Lucky Luke - Klondike ROMIC (Level Comics street date: 27 January 2010)

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Lucky Luke - Klondike (Level Comics)

Lucky Luke: Le Klondike © Morris, Yann and Jean Léturgie/Lucky Productions
Indonesian translation by PT Elex Media Komputindo
[Cover provided by Level Comics]

Lucky Luke - Klondike

By Morris, Yann and Jean Léturgie
Original title: Lucky Luke 65: Le Klondike
Published in Indonesia by Elex Media Komputindo/Level Comics


Waldo Badminton hires Lucky Luke to locate Jasper, Waldo's friend lost in the Klondike after the discovery of gold along the river brings prospectors in the thousands. As getting to Dawson City is no easy task, people are startled by the sight of Jolly Jumper actually reaching the base camp. How did Luke and his horse manage the feat? And more importantly, can Waldo and Luke find Jasper in the frenzied throng?

Going by the cover, we have a hint of how Luke and JJ reached Dawson City.

Lucky Luke - Titles (Level Comics)

Level Comics' Lucky Luke titles

  1. Tambang Emas Dick Digger (Dick Digger's Gold Mine)
  2. Dalton Bersauda Amnesia (The Daltons' Amnesia)
  3. Rodeo
  4. Berburu Hantu (Ghosthunt)
  5. Arizona
  6. Dalton Bersauda ke Pernikahan (The Daltons at a Wedding)
  7. Di Bawah Langit Barat (Under the Western Sky)
  8. Jembatan Mississippi (Bridge Over The Mississippi)
  9. Lucky Luke VS Pat Poker
  10. Kid Lucky
  11. Buronan (Outlaw)
  12. Belle Starr
  13. Ramuan Dokter Doxey (Dr Doxey's Elixir)
  14. Klondike
  15. Phil Defer (Lucky Luke VS Phil Defer)
  16. O.K. Corral
  17. Waspada Si Kaki Biru (Beware of the Bluefoots)
  18. Oklahoma Jim
  19. Rel Melintasi Padang (Rails on the Prairie)
  20. Marcel Dalton
  21. Lucky Luke VS Joss Jamon
  22. Sang Nabi (The Prophet)
  23. Sepupu Dalton (The Dalton Cousins)
  24. Pelukis (The Painter)

~niki DBA huamulan03 (花木蘭03) who thanks Level's Lenny-san for providing the artwork and summary for this volume


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