Officer Monju 2 seinen manga by Miyashita Hiroki (Level Comics street date: 27 January 2010)

Deploying the artwork I got anyway series, Part 10

Officer Monju 2 (Level Comics)

Seigi Keikan Monju © Miyashita Hiroki/Shogakukan (Serialized in Sunday GX)
Published in Indonesia as Officer Monju by Elex Media/Level Comics

Officer Monju 2 of 8+

By Miyashita Hiroki
Original title: 正義警官モンジュ (Seigi Keikan Monju)
Shogakukan, serialized in Sunday GX, seinen
Volume 2 first released in Japan 2006.05
Published in Indonesia 2010.01 by PT Elex Media Komputindo/Level Comics


Mitsuhori's special force plans to put an end to Monju's program by dragging in a clueless Mana. Officer Monju's secret is exposed, as is Shino's!

Reiterating that this story delves into the desire of robots/machines to achieve humanity and thus, become more humane than humans. Level recommends the series if you like Patlabor, also about mechs in police, military, and industrial service.

Officer Monju 2 - back cover (Level Comics)

Obviously, the back cover of Officer Monju2

Peace out.

~niki DBA huamulan03 (花木蘭03) who continues to thank Level editor Lenny-san for the artwork and summary

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