mamoru voices Aoi in the La Corda D'Oro ~secondo passo~ anime makes me feen for the two-episode special. Wonder when Animax will deign to air it?

Other regular serials:


SC: Cat's Dreams (Elex Media)

SC: Cat's Dreams
by Kosaka Tomoko

Marino, the only daughter of the Koji Minami family, resembles a cat in that she's moody and headstrong. Her stubbornness even extends as far as love matters. Like a feline, she seeks only comfort and casts off all things that doesn't interest her. Can Marino ever change?

Five other unique, cute, and touching (Elex's hype, not mine) stories comprise this omnibus.

Fengsui School
Fusui Gakuen風水学園 」 by Shouji Haruka & Natsu Midori
Original character design by Nagira

feng shui |ˈfə ng ˈ sh wē; - sh wā| noun
a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (qi), and whose favorable or unfavorable effects are taken into account when siting and designing buildings.

And it is the job of feng shui practitioners to apply wind-water principles to take care of buildings that disturb qi.

Ozunu studies at the Kusanagi School of Magical Architecture, whose magical architects rid Tokyo of demons and monsters drawn by the destruction of the city's protective feng shui seal by wars and indiscriminate urban development. Owing to his upbringing, Ozunu prefers to purify the monsters, pitting him against rival Tsugaru, heir to a feng shui consultancy, who favors the brute strength extermination approach.

[Definition from The Oxford American Dictionary in my 'pooter; summary adapted from DrMaster's English Feng Shui Academy]

New Little Ghost Q-Taro 1
Shin Obake no Q-Taro新オバケのQ太郎 」 by Fujiko F. Fujio

After five years, the mischievous ghost Q-Taro returns home, expecting the warmest of welcomes. What he gets instead is a could-care-less reception!

Tale of Poor Sisters 1
Binbou Shimai Monogatari貧乏姉妹物語 」 by Kazuto Izumi

Yamada Kyou and Asu are sisters living on their own in an old apartment with no bath, only one room plus kitchen, and costing ¥26,000 in rent. Their mom already passed away and their father ran away from home after racking up a huge gambling debt. Albeit virtual orphans, the sisters get through day by frugal day, going to school, facing difficulties, and somehow never losing hope nor the capacity to dream.



7SEEDS 」 by Tamura Yumi

After discovering Hana's parents' real identity, Ango's hatred of Hana escalates. Haru, Aramaki, and the others also start to distance themselves from Hana. At wits' end, Hana searches for a solution to the enmity pressing in from all sides. Meanwhile, a more ominous problem confronts the group: the water supply is fast running out...

Efon O


AAA (Triple A) 2

AAA[トリプルエー] 」 by Fukushima Haruka

Aoi, a mere flunky!? Because of a blackmailable cell phone pix, the beloved and revered student council president of the elite Shutoku Junior High becomes Akutoku gang leader Kuroda Hayato's underling. Aoi can't afford to disobey any of Hayato's orders, no matter how frustrating or unpleasant. But even in these dark days, Aoi finds something that makes her heart beep—rather, beat—faster.

I don't know why Fukushima Haruka-sensei's stories so easily steal my breath, but they do. (I turned blue with anticipation in the Not!Siblings-troped, UST-rich Cherry Juice, too.) So, this AAA volume is a definite GET!, what with the first volume ending in a cliffie. (You want to know who I like? —Hayato leaning in and teasing Aoi.)

Efon O


Black Butler 5

Kuroshitsuji黒執事 」 by Toboso Yana

Sebastian has a plan to win the curry competition, and consequently, the Royal Warrant, and it involves... a doughnut?! [Adapted from this Wiki article]

The curry showdown between butlers Sebastian and Agni begins! To whom will Queen Victoria award the first prize? Or should I even bother asking?

Detektif Conan Seri Animasi TV 20 (Elex Media)

Detektif Conan Seri Animasi TV
Original story by Aoyama Gosho

Detektif Conan Seri Animasi TV 20 by Aoyama Gosho

A seemingly perfect murder is committed in a gathering of Sherlock Holmes fans. Conan must cut through the trick and air-tight alibi of the killer to solve the case.

This appears to be the manga-ization of Episode 57: The Holmes Freak Murder Case (Part One) (Holmes Freak Satsujin Jiken (Zenpen)/ホームズフリーク殺人事件(前編)) in which Conan's detective "rival" Hattori Heiji makes a reappearance.

Kunimitsu 24

Kunimitsu no Matsuriクニミツの政 」 by Ando Yuma & Asaki Masashi

The Mai Asa newspaper reports a medical scandal involving the Shinchibagasaki city hospital Sawa is investigating along with injustice-buster Kunimitsu. The news seems to defend Fuwa, prompting an angered Kunimitsu to confront Sawa about so-called press "objectivity." Does this development mean something's afoot between Fuwa and Sawa?

*Eyes bugging out* I just found out through Wiki that Ando Yuma (Psychometrist Eiji) is just one of manga storywriter Agi Tadashi's (The Drops of God) pseudonyms. He also goes by Amagi Seimaru (Kindaichi Case Files, Remote, Detective School Q, Remote), and Aoki Yuya (Get Backers), among others.

Treasure Gaust 3

Treasure Gaust: Shijou Saikyou no Hantaトレジャーガウスト 史上最強のハンタ
by Katsumi Naoto

The most sadistic Gaust Hunter Hanto has yet to rescue his abducted partner Chaidoran, turning the prospect of ever resurrecting the strongest fighting combi bleak. And who's the real mastermind, anyway?

Trigun Maximum 13: Double Duel

トライガン・マキシマム 」 by Nightow Yasuhiro

To the last drop of blood... Words that fit Livio, currently battling Elendira the Crimsonnail, to a T. Not only is he getting the worst of it physically, he also has to endure mental attacks. Can Livio survive this duel? Or will he have to call on Razlo the Tri-P(unisher) of Death?

Oh. And as the Dark Horse version of Double Duel reminded me, can Vash also defeat his foes, keep his friends safe, and save the universe?

Another reminder FTW: The Trigun: Badlands Rumble movie will premiere 24 April 2010 in Japan. Seiyuu Onosaka Masaya, Hayami Sho, Tsuru Hiromi, and Yukino Satsuki return as Vash the Stampede, Nicolas D. Wolfwood, Meryl Stryfe, and Milly Thompson.

Yakitate!! Japan 16

焼きたて!!ジャぱん 」 by Hashiguchi Takashi

I can't find an Elex blurb for this volume, so here's Amazon's description of the same (VIZ Media edition). It already does the job so Otsukaresama deshita! well:

In their first televised clash with Kirisaki's celebrity cooking unit, Team Pantasia proves that they're no pushovers, but the battle is far from won. Kirisaki convinces his crew to set aside personal differences and pull together to send Azuma's team packing in the next match. Will Pantasia be able to triumph over their opponent's delectable mango-curry bread with their own creation—one that draws its inspiration from Japan's ancient cultural heritage?

~niki DBA huamulan03 (花木蘭03)

UP NEXT: More 27 January 2010 manga

Level Comics: My Lovely Honey 2 · Black Lagoon 3 · Akihabara @ Deep 1 by Ishida Ira & Akane Makoto · The Swan's Robe by Kodama Yuki · Psychometrist Eiji 11 · Lucky Luke - Klondike

m&c!: Special A 16 · White Paper Ark 4 · Rento 3 of 3 · Charm Angel 4 · Cherry 39 · The Story of Wang Xiao Long 1 by Tony Wong KOLONI: Binatang Jatuh 1 by Erick Sulaiman


Cover images and source summaries used here for reference are © their respective intellectual rights holders. No infringement intended.

manga available this week (20 January 2010 street date)

  • Elex Media: Library War - Love and War 2 · C.M.B. 11 · The Ruler of Nabari 6 · Maria Holic 1 by Endou Minari · School Rumble 6 · Nephylym 2 · Raiders 3 · Nakayoshi 76
  • Level Comics: Ice Forest 2 · Priest 1 by Hyung MinWoo · Little Jumper 7 of 7 · Jepang Tenggelam 4 · Restore Garage 251 by Tsugihara Ryuji volume 1 · K2 volume 1 by Mafune Kazuo · Exit 1 by Fujita Takami · Onsen Paradise 1 by Kikuchi Shota · Smurf - Smurf dan Telur Ajaib
  • m&c!: Shanimuni Go 26 · Yowamushi Pedal, Go! 4 · Otome Road by Jinna Mai · A Badboy Drinks Tea 5 · Long Hu Men 163 · Twins Final Chapter 4 and KOLONI local comics: Chrysanthemum, 4Hero, and B.O.C.A.H.

related monthly schedules

Elex January 2010 manga
Premiering Penguin Revolution by Tsukuba Sakura, With My Brothers by Tokeino Hari, AAA by Fukushima Haruka, Apollon on the Slope by Kodama Yuki, Tale of Poor Sisters by Kazuto Izumi, New Little Ghost Q-taro by Fujiko F. Fujio

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